Mendel Epstein Does Not Work for Agunot: He Works for Money

Prodfather Mendel EpsteinSome people have defended Rabbi (sic) Mendel Epstein’s kidnapping and torture tactics to get recalcitrant men to give a get (Jewish divorce) to hapless women who will otherwise remain chained (agunot).

However, whatever the promised benefit to the women, Epstein does not work for free. He was asking a total of $60,000 when he was caught in an FBI sting.

It turns out for the right money, he also will work for husbands who are recalcitrant. One source reports that back in 2007 he helped a man refuse a get to his wife by arranging a heter meiah rabbonim (rabbinical exemption from ban on polygamy). This allowed the husband to evade granting a religious divorce. His price: $60,000.

Mendel Epstein does not work for agunot; he works for money.


16 thoughts on “Mendel Epstein Does Not Work for Agunot: He Works for Money

  1. Unfortunately, this in an area that has attracted the worst sorts of people. There are literally pedophiles and rapists that are acting as Toens and Dayans claiming to help women. Although, when the money is right they often attack the women and help the wealthy husband remarry. I once thought that outside regulation and oversight is needed to clean this industry up. It is now clear that we simply need law enforcement to come in and arrest, convict and imprison those who use this system for injustice. The various advocates and leaders in the community have largely been silent as to the outrages of Tendler, Bryks and others.

    I have found that those who demand the sort of monies discussed in this case from agunot are always lowlifes. Basically, “justice” is for sale. Justice should not come only to those that are wealthy. Really, who demands $60,000 from an Agunah to help her? Only, the lowest scum on earth.

    Rabbi David Kaye is alleged to have raped a woman seeking his help to obtain a get.

    And guess what? Hynes and his office ignored the Kaye case as well when approached. “She said she contacted members of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes’ office earlier this year but they were unresponsive.…”

    The fixers must go.

  2. It’s all a mind game. The Orthodox perpetuate such restrictions because it suits the males among them and effectively enslaves the women. Then corrupt rabbis enforce shunning and vilification of women (and their future offspring) who defy the community and proceed without a get. And then, coming full circle, we have sewer sludge like Epstein profiting from it both ways. All of this supposedly in the name of God and Torah. All that’s missing from the equation is simple goodness, decency and kindness but then it’s religion we’re talking about here where, ultimately, none of that makes a bit of difference. Only playing by the rulebook counts. Include me out, as Sam Goldwyn once said.

  3. This kind of sick s*#t is just one example of how morally and intellectually depraved are the Hasidim leadership, and the lengths to which they will go to achieve their ends. So, when a fellow yid is arrested by secular authorities for molestation, the rabbis will try to do anything it takes to force the victim and/or his/her family to drop the case, in favor of the Jewish “court” (which means, absolutely nothing). Unable to do anything about it, people like Lopin and his band of empty-headed zombies blame DA Hynes for their own failures, because they need a scapegoat. They compare him to Hitler because it makes them feel like they’re doing something, and because, at the least, it raises the public profile of their otherwise commendable effort to root out protection of molesters by the rabbis. Unfortunately, the fault still lies with the Hasidim themselves, and because, as I said in the beginning of this post, Hasidim always believe that the ends justify the means, it matters not to Lopin and his cronies that they are trying to destroy a good man just to suit their own agenda. Do you want to see Hitler in the modern age, Mr. Lopin? Guess where you should look.

    • Truther, your vile screed is utterly reprehensible. Hynes is not a “good man”. He may have been a good man once, but his conduct for the last 15 years or so has been utterly corrupt. He has allowed a crooked detective to force witnesses into perjury, he has allowed innocent people to remain in jail for years, and he has cut atrocious deals for criminals who have committed outrageous crimes against innocent children.

      And if people who read YL’s postings are “empty-headed zombies”, then you are lower than an animal. The ONLY thing that members of the public (whether Haredi or not) can do is to publicize these terrible cases of pedophilia and to name-and-shame the people like Hynes, Belsky, and others, who enable the molesters. That naming-and-shaming has driven Hynes out of office, and there is a general hope and expectation that Thompson will change things in Brooklyn. And if that happens, pedophile frumsters will finally confront genuinely serious consequences. Which will reduce the number of violated children.

    • Truther/Birther,

      Factoid # 1 in know your Jews: Mendel Epstein has never been nor is a Hasid. Telltale hint is that he wears standard American business suits and ties. Hasidim (apart from Chabad) almost always wear long jackets and dont wear ties.

      The feds busted Mendel Epstein. A complaint about Epstein was raised in Brooklyn early in the Hynes era. Why couldn’t he pull off the sting pulled off by the FBI. Epstein continued to do one of these every year and a half or so.

      You keep on ranting about the DA being helpless in the face of the wicked Jews. Fact is most Jews are honest and decent. A DA who did his job would get more of them to be decent and honest. Instead he flubs the job but blames the Jews.

    • Birther,

      Epstein and his ilk operated in full view of Hynes and his Goon Squad and with their blessing. One more detail that will emerge come January.

      You seem to lack the intellectual capacity to differentiate between the Hasidic leadership and Hynes and his Goon Squad on one side (the “Villains”) and the powerless victims both within the Hasidic community and general society on the other (the “Victims”).

      The ruthless Villains conspired for years to promote their self interests at the expense of the Victims. As is wont to happen, the tides are turning and the Villains will soon be forced to answer to society for their crimes.

      Stay tuned.

  4. Pop Quiz — choose the best answer from the following:
    Three male Jews holding Orthodox semicha [rabbinic ordination] may constitute
    A. a Beit Din [tribunal deciding matters of Jewish law];
    B. a criminal conspiracy under US secular law;
    C. either A or B, or both A and B;
    D. either A or B, but not both A and B;
    E. more information required in order to answer.

  5. Some violators pay in this world and in the world to come. I hope they make an example of these fake Rabbis so the next generation of our leaders and teachers will know what will happen when they cross the line.

  6. “…he also will work for husbands who are recalcitrant. One source reports that back in 2007 he helped a man refuse a get to his wife by arranging a heter meiah rabbonim (rabbinical exemption from ban on polygamy). This allowed the husband…..”
    Can you verify that? and give more examples? Perhaps in that case the woman was not entitled to a get?

    • I have verified the fact from a very credible source and have verified that trustworthy beit din was on the case and was outraged but his circumventing them. Unfortunately I am not free to disclose the source or the case. But yes, I am confident about the facts.

  7. Yerachmiel, yosher koach to you for standing up for what’s right here. Too many “open-minded” people are championing Mendel Epstein and Associates as heroes because they are “helping” agunot. The rabbis’ actions, and the support they are receiving in the frum community, are a Chilul Hashem.

  8. Has anyone ever heard the voice of an Agunah? Has anyone ever met one, and her children?
    The plight of Agunot, is purely in the hands, of all the Rebitzens, world wide. Strange idea?
    Try having an Agunah at your Shabbat table, and listen to her. Look into her eyes and see the devastation, pain, and silent alienation she lives every moment, every day. The day all the Rebitzens organize a world wide vigil, linking one another arm in arm, like an unbrakable chain, voicing their refusal to offer their spouses marital privilages , is the day their husbands/Rabbanim will likely take this abominable plight more seriously. Where are all the Rebitzens of this century?
    Rich, Poor, Young, Old,……. Where are all the Rebitzens, to take action?
    Just another perspective from a woman who’s been there.

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