The Downfall of Joe Hynes- Parody Video Announcement

Malach Hamovies
Angel of Death Productions

 Proudly Announces

 The Downfall of Joe Hynes

A parody docudrama very loosely based on the events of the September 10, 2013 Democratic primary election results for Brooklyn District Attorney

Charles Hynes photo by Patrick Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2012

Charles Hynes photo by Patrick Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2012

Script by Yerachmiel Lopin and A. Malach
Photography Oliver Hirschbiegel
Consigliere: Dino Amoroso
Chief Gaffe: Charles Hynes
Gaffe Boy: Jerry Schmetterer
Pastoral Advisor: Mary Hughes
Legal Advisor: Sol Wachtler
Catering: Chazar Shtal
Body Bags and Surface Scraping: Dennis Quirk
Legal Defense: NYC Corporation Counsel
Computer operating system: Microsoft
Casting: Susie Quirk
Social Facilitator: Mark Posner
Data Deletion: Michael Vecchione
Quality Assurance: Nono Nada
DA in Waiting: Arthur Aidala
Liaison: Henna White
Research: Y Lopin, A. Malach, the NYC press corps, and staff of the KCDA.

This fine parody is now playing  on fine browsers everywhere
except the Office of the Kings County District Attorney (KCDA)
between now and January. Also not available in North Korea.

Plan on watching Downfall II in November

Malach Hamovies – Angel of Death Productions extends its thanks to the People of Brooklyn for putting up with Joe all these years. We also thank Breezy Point, Queens for housing Joe without expecting him to acknowledge you as his residence.


28 thoughts on “The Downfall of Joe Hynes- Parody Video Announcement

  1. Kudos!

    Those of us who know where the Boss and his Goon Squads have buried the bodies are astonished at the extent of the knowledge you exhibit about their criminal acts. The subtle yet–to those in the know–explosive lines in this parody are sending chills down the spines of the Boss, his Goon Squad and their henchmen.

    Hynes as a dimwitted defeated Hitler. Mmmm. Close enough for government work.

    Great job and keep them coming.

  2. This is truly disgusting. I’m so disappointed in you, Lopin. You’ve actually been sounding intelligent and well-reasoned over the past couple of months, even if I have disagreed with your speculative and inaccurate conclusions. It’s one thing to hold a belief and to blog about it – it’s another to stoop so low as this. Hitler? Really? To think that for a while there, I actually didn’t believe that you were the lowlife dirtbag that you appeared to be when you first started ranting on this site. Turns out, you’re just as vile as the mindless legion who post their gitty approval of your every word.

    So tell me, when did Thompson’s campaign start working with you, to improve your “product?” Anyone with a brain (that excludes about 99% of you readers, of course) knows that you didn’t come up with this kind of technical production without help. And anyone reading this blog since it’s inception can easily identify your recent improvement in tone, analysis, and even grammar. Good job selling out and becoming an arm of the Thompson not-so-underground social media strategy. As I said, you’re disgusting for allowing your site to be used to launch a video like this into the twittersphere, and just as bad for duping your readers into thinking you were doing n independent “service.”

    Joe Hynes has saved thousands of battered women from the horror of domestic abuse. He has saved thousands of minority kids from institutionalization in prison for all manner of offenses, from drug addicts peddling small amounts of narcotics, to kids caught up in gang violence, to the mentally disabled who committed crimes but were in need of treatment and rehab instead of jail. And he has spared hundreds of minority kids from going back to prison by ensuring that they receive re-entry services when they get out from their first jail stint – and spared our communities from from the effects of recidivism that were so common in the 70’s and 80’s. And yes, he has convicted every single Jewish molester against whom he could bring a viable case, despite your purely speculative belief to the contrary. No amount of lying Chasids, out for their own agenda, will change that. Go ask Weberman if you need a reaffirmation. So, for all the thousands of lives saved and the communities protected, he get compared to Hitler himself. Shame on you Lopin. After a post like yours today, what exactly makes you different from Goebbels?

    • Birther: Yes, properly motivated by his father’s beating of his mother, the Boss helped battered women. And yes, the Boss did introduce innovative programs that provided treatment in place of prison for drug addicts. Since we’re continuing the theme, tis is comparable to Herr Hitler’s embrace of the autobahn construction project even directing the propaganda ministry (ahem, Birther) to turn it into a major media event which served to direct attention from his other unsavory projects.

      Not true that the Boss prosecuted “every single Jewish molester against whom he could bring a viable case.” In fact (not speculation–fact) the Boss working with his Jewish fixers obstructed almost every Orthodox sex abuse brought to the Office. The evidence backing this claim is there and come January the Office will begin responding lawfully to FOIL requests and the world will see the proof the Boss and his Goon Squad have kept buried for years.

      Could this be the reason the Boss is so desperate to keep control over the office? Is he afraid that Thompson won’t keep the lid on the Boss’ criminal activity the way Arthur Aidala would have in 2016. Oh well, the best laid plans……

      Frankly, the Boss and his Goon Squad have much to fear come January. They are not above the law and once law and order is restored to Brooklyn Mr. Hynes and his Goons should be prosecuted for the atrocities they committed against so many Brooklynites.

      • Fed Up – I’m actually very happy that you replied as you did. When January comes and goes, and no amount of Thompson investigating nor Lopin screaming uncovers any evidence of obstruction of orthodox cases (or any cases, for that matter), perhaps, finally, you and your ilk will see that this is and always has been a false narrative – conjured up by Hasidic simpletons who wanted to blame someone other than their own rabbis for the absurd inability to prosecute Haredi sex offenders. I’m looking forward to this. We shall wait and see. What will your excuse be when Thompson finds nothing but sincere, long-term efforts to prosecute Orthodox molesters? I’m sure you’ll think of something. Never let the truth get in your way.

        • Truther/Birther: Stop equating Hasidim with Haredim with orthodox Jews. If you paid the least attention to my content instead of ranting you will notice I deal with abuse in all sorts of sections of the orhtodox world covering both Hasidim and non-Hasidim, both ultra orthodox and modern orthodox. Stop assuming you know what kind of a Jew I am. Stop blaming it all on the rabbis; I identify many culprits including non-rabbinical fixers.

          If you insist on calling me a simpleton, that is your prerogative as it is mine to delete comments that are offensive without adding any value to the conversations and exchanges. But it is an uninformed reach on you part to call me a Hasidic simpleton when I make it my business to be vague about where I fit into the Jewish world.

    • Truther/Birther,

      Really, now you are the ADL, Joe Hynes, and culture critic rolled into one. You may be aware of Mel Brooks’ Producers as another Hitler parody. You seem to be unaware that parodies of the bunker scene in the movie, The Downfall, are quite common and it is an accepted internet meme which does not bother many Jews. The scene beautifully captures the pathetic raving quality of Hitler in ways that many find to be superb anti-Nazi propaganda.

      As for technical quality, if you understand the meme you might know there are many tools to make this as easy as writing the dialog (e.g., As for skill and grammar, my regular readers know that my writing is often excellent and rarely subpar. In haste I have my occasional lapses of grammar, style, spelling, etc. But an inspection of my posts of 4 years ago were also good, and Thompson for DA was not a glint in anyone’s eye. And no, I don’t have any connection to Clarence Norman. At this point I would not be surprised if you asked me “Wen did you stop beating your wife” followed by a sermonette about Joe’s compassion for battered woman (something for which I do credit him).

      Truther, what exactly makes you different from Jerry Schmetterer. (Hint: don’t fool yourself into thinking that is a compliment).

      • Rest assured, many in the office appreciated the gallows humor of this parody. Gallows humor helps the powerless to feel they are in control and in an office in such disarray and so leaderless this was helpful. But lets not overlook the seriousness of the message in this parody. These are real lives of men (they are all male – but you have to be someone who knows the cases well to know that) who have had their lives destroyed by these wrongful convictions. I often imagine Joe Hynes one day waking up and saying to the world, “I am sorry. This happened on my watch. Forgive me.” But that is just a dream. Instead, the office fights, and lies and yes, destroys evidence.

        • If you know of the destruction of evidence you have an obligation to report it to outside authorities and to the ethics committee of the bar, and if pertinent, perhaps to defendant attorneys.

  3. Have you no shame.

    Earlier this year, when MSNBC analyst Michael Eric Dyson compared Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s to a Jew who sided with Hitler, Abraham H. Foxman, Anti-Defamation League National Director and a Holocaust survivor, issued the following statement:

    “While one has a right to agree or disagree with Supreme Court decisions, we are shocked that anyone would draw such an outrageous comparison between a ruling rendered by justices working within the bounds of our constitutional democracy, and the murderous deeds of the Nazis during the Holocaust.

    As we have said repeatedly, there is no place for comparisons between social or political issues in the 21st century and the genocidal actions of Hitler and the Nazis, whose crimes against humanity and role in the deaths of six million Jews and millions of others were unique in history and should be respected as such. It is particularly painful when Mr. Dyson references the pernicious notion of a Jew who turns on his own people.

    Inappropriate comparisons and references to Jews or Hitler in the context of a debate over American political issues only serve to trivialize history and are an insult to the memory of those who fought and died during World War II. We hope that Mr. Dyson will reconsider his words.”

    The question I have is will you reconsider your words and support of this highly offensive video.

    • I am sorry you are offended by this as you are probably offended by Mel Brooks’ Producers, some work by Woody Allen, Ali G (aka Sasha Baron Cohen) and the entire genre of Downfall Hitler Bunker scene parody videos. However there are many who see this differently. I suggest considering alternative viewpoints by looking at some of the links below and familiarizing yourself with the genre and the arguments in its favor. In short, the argument is that the movie conveys absurdity about Hitlers pathetic final days rather than glorifying him. The genre is readily understood by many familiar with it as exploitation of convenient dramtic backdrop for inserted dialog rather than a suggestion that the depicted target is being equated to Hitler. In case you have no sense of humor, let me just say it outright: I absolutely do not believe Joe Hynes has Hitler qualities such as genocidal impuses, war mongering, or belief in making legal distinctions on the basis of race or religion. There!

      BTW: there have been a number done within the orthodox community about orthodox individuals and virtually no one took offense. for example, the Lakewood View, a blog aimed at the ultra orthodox community of Lakewood did one about a parent having trouble getting his kid into a yeshiva.

      Intro to genre of Downfall Videos:

      Articles by Jewish authors in defense of Downfall parodies

    • The ADAs at the office thought it was quite funny. Except when we stop to consider the truth beneath the hyperbole. Then it becomes quite serious – and sad.

    • Spare us your faux righteous indignation over anything Hitlerian. There were atrocities committed then and there are atrocities being committed now.

      Who are you to judge who will suffer more, those who were savaged by the Nazis or those who were savaged by the Boss and his Goon Squad? Innocent people spent years in prison. Innocent people died in prison. Children committed suicide after being raped by sex offenders the Boss and his Goon Squad chose to protect at the behest of their vote deliverers.

      Maybe Foxman can get off his ass and come to Brooklyn to say something about a modern day holocaust unfolding here. There are fates worse than death.

      Parodies aside, Hynes and his Goon Squad have committed horrible crimes against innocent people, all for their own petty gain. These vile criminals should be made to answer for the atrocities they’ve committed against the people of Brooklyn. Come January, one hopes they will.

  4. Lopin, I’d probably agree with your remarks if I thought that the video was just another one in a long line of parodies of that scene. But, the truth is that you very intentionally wanted to compare Hynes with Hitler. That’s why it’s so offensive. And yes, if you believe (as Fed Up does) that there have been “atrocities” committed, then it’s an apt comparison. The problem is that nothing of the sort occurred. Is every DA in America who has had wrongful convictions occur during his/her tenure an appropriate comparison to Hitler?? Is Richard Brown? Is Morgenthau? The list goes on, because, unfortunately, in our society, innocent people sometimes get convicted, and it’s not because prosecutors are hiding evidence. And I love how you have all accepted as fact that evidence is now being “destroyed.” Really? Could that even possibly happen in a way that “frum follies” would know about, but actual authorities (or even real media organizations) wouldn’t? Your statements are so absurd. One last point, Lopin: it doesn’t matter what kind of Jew you are. The point is that you have put the blame mostly on Hynes for soft-pedaling Orthodox sex cases, while only occasionally acknowledging that the rabbis and community leaders have some fault. You are dead wrong about Hynes on this one, but no amount of ranting by me will change anyone’s opinions. I guess the only thing to do is what we’ve already agreed to do before: wait for Thompson to come in, and see how all the same stuff keeps happening, because it’s just not the DA’s fault – it’s the community’s. And don’t think that any amount of “evidence destruction” can change that, or that any such absurd thing is happening in the obscure netherworld that is only visible to Frum Follies readers.

    • Truther, most of my Jewish readers including children of concentration camp survivors found it funny. Maybe you are plainly humorless. I as a child of holocaust survivors am quite used to Jewish humor and so were some in my family who survived the camps. Sorry you are humorless and lack to subtlety to grasp that I am not implying that your beloved Uncle Joe is genocidal, mrely that in defeast he is a little off his rocker in his emotional response and analysis.

      Truther, you write, ” while only occasionally acknowledging that the rabbis and community leaders have some fault.” You must be so Hynes centric to have only noticed my criticisms of rabbis. Believe me I have rabbis cringing at my posts about them from California to Florida, to every segment of the orthodox world in NYC. Alternatively, you have only read the articles about hynes and were dishonest to imply that you had any factual information to justify your stating any position on how I treat orthodox rabbis. You may enjoy feeding Joe’s paranoia, but any of my regular readers can inform you that you are clearly not reading the same blog as them. Really, try reading my posts that are not about KCDA. Most of the rest of them are about failures of orthodox Jewish leadership, and less commonly praise for those rabbis and leaders who are doing the right thing.

    • “Truther”- please stop it. The DA has NOT prosecuted every case involving the orthodox community. Certainly not to the fullest extent. In some cases the victims are uncooperative but certainly not in the majority of cases. It is well known that the office has talked many a victim out of prosecuting these cases or has pled these cases down to non- sex offender registry pleas such as Endangering the Welfare of a Child. It is also true that the office gets away with saying that they have “convicted” defendants in these cases when even a disposition to a violation- the equivalent of a traffic infraction has taken place.

      As for Morganthau and Brown having wrongfully convicted individuals too, yes, this is true. The point however is that you have glossed over the fact that in the case of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, the allegations are that these wrongful convictions took place due to deliberate malfeasance. Due to the alleged knowing trampling upon of the rights of several individuals. This is far more serious than evidence later turning up, unknown to a DA’s office such as a recantation never expressed prior to a conviction. It is alleged that what happened here was part of a deliberate, intentional pattern to violate the rights of several. Hynes’ shortcoming is his failure to acknowledge this pattern until his feet was to the fire as well as his failure to reprimand Mike. We know he has it in him because those of us who have been around long enough remember when Mike was essentially demoted many years ago from the head of the trial zones, grand jury etc and whisked off to the Racketts Bureau which is not nearly as sexy as it is today. Mind you, credit must be given where credit is due, despite his shortcomings, Mike turned the Racketts Bureau into what it is today. No one can ever say that the man is not good at his job. This is why IMHO the DA has not abandoned him. I know that some feel he has something on the DA but I feel its out of loyalty for what Hynes perceives as a job well done that he is still there. Hynes is, once again IMHO, a loyal man. Bottom line, Vecchione has been reprimanded by Hynes before but after delivering Clarence Norman to him, Vechionne became untouchable.
      Speaking of Norman, I am truly disgusted by the on-going unsubstantiated smears of the Hynes campaign regarding the relationship between Norman and Thompson. The Post is running a story this morning that states that the Hynes campaign feels that their continued smear job is their path to victory. They plan to continue with this smear despite their own admission that they have no proof as well as the denials of both Norman and Thompson. I must admit, I thought better of Hynes. If they think the average voter even knows who Clarence Norman is or will care in the face of innocent men and women being out behind bars as well as the unequal treatment in the county of orthodox offenders as opposed to every other offendor, they are delusional. They cite some so-called internal polling which is a joke. That same polling also indicated that the DA was far ahead in the polling for the primary. It’s my understanding that Hynes was stunned on primary night. His handlers owe him better than they have given the man.

  5. Disgusted – first, I stand by my statement about sex case prosecutions. No one can name one victim whose case was not prosecuted “fully” due to any kind of political or otherwise inappropriate reason. Bloggers here often attempt to cite the Kolko victims, but that’s all nonsense – their “representative” came forward well after the fact to, all of a sudden, claim that they wanted to prosecute after all. Please. I’d bet that a solid, detailed answer can be given every single time a name is put forth as an example. But, of course, no one here cares what those answers are, so it’s a lose-lose for Hynes and the Sex Crimes bureau on this blog. I have 3 reasons for my strong opinion: in all my years at the DA’s Office I never saw a sex case given away – I only saw them fall apart; in all my years of defending sex cases in Brooklyn, I never saw one given away (again, rather, they fell apart. And yes, I’m talking about Jewish as well as secular cases); and finally, the many ADA’s that I’ve known (and continue to know) in the bureau are diligent and caring – they would never stand by and watch cases given away for political reasons. They may disagree on what the right disposition may be, but that’s the extent of it. If an EWC is appropriate then it’s appropriate, especially if the case can’t proceed to trial. Sorry, I just have seen too many of these cases to think that some kind of nefarious fix was in.

    Second, your point about the difference between the wrongful convictions in Brooklyn is that there is ALLEGED deliberate malfeasance. Of course I’d agree that if evidence was purposefully hidden or ignored, and this wasn’t the work of one or two rogue ADa’s, then Hynes deserves all the vitriol possible. But I don’t agree with that. Again, we’ll have to wait and see how the Collins lawsuit plays out.

    Your final point about Norman isn’t a bad one, but the unfortunate truth is that he was very involved with Thompson. I’m not thrilled about this being used as a pretextual justification for the renewed campaign, but I’m also not thrilled about Norman’s involvement. I guess I’m conflicted on the issue. You should at least accept that Norman was integral to the primary result and then make your decisions on how to feel about it from there.

    Also: you’re dead right about Hynes’ handlers prior to the primary. He did deserve better.

    • Truther,
      You’re either ignorant or a soulless liar. In face, the Kolko cases are the perfect example of how Hynes deals.
      The victims and their families came to the DA with their “representitive” to file charges and were eager to testify and wanted to see Kolko in jail. Initially, Hynes refused to take the case and it was only after the victims’ “representitive” got the NY Post to write a story about Kolko that Hynes “decided” to proceed with the case. Kolko was arrested within a day of the Post story. In addition to the 2 young victims, 9 additional Kolko victims–ranging in age from mid 50s to 24 (including one former ADA)–who were time barred were prepared to testify and two were ready to fly in from overseas to testify at trial.
      Hynes and Jaus tried rewriting history but failed because of the paper trail and many parties who confirmed that the victims were willing to testify.
      Hynes shitcanned the case when he thought no one cared anymore. He has since learned exactly how much some people cared. On can argue that the Kolko case was the straw that broke Hynes’ career.
      Truther, either change your name or do a little research before spewing.

  6. Truther- your slip is showing. You could not have possibly worked in the sex crimes bureau at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, either that or you were a lowly misdemeanor assistant with no access or clue to make the statements that you have made. They GIVE AWAY cases there. I already knew this about you a few weeks back when you made a statement to the effect that Rhonnie works herself to the bone or some other such nonsense. MANY things have been said about Rhonnie over the years, but I can assure you that no one has ever accused her of being a hard worker. She’s not lazy, but she doesn’t go above and beyond either IMHO.

    Of course, if the bureau is presented with a strong case, they will prosecute it. The problem is this- your garden variety sex crimes case, adult or child, has absolutely no corroborating evidence which makes these cases difficult to try. This is true whether orthodox individuals are involved or not. The orthodox factor just adds another layer to the mix. The sex crimes bureau tries so few cases that they can’t afford to try these cases unless they are a lock or there is corroborating evidence without jeopardizing their conviction rate. If you do indeed have or have had the access that you claim, you will know that Rhonnie is all about her conviction rate- orthofox victim or not. Hence- the wholesale selling, sometimes to their own victims, of these cases to the lowest plea they can get without dismissing the case. If all else fails, dismissal will be granted. I’m not telling you what I’ve heard, Im telling you what I know. Much will not change under Thompson IMHO. This is simply the reality of prosecuting these types of cases. The hope is however that in the Thompson era, ADA’s in that Bureau will begin to treat EVERYONE in this County equally. No more fixers. I do agree that there are some very good assistants there, but they do not control policy.

  7. Disgusted – let me ignore the jabs about my supposed experience, because we’re pretty much saying the same things. I agree completely that they give away cases. But, you’re agreeing it’s because of the difficulties with getting wins, as opposed to some conspiracy to sell the cases in order to score political points with rabbis. The issue of how pathetic it is to be scared of one’s shadow in a trial bureau is very different from what is being consistently spouted on this blog, namely, that Orthodox sex cases have been shitcanned so Hynes can get more votes. I find this to be outrageously untrue. I also agree with you that the practice won’t change under Thompson, for the same reasons it exists under Hynes: an inherent difficulty in successfully prosecuting these cases, coupled with an innate desire for high conviction rates. You correctly state that Rhonnie is about her conviction rate, “orthodox victim or not” – so what “fixers” are you talking about? Where is there unequal treatment? The bureau has the same practices across the board. There is no Orthodox fixing. The only thing you’ve said with which I disagree is the amount of work that Rhonnie does. I think she does work hard and she does truly believe in her work – the fact that she guards her conviction rate like a hound and is too scared to take tough losses doesn’t take away from her work effort. It does, however, reflect poorly on her nonetheless. I don’t dispute that. Perhaps you don’t have the personal insight that I have when it comes to how Rhonnie views her job. I assure you that she lives it, and invests a ton emotionally in it. Again, however, this doesn’t mean that she’s particularly good at it or that she doesn’t deserve criticism for having a weak trial constitution. Nobody likes to lose, though, so maybe consider that pressure when you criticize her (actually, I think you have – that’s why you agree it’ll probably happen under Thompson as well).

    One short response to Days Are Coming: why would Hynes do this to the Kolko victims? No one has given an answer to that, other than to offer the generic, “Hynes fixes Jew cases for the rabbis” spiel. What rabbis? How did it play into the Kolko case? Please read Disgusted’s post and my response. The reason for the Kolko shitcanning was not to curry favor, it was because the prosecution was too hard. Watch it happen under Thompson and then tell me what your theories become.

    • “Truther” – it is neither honorable nor noble to get rid of cases because you fear a low conviction rate. That is a miscarriage of justice. It is even more outrageous to steer victims into agreeing to pleas less than a case deserves because of your fear of an acquittal. You keep saying that no one has been able to show that a case was not fully prosecuted due to political pressure. You are dead wrong. What favoritism? Now I know for sure that you lack access. Shall we talk about the fact that they more often than not rush orthodox offenders through the system quickly on a Friday and make sure that they get out in time to observe their Sabbath? Arrests are deliberately made then so that they do not spend that long in the system and Central Booking like the rest of the other poor saps. Their cases are/were pushed through ECAB. At least they were during my time there. No other religious group is accorded this accommodation. What about the fact that every other defendant of every racial and ethnic makeup in this County have their names made public when arrested for a sex offense? The stated excuse by the Hynes is unjustifiable and an absolute outrage. He had to be shamed into releasing the names of those convicted by the New York Times and has yet to release the names of those arrested when every other ethnic or religious group is subject to public scrutiny. As for fixers- please- we all know who the paid fixer on staff is.

      I will say that it is true, many of these cases are tossed not just because the Defendant is orthodox, but because that is the culture of the office when it comes to sex crimes. Regardless of the reason, this practice needs to end and the office needs to go back to having their very best try sex crimes cases.

      As for Rhonnie, believe me, I have cut her a break. As I’ve said before, no one is one- dimensional. She knows the subject-matter and yes, I do believe that she cares. She just conveniently looks the other way when her concern conflicts with her conviction rate. Frankly, she wouldn’t even be on my top 10 list of who to worry about if I were Thompson. There are far worse in the office. THAT is the enduring shame of the office. I would dare say there is even far worse than Vechionne. Yes…believe it or not there is.

      • Disgusted – while I really don’t disagree with most of what you said, your responses are strangely conflicting, in a way that suggests to me that you didn’t really get to a high level in the office. You saw enough to know the problems but not many of the nuances. First of all, the rushing through arrest to arraignment is indeed inexcusable, but it has nothing to do with the DA’s Office. It’s all PD and corrections. The way it works is that the big fixer, usually Tzvi Gluck, calls whomever at the NYPD who is on his take, and the case is expedited in the same manner as a hospital case. The paperwork is written up in Ecab in whatever time it takes, but all stages otherwise (from arrest to write up, and then writeup to docketing) are pushed. There may be times when a defense attorney may call Ecab and ask the deputy to write up a case there quicker, which is not uncommon for a private case and, IMO, not inappropriate. The rest of the expedited process is ridiculous, though. But, again, not the DA’s issue. The court has been investigating this problem but not well enough.

        Next, you say there are cases not fully prosecuted due to political favoritism, but then you cite as an example the rushing through the arraignment process. This is a non-sequitur. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Show me a case that was shitcanned because of politics, as opposed to a fear of acquittal, and then we’ll talk.

        Next, as I said before, I agree that it’s dishonorable to plead out cases that are hard to win at trial. This is an institutional problem that must be addressed. My only point is that it’s not indicative of corruption or political favoritism, and you seem to agree that the problem isn’t confined to Jewish cases. Unfortunately, many offices suffer from this fear. From the bureau chief’s perspective, they think they’re getting the best result they can. I disagree and so do you. But again, not corruption.

        Finally, the non-disclosure of names is a debatable point, one which I never really understood why it has caused so much of an uproar. Hynes simply decided that more public access to defendant’s names means more ability for the legion of intimidators inside to Orthodox community to find and harass victims at the earliest stages of a case. If you don’t know that this happens after every Hasidic sex arrest, then you don’t have any experience with these cases. Keep in mind that the cases, and the defendant’s names, are still publicly available – Hynes just refused to conveniently list them for the press. It’s not as if there is some list that gets put out every week, which Hynes stopped compiling when it came to the Jews – he refused to compile a specific list of Jewish sex defendants when requested by the media. They were still free to do their own homework, look at the public court files, and figure it out. People got upset because Hynes hasn’t refused to compile such a list in other cases, nor has he refused to release a name upon arrest in other cases. Fine, as I said, it’s debatable. But is it so horrible to forego one manner of public disclosure in order to do what you think is protective of victims? Especially when the other side of the coin isn’t complete public shielding of a name? Again, the names are still public and available for compiling – it’s just harder to do it without the DA’s help, not just for the press, but for the intimidators as well. I’m sorry but I just don’t see the big deal here. It fits nicely into the “Hynes does special favors for the Jews” theme, though, despite the unfairness of that coincidence.

        • The rush through the system of orthodox defendants is facilitated by both the District Attorney’s Office and the NYPD. The expedited processing does not occur without the help of the DA’s Office. The NYPD only controls the case up until the Defendant is brought to Central Booking. The Kings County District Attorney’s office expedites the processing of these cases not only in ECAB, but they make sure that these cases go through arraignments with a quickness by informing the Clerks in the Court that such cases are in the system and must be expedited. These two things have absolutely nothing to do with the NYPD although everyone in the system allows this travesty to continue. This fact is an open secret. I’m not exactly spilling trade secrets here. Moreover, if you believe that the Kings County District Attorney’s Office has absolutely nothing to do with the expedited processing of these cases, why have they stood mute? Why is unequal treatment of the citizens of this county okay with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office?

          As for cases being handled based upon political favoritism, an example of the expedited processing of orthodox defendants is just an example of how these cases are treated from the start. An example of the preferential treatment afforded these defendants from start to finish. I did not and will not cite a single case not already known for obvious reasons. However, for anyone who has ever worked in that office to say that decisions are not guided by politics defies what we all know to be true. I’m not saying that to be offensive to you, I just don’t know any other way to explain it.

          To say that people are free to just go on a public database and check for Orthodox defendants is absolutely ridiculous. Are they supposed to pull names out of thin air? Do you know of a heretofore unknown feature that sorts cases by charges that is available and readily assessable to the public? I don’t. The most people can do is search by case number or defendant name on the public databases. Moreover, why should members of the public jump through hoops to get this information? As the elected head legal enforcer in this county, it’s his duty to provide this information when asked. He serves at our pleasure. The fact that the district attorney will not release the names of Orthodox defendants not only convicted but charged with these crimes is strictly guided by politics. It is not out of concern for victims coming forward. The only people protected by his policy are the defendants.

          I can understand your loyalty to Hynes, he has been good to a lot of people. However, to say some of the things you say, when you must know that what you are saying is not true, is what gives people like me pause. IMHO, this is one of the reasons the DA is in the position he’s in today. People should have told him the truth. The truth being that it is indefensible to withhold the names of Orthodox defendants and he should have let Mike go. Had he done those two things, things might look a lot different today. Instead, the people of this county had to let him know that they are not that stupid. That they get what he has done and what he refuses to do. That you can’t defend the indefensible. To go down in flames with the same mantra is unbecoming, not to mention a sure pathway to defeat.

    • Oh, I forgot to add that I do in fact understand the immense pressure to win. In addition, all trial attorneys know this- we are exposed just by the very nature of our jobs. Incredible highs and public accolades go hand in hand with public embarrassment at the loss of a trial. Few jobs expose one so publicly. That does not mean Rhonnie gets a pass. The office needs to get rid of so many non-trial attorneys making over 100K and lacking the constitution to try a case. Many are frankly just overpaid paralegals. It’s time to get back to actually TRYING cases again in that office. Its time to have REAL bosses in the office and not some nasty kid that has tried as lead seat…if you’re lucky…5-10 jury trials. There used to be standards in the office before you became a Deputy….anyway, I digress…my pet peeve. Lol I truly believe that the overwhelming majority of assistants in that office are afraid to try cases.

      • I’m not intending to offend you, either, but you really are wrong about the expediting process. The NYPD absolutely controls the process both before AND after Ecab writes up the case. They’re the ones who marry up the DA file with the warrant checks, and then send the completed packet to the clerk for docketing. It all happens on the second floor of 120 in the police room, after ecab is finished. This is usually the bane of defense lawyers’ existence: ecab writes up the case a few hours after the arrest, but the police room sits on the packet for hours or days before sending it to the clerk. Experienced private counsel know how to speed this up, but a Tzvi Gluck-style fixer makes it fly. You need to research this. I am 100% right about it. The DA has no role outside writing up the case. Sometimes a deputy will call the police room to push a case, usually when private counsel is involved, but this doesn’t happen often and, in any event, is separate and distinct from the PD expediting a Jew from arrest to arraignment. Believe me, with the Tzvi Gluck fix, a Jewish defendant will be out in barely more time than it takes ecab to write up the case, as long as the prints come back. So, your theory here is refuted.

        I do agree that Vecchione should have gone at least a year ago, if not more. I still debate the issue of the name disclosure, though. I know there’s no database to search defendants’ names, but their cases are handled in open court and their files are publicly available. Plus, Hasidic sex cases are monitored by court watchers anyhow. I don’t mean to suggest that this makes everything as open as public DA disclosure, but I still don’t see this as so egregious, when victims are harassed the moment a Hasidic arrest is announced. And don’t you think that the practice of vilifying newly arrested defendants, thus practically convicting them in the press before they’re even arraigned, is a bit unseemly? Does it serve any valid purpose, or is it just to satisfy those with a “string ’em up” mentality? I guess it would serve a public interest if there weren’t so many court watchers for these cases, but that’s not the reality. Anyhow, I’ve never liked the practice no matter who the defendant was. Maybe that’s why I’m so ambivalent. I still agree that it’s debatable, though. My main point is that it’s not really indicative of a conspiracy.

  8. Truther, how do you explain evil dishonorable Hynes bringing a convicted/confessed child molester, Eugene Gold (Hynes’ former boss/mentor/advisor/friend), to his own inauguration and publicly heaping praise on this child molester?

    Hynes is the New York District Attorney that brought his mentor/former boss/current advisor/ convicted/confessed child rapist Eugene Gold to Hynes’ inauguration and publicly honored him years after Gold’s confession and conviction in regard to multiple sex assaults on a 10 year old girl. Gold remained Hynes advisor for decades.

    In 1983 former NY District Attorney Eugene Gold was charged with the rape of the 10 year old daughter of an Alabama district attorney while, according to the girl’s father, two other children, children of another district attorney, were present. Gold faced a minimum sentence of 20 years on the aggravated rape charge. Instead Gold plead guilty to lesser sexual molestation charges and acknowledged that he sexually assaulted the 10 year old girl on an additional occasion. The plea agreement was touted as saving the 10 year old girl the trauma of testifying at trial. Gold only received probation and moved to Israel where he was to get counseling. Does the deal sound familiar? The same deal Kolko senior got.

    This is the monster that Hynes has associated himself and the current office of the New York District Attorney with. Gold used to hold Hynes job.

    Understand who Hynes is? A protector of pedophiles. The pedophiles and their protectors have Hynes ear. Hynes is in their pocket.

    Here’s Hynes inauguration speech where District Attorney Charles J. Hynes publicly honored confessed/convicted pedophile Eugene Gold (square brackets have been added by me):

    In the same year a prominent New York City trial lawyer [pedophile Eugene Gold] was chosen to run for the office of Kings County District Attorney. During his [Gold] campaign, he [Gold] added one word to that slogan, which came to embody the goals of his [Gold] administration and mine [Hynes]. The word was Justice, and so his [Gold] campaign promise, which he [Gold] later fulfilled became; Law and Order with Justice. He [Gold] was my [Hynes] mentor for the six years I was fortunate to serve in his [Gold] Office, and he [Gold] has been one of my [Hynes]most important advisers ever since. Please welcome the three term former District Attorney of Kings County, Eugene Gold.

    Hynes has been protecting Orthodox pedophiles for decades. Rabbi Yehuda Kolko got the same deal Rabbi Lewis/Lipa Brenner got a decade earlier, no jail time and their names were not put on the public sex offender registry. This is the same sort of deal Hynes’ advisor Gold negotiated for himself.

    A message was sent yesterday to Charles Hynes and the rest of the “fixers” in Brooklyn who have protected Brooklyn’s pedophiles for decades. Child rapists belong in jail not as honored guests at the DA’s inauguration ceremony.

    Hynes’ legacy is the injustice and corruption that he was part of.

    I regret that Hynes has yet to be taken out of his office in handcuffs and prosecuted for his part in the protection of pedophiles and the injustice and corruption that has characterized his office for decades.

    Good bye and good riddance to Hynes and the rest of his gang in the DA’s office that will hopefully be tossed out with him shortly.The trash in Brooklyn is finally being taken out. Fixers are being exposed and arrested. More to follow. This is not the end. Just the beginning hopefully in what will be a new start for Brooklyn.

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