QOTD About Chillul Hashem (Desecrating G-d’s Name)

QOTD: Quote of the Day

רבי יוחנן בן ברוקא אומר
כל המחלל שם שמים בסתר
נפרעין ממנו בגלוי

Prodfather Mendel Epstein“Rabbi Yochanan Ben Broka says: Anyone who is mechallel (desecrates) the name of heaven in secret ends up being punished in public” (Pirkei Avos, 4:4)

“One should expose the hypocrites to prevent chillul HaShem” (Babylonian Talmud, Yoma: 86b).  Rashi adds on, “Publicize the hypocrites – These people are wicked but they represent themselves as righteous. Therefore if someone is aware of their deeds – it is a mitzva (religious deed) to publicize them because of chillul HaShem. That is because people learn from their deeds since they think they are tzadikim (righteous ones).”


3 thoughts on “QOTD About Chillul Hashem (Desecrating G-d’s Name)

  1. This is all very well to cite as a guide to proper action however when an entire community is organized such that anyone bringing such transgressions to light is abused, shunned, bankrupted and, likely as not, physically intimidated then what’s a decent Jew to do? Leave the only world he/she has known? Think about it: when an ostensibly religious community makes it effectively impossible to accept and follow the guidance of the Talmud without paying a terrible personal price then can that community really be considered religious or is it just a dangerous cult? To a non-frum Jew such as myself the answer is obvious.

  2. Brilliant funny tragic satire. There are many more famous “rabbis” involved in these corrupt batein dinim. In the spirit of your previous post of exposing names of hypocrite evill doers, I will oblige by adding a couple of names to the list of famous “rabbi’ beit din criminals: Steinberg & Herbst. There are many many others as well. I hope the FBI nails every last one of them.

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