Joe Hynes on Zev Brenner Show Tonight: Infomercial or Journalism?

Charles (Joe) Hynes

Charles (Joe) Hynes

Below is the announcement for a Joe Hynes appearance on Zev Brenner’s show that showed up in my email. Zev often gets paid to host Hynes and he runs those segments without commercials or questions from the public. Let’s find out by calling in with some serious questions. For example ask him about an email sent out on official Brooklyn DA email by Chapin Fay to employees encouraging them to attend fundraisers for Hynes for DA.

  • Ask him if it is OK for government officials to use their official resources to shake down their employees for campaign contributions? If not, ask why his employee was sending out fundraising notices to Brooklyn DA employees for his fundraiser today (5:30-8 at American Whisky) and Thursday (6-8 at the Pearl Room)?
  • Ask him why we had to wait 17 years for the FBI to do a sting to arrest of “ProdFather” Rabbi Mendel Epstein for conspiracy to extort, kidnap and torture. His crimes were first exposed almost two decades ago and investigated by NYPD. Even if he there were problems with that case, why couldn’t he do the sting that the FBI conducted?
  • Since this is a show aimed at the orthodox Jewish community, ask him why both Satmar factions now endorse Thompson?
  • Ask him why Councilman David Greenfield, whose endorsement he crowed about, is now supporting Thompson?
  • Ask him when Baruch Lebovits will finally be brought to retrial and why his office screwed up the first trial by leaving an opening for an appeal by Alan Dershowitz?
  • Ask him why he won’t give Sam Kellner his day in court for a trial and if he still thinks Kellner is guilty?
  • Ask him if he penalizes staff who use antisemitic or racist slurs?
  • Ask him if he still believes he tried the right man for the murders of Rabbi Abraham Pollack and Rabbi Cheskel Werczberger, the shammas of the Satmar Rebbe?
  • Ask Joe if he stands by his statement on a previous Zev Brenner show, that:

I believe there was a substantial effort by Mr. Kellner to gain money for his own benefit by making up stories. I think we have a substantial case.

  • Ask Joe why he never prosecuted Berrel or Zalman Askenazi for witness intimidation
  • Ask him why, to date, after 24 years in office, He has never gotten a single ultra orthodox Jew sentenced to even one day in jail for intimidating a sex abuse witness? (See here)
  • Ask him who is bundling money for his campaign?
  • Ask him if all Republicans are behind him or if some have abandoned him and are backing Thompson?
  • If you want more questions to ask, read this excellent article, just published today in The Chief.
  • If you have ideas for questions you want others to ask, dump them in my comments section. If Joe is too scared to take questions, lets save them for others to ask him the next time he dares to appear and face the public.
  • Ask him how many nights of the year he actually sleeps in his Brooklyn home as opposed to his Breezy Point, Queens residence? It is widely asserted that his true residence is Queens and thus he is violating the very laws for which he prosecuted John K. O’Hara.
  • Ask him if this show is paid for. If not, does he feel that as a matter of fairness doctrine, Thompson should be given a similar slot. If he paid for it, was it done above board with direct monies from his campaign fund.

If he takes questions we will all have a field day. If he doesn’t we will have confirmation that he is running a bunker campaign. It will be fun for us either way.


Tuesday  October 15, 2013, 8 PM- 9 PM

WJPR 1640 AM HIGHLAND PARK AND EDISON line at 212- 419 4240 X 1

info@talklinecommunications.comConnect with us by Text! Just Text the word ZEV plus your

comment/question to the number 21800

Update 10/15/13 9 p.m.: As is way more common for Hynes, there were no audience questions allowed. The man is chicken!!!!

Charles Hynes (PhotoChopped)- Text reads, It is time to ritually slaughter for atonement... Sponsored by the group concerned about needless animal suffering

Charles Hynes (PhotoChopped)-
Text reads, It is time to ritually slaughter for atonement…
Sponsored by the group concerned about needless animal suffering


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