BREAKING- Yosef Kolko Sentenced to 12 Years, 9 Months

BREAKING- After judge rejected motion to withdraw guilty plea, Yosef Kolko was sentenced to 15 years. After automatic adjustments for probation that turns into  12 years and 9 months. Court ran till 11:30 pm. More reporting tomorrow.


18 thoughts on “BREAKING- Yosef Kolko Sentenced to 12 Years, 9 Months

  1. Will the appeals process allow him to remain in a safer prison in the meanwhile? The process could take years! Was that his plan all along?

      • Do we know he’s going to appeal? Or are you just assuming that that was his reason for going thru today’s circus?

  2. It’s 15 years, but he may be eligible for parole after 85%of time served. That’s where the 12 years 9 months number comes from.

  3. It’s 15 years, but he may be eligible for parole after 85% of time served. That’s where the 12 years 9 months number comes from.

  4. Let’s hope BOTH families can now move on, and begin the healing process.

    For the rest of us the lessons are clear;

    From the victims family: Three wheels of justice are very very slow. However, the emes will come out if you stick it out.

    From the molester side: It’s not worth it to fight the victim! If somebody is accusing your family member don’t blindly believe him that he didn’t do it. Not for his sake and not for yours! Keep on asking yourself, “how do I know he’s not lying to me?”.The best thing for him is to go get help quickly and make a quick deal.

    One more thing to a potential family, your not being disloyal to another family member by not letting him drag the whole family thru a mess.

  5. YL- you deserve an enormous yasher koach for your tenacity, excellent reporting and commentary, and devotion to the fundamentals of morality.

  6. Yerachmiel,

    The victim gave a very powerful speech during the sentencing. It included three important points, only one of which was reported in the Ashbury Park Press. Can you post the whole speech??

  7. The real lessons:

    1) Do not try to deal with any child molestation issue outside the proper legal framework (call the police immediately before the cover-ups can commence and before evidence and testimony can be compromised).
    2) The leadership of our community protects pedophiles, gives them jobs for life and offers 6 figure payouts to them.
    3) Survivors of child sexual abuse and their families lose their jobs, get run out of town and must pay their own way on buses to attend court.
    4) No Rabbi wanted to gave a public psak to allow the family of the abused child to go to the police.
    5) The beis din system only works to protect pedophiles and allows pedophiles to continue teaching children and working at camps. When things get too hot for such beis dins, they simply disband and leave the survivors of abuse to fend for themselves.
    6) Rabbis can harass survivors of abuse and their families, publicly attack them in letters, call them mosers even when they have a private psak to go to the police. They can also smear relatives of survivors of abuse with claims that a member of the survivors’ family is a pedophile even though there is no basis for such claim. They can even obstruct justice with no investigation or charges. Such Rabbis can even continue to work at the Orthodox Union in senior positions because the RCA and OU leadership will tolerate them.
    7) Our leadership will take steps to silence survivors of abuse and protect pedophiles. When those steps fail and a conviction looks possible for a pedophile, our leadership will offer cash incentives and jobs for life to pedophiles for guilty pleas so that abuse cases can be kept out of the media spotlight and the cover-up squads and fixers don’t get exposed in court. Part of this is that our leaders know if there is too much publicity, other survivors of abuse may cone forward and other community pedophiles and cover-ups might be jeopardized.
    8) Our community has no effective leadership to protect children.
    9) Kolko was convicted because a young boy was brave.
    10) Kolko will serve along sentence because he was arrogant and did not immediately plead guilty and because he tried to play games with the court (delay and withdrawal of his guilty pleas).
    11) The enablers and the fixers once again got away with murder with no legal charges or consequences. They were able to avoid for the most part being dragged into the trial which ended in the middle when Kolko pleaded guilty.
    12) Those who persecuted an innocent survivor of abuse and his family, who took away his father’s parnash and forced the family out of town, did no real teshuvah (no payment of damages, no public apology, no attempt to repair what they destroyed).
    13) Nothing has changed in the way our community deals with pedophiles. If a young boy in Lakewood comes forward today with similar allegations, he will deal with the same community leadership and the same lack of support. The pedophile will have the same support net that Kolko enjoyed.

    Unfortunately, those are the real lessons because nothing has changed.

    • Very sad, but true.

      Neither the OU nor Torah Va’daas is going to fire or at least reprimand the biggest criminal of all, Belsky.

      The “Nasi” Solomon will continue on his merry way.

      “The Grandfather” Kotler will deny any role in this.

      And, finally, although they have been vindicated, the victim’s family – now living in Detroit because of the 3 above-mentioned lowlifes – will bear a lifetime of scars.

      • Rikki B,

        I agree that all the culprits will keep their power for the time being. However, I believe Belsky will be pushed out of the OU sometime in the coming months. I say this because I am seeing early clues of a gathering storm in the modern orthodox community. People have been trying quiet persuasion. But I believe if it does not work, people will do an end run around OU Kosher CEO Rabbi Menachem Genack and will start writing to food manufacturers urging them to switch to other kosher certifiers. The argument will be simple; your brand is associating itself with the protection of child molesters. Goyim don’t need to know from mesirah or beit din to take offense. The OU may not care about this but goyim will. It is too bad the OU won’t do the right thing on their own. If they insist on being forced into it it will damage their brand in ways that will take years to recover.

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