Yosef Kolko Sentencing Update Thurs 10-17 ~2:50 pm

Only live Tweeting from courtroom is by Kathleen Hopkins of Asbury Park Press (@KHopkinsapp).

Both parties filed their motion papers about withdrawing guilty plea. I have not seen them but will have them within the next few days and will post them.

Defense attorney requested adjournment.

Prosecutor noted that family of victim traveled 12 hours by bus to attend today. Also, Kolko has played game of delaying by changing lawyers four times and delayed trial for four years. Also noted was refusal of Kolko to cooperate with pre-sentencing evaluation at NJ’s Avenal diagnosis and treatment program for sex offenders.

Judge rejected adjournment motion and gave Kolko’s attorney 20 minutes to consult with client.

19 thoughts on “Yosef Kolko Sentencing Update Thurs 10-17 ~2:50 pm

  1. He needs to be carted off to prison now for the boys there to deal with him as they typically do with child molesters. Enough already with this mockery of justice.

  2. I thought the arguments would have been filed ahead of time for the judge to decide today.

    So when is the judge actually going to rule?

    And what was supposed to happen after the 20 minute recess?

  3. Has any evidence been introduced or referenced. I’m thinking about the letters that Kolko collected stating he was coerced into admitting guilt.

    I’d love to see those five called as witnesses and put on the stand- especially Belsky. The prosecution would have a field day with all of them.

    • Don’t know yet, but Kathleen Hopkins Tweeted at about 3:20 “Defense witness Moshe Siegfried, fellow Yeshiva teacher, testifies Kolko was offered $100K and a job if he would plead guilty.” I feel the one who offered the money should be prosecuted. By now it is clear that it is hard to do a clean prosecution unless they start prosecuting for obstruction of justice.

      • Either way, its a huge disgrace. If Kolko was coerced into pleading guilty, every single person involved in that process should be prosecuted- all the way to the top, because someone had to call the shots. Where in hell is $400K gonna come from? Who is gonna give the little putz a job unless they were directed to do so?

        And what about the fact that a kid was molested, along with other victims who remained silent? This case, like every other case that involves religious Jews, is yet another episode from the theater of the absurd.

  4. Disgusting.

    A pedophile gets a job for life WITH a signing bonus based on a guilty plea.

    A survivor of abuse on the other hand gets run out of town.

    Nice community. Nice leadership we have.

      • Kolko needed to be visited by the Prodfather. Too late for that now.
        This STINKS.
        What happens to him now? Gornisht??

        • No. The prodfather’s buddy, yisroel Belsky, first intimidated the witness out of town and then when the trial went south got him to plead guilty so the dirt wouldn’t come out, then got him to withdraw the plea to avoid his cooperating in sentencing and revealing dirt that would hurt hanhalah and Belsky, main defender of Kolko’s uncle yehudah. So because he did not cooperate in sentencing he will get the book thrown at him. But Belsky will be sitting pretty without his coverups revealed.

        • Let’s be thankful that Prodfather and Associates inc. were busy with other clients during “The Kolko Trials”…

          Had they been prodding around here, something tells me it would have been to “prod” the victims away from testifying!!!

  5. Concerned, you are underestimating the victim and his family they are tough and with integrity. Lakewood has bred that quality out of most of their denizens. But a few truly adhere to their ideals.

    • Judge is disgusted with delays so I suspect the session will run late, and probably will continue tommorrow a.m. if necessary. They are already running over an hour past usual court time closing. Someone is making overtime. By the time it is over, Yossi Kolko will do a lot more time than if he had pleaded guilty and cooperated with his evaluation.

  6. Nope. Wrapping up defense case for withdrawal of plea. Then prosecution gets to reply. The judge is determined to get this done. They are already more than three hours after usual time for closing court house.

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