Fraudulent Hynes Signatures Were Attested by Top Brooklyn DA Officials Dino Amoroso and Virginia Modest

On Monday (10/28/13) I posted “Hynes Violated NYC Ethics Law Using DA Staff for Personal Legal Work.” Today I am posting about a comparable Power of Attorney executed on behalf of the Brooklyn District Attorneys’s wife, Patricia L Hynes. In addition to all the ethics problems associated with Charles (Joe) Hynes use of staff for personal business, this POA appears to have a forged signature which was notarized and witnessed by several members of the DA’s staff. All those involved committed legal and ethical violations which could and should cost them their law licenses.

Just to recap the opening of my previous post:

Back in 2011, Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz got caught using his staff to do his personal work. Specifically, top aide, Carlo Scissura worked as his unpaid lawyer in a real estate transaction. The Daily News “Bestowed upon him [Markowitz] a New York Knucklehead Award. Now, pleading ignorance of the law, Markowitz has settled with the Conflicts of Interest Board by paying a $2,000 fine.”

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles (Joe) Hynes is the county’s highest law enforcement officer. He definitely should know better than knucklehead Markowitz. Yet, he assigned Power of Attorney (POA) to ADA Dino Amoroso in December 12, 2001 in order to effect a number of real estate transactions (See copies of relevant sections of POA document below)

Once upon a time, Joe and Pat signed their own real estate documents. Here is one specimen from a second mortgage in 1983.

 (click on image to enlarge and sharpen)

Joe and Pat 1983 second mortage signatures

Pat’s signature is quite different from Joes. It is characterized by an opening P looped like a fishing net, a nicely curved L, on an angle, for her middle initial, and the capital H has a distinctive curved left upright and a straight tilted right upright. The remaining letters in her first and last name are in neat script. This is also the pattern for her signature for a 1986 mortgage.

 (click on image to enlarge and sharpen)

Joe and Pat 1986 mortgage signatures

Joe and Pat 1986 mortgage signatures

Joe’s signature– well it is something very different.

However, the Power of Attorney supposedly signed by her in 2001 (on the same day as the POA signed by Joe) is very different.

(Click on image to enlarge and sharpen)

2001 Pat Hynes POA with someone elses signature attested by Dino Amoroso and Virginia Modest

In fact it resembles Joe’s signature rather than hers. Whether in fact he forged her signature is hard to say but it is easy to see it is not Pat’s signature.

Virginia Modest

Virginia Modest

Yet, Executive Assistant District Attorney Virginia Modest notarized the signature, certifying, it “was sworn before me”  and “was known before me to be the person described who executed the instrument.” Because I believe the signature was not signed by Pat Hynes, I believe Ms. Modest has committed notary fraud for which she can and should lose her license to practice law.

Deputy District Attorney Dino Amoroso also committed fraud when he signed a sworn statement that: “The principle within [Patricia L Hynes] did in writing appoint me… Power of Attorney.”

ADAs Dino Amoroso and Viginia Modest are important because they have done a lot of the work of responding to Jabbar Collins’ lawsuit alleging his unjustified imprisonment was a direct result of dishonest practices by the DA both in the period leading up to his conviction and in subsequent responses to requests for information. Dino still manages the DA’s response to the Collins lawsuit. All the files related to the case are piled up in bankers boxes in his office and he swears to others that he has “looked through every single piece of paper and Mike [Vecchione] has done nothing wrong.” Hell, this is a guy who would lie about something as basic as signature.

Dino Amoroso is also the chief personnel administrator in charge of disciplining violations of DA standards of conduct. It seems that most violations of defendant rights that came to his attention never resulted in disciplinary actions of any sort.

It is hardly surprising that the DA’s office is mired in a series of wrongful convictions. To put it mildly, they are truth challenged; their signatures and statements cannot be trusted.

6 thoughts on “Fraudulent Hynes Signatures Were Attested by Top Brooklyn DA Officials Dino Amoroso and Virginia Modest

    • “Fed Up,” get with the program. Hynes is a Democrat, and it’s a matter of gender equality, i.e., Queens = Kings. 🙂

      • Kevin, get with the way folks raised east of the Hudson in my fair city, NewYawk, speak. Officially he is Kings County DA in the NYS’s Kings County. But to NewYawkehs, it is and always will be its NYC name for the borough, Brooklyn!

        But we do have an affinity for Chicago when it comes to voting fraud unprosecuted. Well with one exception in the last 100 years, a certain political opponent of Hynes, John K. O’hara who was tried 3 times until convicted on voting fraud for registering in Brooklyn and voting from an address about 10 blocks from where he lived with his girlfriend. The previous prosecution for voting violations in NYS involved a Susan B Anthony who insisted on voting when it wasn’t yet legal for women to vote.

        Naturally, as everyone knows, as Brooklyn DA, Hynes reigsters from his unused apartment in Bay Ridge while he lives in a gated all white community in Breezy Point in Queens. Aint that royal!

    • You have a point. Considering all the other corruption in Hynesland this does seem a little trivial.

      After all, it didn’t happen in an honorable law office, just in the whorehouse known as the KCDA.

  1. Virginia Modest and Mary Hughes are secretary and Director for “A Fund for a Safer Brooklyn, Inc” a 501c that pays for costs related to printing materials on “Ask the DA.” avg expenditures of $5-10k/ yr for previous years. It is an IRS registered 501c charity but seems to be printing materials that may well be tuned to DA self promotion for political purposes.

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