Joe Hynes Needs to Come Clean About His Left Hand Tremor

Charles (Joe) Hynes has a tremor in his left hand suggestive of Parkinson’s disease or some other serious neurological condition or perhaps a byproduct of a history of alcoholism. I am not a diagnostician. However, the tremor itself is quite visible in this video taken about a month ago.

Joe Hynes TremorHis left hand is not visible while he talks and the tremor does not show while he is speaking and holding the mike in his right hand But, around 0:35, after he stops speaking, you see an awkward asymmetry of his arms and then at 0:42-0:53 you see him trying to steady his left-hand tremor by holding his left hand inside his right hand. You can again see the tremor between 0:59 and 1:07.

In most of his other videos he either keeps his left hand active through gross motor movements of his arm, or he holds it, or he puts his left hand in his pocket even as he is actively using his right arm. When is the last time you saw a politician glad-hand a crowd with one hand while leaving his other hand in his pocket?

As I said, I am not a diagnostician and don’t presume to know the cause of the tremor, its prognosis, or its implications for his ability to function as a district attorney. But many neurological conditions are progressive and can interfere with physical functions, communication, and cognitive functioning. Mr. Hynes has made a fetish of the fact that he disclosed his tax returns. Perhaps he owes us, even more, a medical report to confirm his health is good enough to justify assuming a heavy-duty, four-year obligation.

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8 thoughts on “Joe Hynes Needs to Come Clean About His Left Hand Tremor

  1. While I’m by no means a fan of Joe Hynes and sincerely hope he’s removed from office once and for all tomorrow, as a physician I can’t say that I see any basis for concern based on anything in that video. An elderly man – near 80 – may have a little unsteadiness of a hand without it necessarily having implications in terms of his intellectual capacity. There are many causes of tremor other than Parkinsonism. He’s neither a surgeon, a pianist nor a typist. Also the odds are that that’s his nondominant hand unless he’s a lefty. This is a nonissue. His failings are of an ethical kind. Remember Steven Hawkings is still making contributions to science from his wheelchair. Hynes is no Hawkings however that’s not the point.

  2. Nothing about which to be concerned. Hynes won’t be taking on any responsibilities of office (with the possible exception on assistant dog catcher of his lilly white gated QUEENS county community) ever again.

    By this time tomorrow he and his loyal goons will be eating generous servings of humble pie.

  3. this is pretty absurd. You aren’t a doctor, and literally have no idea what you are speaking about. slow news day?.

  4. Don’t you understand?…

    Running as a Republican in this election, he’s simply trying to demonstrate that his life long “lefty” affiliation is a bit shaky right now!!!

  5. They should be chanting “Let Joe Go” instead of “Let’s Go Joe.”

    The Boss well deserves the humiliation he’s allowed himself to be put through. He’s become, at the bare minimum, an enabler of absolute evil acts by his Goon Squad. Let’s hope tomorrow proves to be a day of reckoning and cleansing for Brooklyn.

  6. You’re kinda an awful person huh? This is just mean, and completely unnecessary. It has nothing to do with the job he is running for. What’s the deal? You just like kicking people when they are down?

  7. As a Parkinson’s patient, I find this post to be very offensive. A hand tremor will not interfere with his work unless it becomes distracting to the patient. He should be able to work with the disease unless it begins to affect his vocal abilities. Adverse affects on cognitive capabilities in Parkinson’s patients is rare and only obvious at late-stages. Rav Finkel, Pope John Paul, Michael J. Fox, myself and many others were able to work effectively with the disease. Until it becomes a problem, it is no one’s business.

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