Both Satmar Factions Stuck to Ken Thompson for Brooklyn DA

Contrary to some rumors, both Satmar factions stuck to their post primary endorsements of Ken Thompson for DA. This, in spite of the fact that both factions supported Hynes in the Democratic primary which he lost by an 11% margin. Apparently the wiser folk in the leadership decided that however valuable Hynes used to be to them, he was a goner and they might as well support the winning side. Satmar will try to play candidates against each other, but above all, they try very hard to only back winners.

Here is a PDF of the sample ballot produced by the larger Aharoni faction of Satmar. It has straightforward instructions for voting preceded and followed by the words, Williamsburg Block Vote.

I predict Hynes, now confined to the Republican and Conservative party lines on the ballot, will lose by about the same margin predicted for mayoral candidate Joe Lhota of over 40%. While Hynes has the advantage of incumbency and name recognition, voter turnout seems to be low, which will accentuate the proportional significance of straight party line voters. In Brooklyn, over 70% of voters are registered Democrats, and a little over 10% are registered as Republicans or Conservatives. It is a safe bet that independents will break on roughly the same proportions as other voters. It will be a truly lousy day and fitting end to the corrupt Hynes era with its shameful sacrifice of the safety of Jewish children for the ultra orthodox vote. Equally shameful has been his improper prosecutions and convictions which fell most heavily on people of color but also ensnared Samuel Kellner and David Ranta.





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