Breaking- Hynes Conceded Brooklyn DA Race After Losing by Over 40% Margin

Charles (Joe) Hynes Conceding Defeat in Nov 2013 Photo Clip from Kelly Stuart Video footage

Charles (Joe) Hynes Conceding Defeat in Nov 2013 

Photo Clip from Kelly Stuart Video footage


9 thoughts on “Breaking- Hynes Conceded Brooklyn DA Race After Losing by Over 40% Margin

  1. It will be interesting to see what Thompson does to clean up the morass that is the KCDA’s office. The frumma have to know that the fix is no longer in for their accused pedophiles and assorted other crooks. Let’s hope this emboldens victims to come forward with evidence, hopefully secure in the knowledge that no back-room sweetheart deals will be cut.

  2. Seth- I hope you are right. We need to protect our children first and foremost.

    As for the election- 75% to 25%. I hope the so-called “friends” and “loyalists” to the DA are happy. They have nearly ruined his legacy in the most embarrassing fashion. The racist tone of this election from a man swept into office for his honorable work on the Howard Beach case is disgraceful. The lies told by the highest law enforcement official in Brooklyn as to the nature of Clatence Norman’s relationship with Thompson is reprehensible. They trotted the DA out to slaughter based upon an purported path to victory that never existed. I hope boxes are being packed as we speak.

    • Lol- true- but I’m sure that anything incriminating was long ago shredded..or will be in 1..2…3….

  3. i ,for one, am so glad that thompson won. this will show that crime does not pay and in this case all those people who think they can do something terrible and get away with it, will see this is not so. lets hope ken does the right thing and really has the innocent in mind and not fall prey to those who have money and bribe their way through anything .

  4. The phone call should be an interesting story…

    Thompson made his victory speech before hearing from Hynes. He said he couldn’t wait any longer…

    Hynes in his concession speech said he called “somebody’s cell phone”, but Thompson “wasn’t available”.

    Something fishy..

    P.S. Did you guys see the supporters reaction when a reporter asked a perfectly legitimate question, “do you regret running in the general”??

    They all shouted out OH NO!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Hynes may have lied about attempting call. Maybe failed to wait for reply. Maybe Ken Thompson felt he no longer owed him the courtesy after gracious but broken promise of smooth transition in Sept, lies about reasons, and outright racist campaign. Thompson is a disciplined but proud man.

  6. The most significant point of this election is that the need to get the Hareidi voting blocs like Satmar is gone. Those did not help Hynes at all. You have to wonder what this will do for other NYC positions in upcoming elections.

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