Intimidation of Abuse Victims Down Under Is Just Like in Lakewood and Williamsburg

The Age of Australia ran a story about the intimidation meted out to the Waks family because they dared to take a stand against sexual abuse. It is an important story and should be read in its entirety. In deference to their intellectual property rights I am posting the link and the beginning here. Please go to their site to read it all.

After the whistle has blown

You might think Manny Waks would be a hero for breaking the silence about child sexual abuse within Melbourne’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community this year. Several abusers have been exposed and two have been jailed, while the St Kilda East Yeshivah Centre, where Waks himself was abused 25 years ago, now claims to be a model of child safety and awareness.

You might also think the Chabad community of the Yeshivah Centre would applaud and encourage Waks’ parents, Zephaniah and Chaya, who have given their son the moral support and encouragement he needed since he told them in 1996 about the abuse that began happening to him when he was 11 years old.

But two weeks ago, Zephaniah and Chaya decided to put their house on the market and move to Israel, citing bullying, harassment and ostracism from the community in which they were once respected members.

Indeed, Yeshivah rabbis railed against the whistleblowing Waks from the first day after Manny went public, and now say Zephaniah and Manny have run a vendetta against the centre.

7 thoughts on “Intimidation of Abuse Victims Down Under Is Just Like in Lakewood and Williamsburg

  1. Your heading to this post says it all. Where are the leaders in the orthodox Jewish world who allow this to continue?

    • The “leaders” (sic) in the Orthodox Jewish world who allow this to continue should be should have their smicha retracted and their bodies in prison. A pipe dream.
      Likely that each and every one of them has a relative (e.g. brother-in-law) who is a pedophile, and nieces and nephews who have been abused. Can of worms. Skeletons in every family. What would the Rebbe have done?? My gut says gornisht. How to turn off the faucet of major donors?

    • Yes, they are making serious progress. Also Manny Waks’ Tzedek is a model of an excellent national Jewish organization both supporting individual victims, educating the public, speaking out about individual cases and working with those willing to step forward on the issue. I am not aware of any other country with a comparable organization of national scope and effectiveness.

      • And that is why they are trying to smear and silence Manny and his family.

        This is similar to what has happened in the past when survivors here and their supporters have tried to organize. It is incredible that Manny has been able to stand despite all of that. Look at what they did to the brave survivor of Kolko and his family in Lakewood and the OU continues to employ one of the main people who smeared the brave survivor’s family.

  2. Welcome to the epicenter of Gaivah! Where rubber bands are banned in school but not Pedophiles. Where the Bar of Frumkeit is raised everyday with our leaders twisting the rules for Themselves. Where “School owners” destroy and Humiliate families and their HOLY children,year after year! Where they talk the talk on Kiruv but will Never let their children into any of the so called Elite schools of Fakewood.Where when you walk into a very frum shul on Shabbos with many fathers and young sons sitting and Not one gets up to offer an elderly Yid a seat. Where the youth from fine families and elite Yeshivas are turning to Cheap,$5, bags of Heroin and our leaders are Clueless,thinking a Blatt of Gemorah cures everything. Check out the corner of N.Lake and Route 9 by the Lake on a Shabbos Afternoon and see the ever-growing crowd of our HOLY children Rejected by the Holier than thou crowd of Fakewood. Where the planning board rejects expansion of a good neighbor college and yet allows Insane zoning that is Destroying any Quality of life that is left in Fakewood. Turning many of our Streets in to Narrow ,dangerous ,One lane thorofares. Where a once thriving ratable,the Industrial Park,is turning into one big cheder,with very little Safe infrastructure like simple sidewalks,forcing the many young souls to walk on busy streets with Heavy Truck traffic. Yes we’re BIG here in Fakewood, the GAIVAH dept. Gut Shabbios

  3. Welcome to the Yeshiva of Shnorring, where secular education is a JOKE so why bother? Work is a sin! BMG et al will train you how to MILK the system and your in-laws so that you never have to work a day in your life. Watch how our leaders Kiss up to $$$$$, Ethics and morals in the toilet. Men who cannot stand or think on their own 2 feet. Names on Yeshivas to honor the Gaiva of folks that have acquired their Gelt by Questionable means! Where image is everything and the Safety and well being of our children from pedophiles is meaningless! and now a Public Service announcement, To all Baal Teshuvahs, Don’t come to Fakewood,You’re not Welcome (except your $$$$)You and your children will be 3’rd class citizens,shunned and scrutinized,Kinda like a Leper. You’ll be blamed for everything from Pedophiles to Heroin! You’re children will never get into any school (unless you build it yourself) and forget about marrying them off,Kinda like the Caste system and the Untouchables!!! This Dis-ease of Gaiivah permeates the AIR of Fakewood and many other wanna-be communities.

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