Which Lazy Journalist Will Take the Dershowitz Bait?

Sam Kellner has a trial date on Tuesday, November 12th.  This is great news for Sam because the prosecution cannot afford to have the trial happen. It will make it obvious, once and for all, that there was never a legitimate reason to arrest him for trying to extort Baruch Lebovits’ family and for paying a witness to perjure himself in grand jury testimony where he accused Lebovits of molesting him. Instead, a trial would expose that that the Kellner case was contrived by the Lebovits family to weaken the case against Lebovits and to clear up Lebovits’ reputation in the community.

In all likelihood, if the Judge denies the prosecution any further delays, the prosecution will announce that the case is being dismissed. As is typical of the DA, they probably will not have the decency to fully exonerate Kellner and will instead probably offer some mealy-mouthed nonsense about not being able to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Arthur Aidala

Arthur Aidala

This case would never have gotten this far but for an unholy, corrupt alliance between the DA, his close buddy, Lebovits defense attorney Arthur Aidala, and the Dershbags (the appellate attorneys and brothers, Alan and Nathan Dershowitz). They may have coached Lebovits proxies about how to offer up absurd doctored, fabricated, and false evidence to the Rackets Division of the Brooklyn DA, headed by Michael Vecchione. The Rackets Bureau carefully extracted information from sex crimes while excluding their other information and then proceeded to indict Kellner. Thanks to the excellent reporting of Hella Winston of the Jewish Week, many of their antics have been exposed, and I expect that yet more will be.

Alan Dershowitz (photo by Sage Ross) GNU License

Alan Dershowitz (photo by Sage Ross) GNU License

At every stage in this ridiculous case new evidence would be handed to rackets by 3rd parties. Officially this was all independent of Aidala and the Dershbags, but mysteriously they always knew. For example, at the last court appearance of Lebovits, the prosecution got sandbagged when Dershowitz asked for a new tape relating to their case in the possession of the prosecution. Well, lo and behold, something was handed into Rackets which sex crimes did not even know about. In due course, sex crimes got it and handed it to the defense. Now Dershowitz is hawking this tape to reporters. There are three critical points about this tape that should make reporters nervous. It has already been determined it has no evidentiary value. I don’t just mean it doesn’t prove anything in this case. I mean that there are probably problems with its provenance, splicing, and omissions such that it would not qualify for evidence anywhere, anyhow. Secondly, it appears to have been made by illegally bugging someone’s vehicle and using only one side of the conversation. Thirdly, it is being hawked to pre-emptively dilute the real story coming up shortly that the Kellner indictment will be dismissed.

Paul Berger  Twitter Profile 2013-Nov 7 -7pm ESTMost smart reporters will not touch this tape because smart and honest reporters don’t let other parties use them as uncritical megaphones. However there are rumors out there that Paul Berger of the Forward is tempted by it. He recently ran a misleading article suggesting that Brooklyn DA elect, Ken Thompson flip flopped in his support of Kellner’s innocence. A careful reading of the actual quotes, as opposed to the paraphrases, suggests otherwise. The only people with an interest in this sort of distortion are those defending Baruch Lebovits who are still trying to claim the case was fabricated by Sam Kellner. So I suspect that Berger has been offered the tape and story by Dershowitz. If Berger runs the story it will have a very short shelf life, like between when it appears this week and this coming Tuesday (11/12/13) when the prosecution probably dismisses the case. But the harm to the Forward’s journalistic reputation will live on.

6 thoughts on “Which Lazy Journalist Will Take the Dershowitz Bait?

  1. well now that thompson is the new DA maybe something good will happen and kellner will get restitution!!!

    • My feeling is, Hynes us stuck now with two bad options…

      He can exonerate Kellner now, and be criticized for not doing so long ago for political considerations. Alternatively, he can try and drag it on, and give Thompson a easy PR victory. Just imagine the third day as DA, calls press conference, and explains how he is quickly cleaning house… and he drops all charges on Keller!!

      In my opinion, the legacy building Hynes, will choose the former of the two bad options.

    • Kellner will get restitution suing the city for abuse of process and suing Joe Hynes personally for defaming him in press conferences.

      Joe will have no choice if the judge says this coming Tuesday (11/12/13) “Start jury selection!” Prosecution will mumble something about dropping charges because of inability due to …(fill in the BS) make a case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” They probably won’t even have the decency to exonerate Kellner of all charges. Still, that is how it will probably end.

  2. I smell rubber from the backpedaling here:

    “However, Mr. MacGiollabhui omits that shortly after our conversation, the content of my November 6 email, which Mr. MacGiollabhui told me he shared only with his client, appeared on the website of an anonymous blogger — and cheerleader for Kellner — under the headline: “Which Lazy Journalist Will Take the Dershowitz Bait? https://frumfollies.wordpress.com/2013/11/07/which-lazy-journalist-will-take-the-dershowitz-bait/ ” This attempt to preempt my story before it had been published destroyed my confidence that anything further I sent to Mr. MacGiollabhui for his client would not be publicized elsewhere before my story was published.”

    Anonymous?!? You mean, he can’t see you name next to the title of the blog?

    Time to invest in some new glasses.

    • I blog under the assumed name, Yerachmiel Lopin. However, as I wrote in my most recent post:

      Actually, Mr Berger and I have exchanged more congenial correspondence a few years ago and once spent about an hour on the phone discussing his coverage of DA Hynes which he defended and I criticized as too favorable. I raised some points which he promised to look into, though as far as I know, had no impact of his reporting of orthodox sex abuse. Mr. Berger also knows my blog because he has searched it and found some information he repeated in his articles about Richard Andron. In fact he knows that I am a credible blogger on the subject of sex abuse in the orthodox Jewish community.

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