Explaining Surviving Sexual Assault, Triggers, Voice & Regaining Control

Melissa Harris-PerryMelissa Harris-Perry, a  survivor of sexual assault, delivers an impassioned and enlightening video message. It is a must-see eye-opener. One of the most moving things I have seen in a while. I first posted this a year ago, but it bears mentioning again because I have many new readers. People often ask me, “Why can’t the victims move on; why do they dwell in the past; why are they so obsessed with challenging the system?”

Melissa Harris-Perry is a very successful women, a professor, a published author, and a TV commenter. Watching her it is clear that she is socially competent, and downright eloquent, and yet… Her talk is delivered in the context of the debate about allowing abortions for victims of rape. But regardless of whether you agree with her about abortion, I think most of you will learn something from watching this short clip about enduring impact of abuse and the role of empowerment in healing.

Take five minutes to watch it. You will learn some very important things.


5 thoughts on “Explaining Surviving Sexual Assault, Triggers, Voice & Regaining Control

  1. I used to live in Lakewood and the topics you write about are near to my own and have been reading your blog for quite some time. Thank you for posting this and everyone should watch this and pass it along to anyone in need. Thank you.


  2. Thank you Melissa. For the pre-pubescent victims of abuse (not yet fecund, to their somewhat olders sisters, who also suffered such horrific soul-annihiliating abuse) I say, imprisonment, whether it was a famly member, or some fn asshole on the street, lock them all up, or do the complete bris, l’fi kol hachumrot., and od yoter.
    One can think it is conquered, but later, sooner or later, something triggers it again.
    If there is a competent therapist in such issues, ma tov. If not, well, back to the extended bris fantasy.

  3. Her pain and understanding of abuse is very real and true. The way she articulates them are amazing.
    Two very important points: Abuse happens to both male and female, she makes it sound like it is exclusive to female. Secondly 2 wrongs do not make a right. If a fetus is a living being then aborting it would make it murder. What does the sexual abuse have to do with it. I assume that is why her grandmothers were able to care lovingly for their kids even if they were born from rape.

    Bringing political views into the discussion of abuse just diminishes the severity of the crime. Abuse is not political in any way. It is real, it is painful, it hurts, it steals the innocence of the human.
    Therefore I find this very offensive. Please remove the link. I am sure there are better videos of survivors that just address the pain and suffering as well as the survival methods.

    • As I explained, the video was posted to help people understand triggering. You concede she does that well and you accept her views on triggering even though you disagree with her about abortion in the case of rape. I trust my other readers to be able to make the same distinction. If you can identify other equally or even more effective videos about triggering which do include the right to choose position, I am interested in learning about them and would be be glad to post them as well.

    • There may be better videos out there and I agree with what you are saying. there is no reason to condemn the child for the sins of its (less than human) father but we all cope in our own ways and only G*d can condemn what one does with the life they were forced into. No one can say what is offensive until you have to live with what she does. If you only knew what it was to be in her place you would not censor what she went through and this catharsis she is undertaking. Pretending it never happens or exists does not negate its existance even if you disagree with it. Compassion needs to trump condemnation in these situations.

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