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Mary Hughes and Barbara A Burke

Mary Hughes and Barbara A Burke

This morning’s New York Times has an article by Michael Powell about a series of misdeeds in the Office of the Brooklyn DA. Several are things I have talked about for months so I will crow and then comment, where appropriate. Powell writes:

Mr. Hynes … fired Barbara Burke, a prosecutor and former nun who had had the temerity to complain that the office had not passed along — as required — all records to a lawyer trying a wrongful conviction case against Mr. Hynes and Mr. Vecchione…… Mr. Hynes’s longtime press told me via email…  Ms. Burke, she “was fired for cause.”

Ms. Burke, as it happens, retained the services of Mark A. Bederow, a former prosecutor with the Manhattan district attorney’s office. “For months they attempted to humiliate an honest and sincere public servant interested in seeing that justice was served

,” he said.
I first reported her demotion transfer in August and then her subpoena in Jabbar Collins lawsuit for his wrongful conviction that cost him 16 years in jail, and then her history as a whistleblower about corruption in the Catholic Church. It is nice to see my stories go big time, especially in the hands of the very skillful Michael Powell and in a piece that also covers some of my favorite topics: Joe Hynes, Sam Kellner, and Baruch Lebovits.

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