Breaking- Hynes Accedes to DA Elect Thompson’s Request to Defer Lebovits Disposition

Kenneth Thompson

Kenneth Thompson

Hella Winston of the Jewish Week just broke the story that DA-elect Kenneth Thompson has asked Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes to defer any plea bargain for Baruch (Mordechai) Lebovits until Thompson assumes office on January 1, 2014. This comes on the heels of a public letter submitted by concerned individuals in the community addressed to Judge Mark Dwyer requesting he reject any plea bargain for Lebovits pending satisfactory answers to questions about poor handling of the prosecution of Lebovits by the current office of the Kings County District Attorney.

Mr Thompson was aware of the letter and that may very well have tipped him toward this action. Mr. Thompson is also sending a copy of the letter to presiding Judge Mark Dwyer.

Since I began writing the article, it appears Hynes has acceded to the request and naturally now denies he was ever planning such a no-jail-time plea bargain. However in the past there was never any advance notice even when the deal was rigged, at which point it was too late to undo. Believe me there was such a deal based on multiple sources inside and outside the court system.

We have finally stopped a corrupt plea bargain. Thank you to all who participated in this effort. Things will never go back to the Hynes / Kol Tzedek / Henna White era of deals done in the dark with dubious explanations for sweetheart terms.

Lebovits’ next court appearance is Tuesday, November 19, 9:30 a. m.

7 thoughts on “Breaking- Hynes Accedes to DA Elect Thompson’s Request to Defer Lebovits Disposition

  1. A Sincere Thank You Yerachmiel Lopin for your ceaseless and impactful efforts on behalf of victims of sexual abuse in the Jewish community and their families.

    Your efforts are helping bring about a new era – when we Take Back Judaism from the pseudo-religious mafioso who have corrupted out faith and our community.

    Yasher Koach!

  2. A magnificent job. Hard to overstate the importance of this effort, and equally hard to overstate the creativity of this approach. And, even if writing such a letter to the trial court was not your idea (I do not doubt this, but you did not identify your precise part in this) the work involved in drafting (and, undoubtedly, repeatedly redrafting) the letter and acquiring signatures was brilliantly creative. I do not believe that anything like this has ever happened anywhere.

  3. when when when when when will this happen in Jerusalem???? when dear god in the heavens will the unholy swine in Jerusalem be rounded up and locked away. when when when …?????????????????????????

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