Panic in Wheedle Park

Kenneth Thompson

Kenneth Thompson

The buzz at the Agudah convention over the weekend, which overshadowed the rabbinic sermonizing, was panic at the thought that Thompson is not corruptible. They are frantically trying to figure out how to stymie his stated intent to properly examine and follow through on the molesting charges against cantor and rabbi, Baruch (Mordechai) Lebovits. It is not a question of his innocence. Any savvy, sentient being in Boro Park knows the many, many allegations against him. But this does not matter. It is a question of preserving the pattern they established with Joe Hynes of being able to get most of their criminals coddled.

frumfolliesiconThe fixers are frustrated because their standard shtadlanim (political pleaders) are now irrelevant. The Friedmans, Niedermans, Ben Barbers, and Henna Whites are all yesterday’s trash swept away by Thompson’s 11% percent primary victory, without the ultra orthodox vote. There is a new sheriff in town and he is a serious man.

Lebovits sans tamid editedNevertheless, they will muster all their political ingenuity and call in all their chits with intermediary politicians, whether venal or gullible, to make the case to Thompson that he should hold back on the Lebovits case. I doubt they will succeed, in spite of all their chatter. But they will find a way to give the Thompson transition team an earful of contrived rumors and a few veiled threats.

I feel for the Thompson team which will have to put up with the input and filter out the garbage. But I suppose that goes with the territory of being Brooklyn DA. At the end of the day this will be part of his team’s political education about absurd messaging in the defense of reprehensible molesters. I am confident that over time,  the Thompson team will get better and better at sorting the truth from the chaff and will learn which sources are actually trustworthy.

10 thoughts on “Panic in Wheedle Park

  1. NO, NO!!!


    He will be told that these low life self serving ”shtadlonim” are talking for all of us. That he shouldn’t shove values down the throat of a people that think different than him, etc….



  2. Let’s do a way with the myth that Hynes was ‘good for the Jews.” He cozied up to vote brokers, people with money and power. He brought it down to rich vs poor. Let’s go back to blind justice, to equality under law.

  3. Hynes, you miserable bastard!

    Derrick Deacon was just freed after you fought for 24 years to keep him locked up without a shred of evidence.

  4. YL, I am sympathetic and more, but I suggest that you will be more effective if you turn down the volume. For those capable of it (and should we presume anyone incapable?), teshuvah is furthered by magnanimity — the genius of English allows me to mix Hebrew and Greek etymologies. Let the former “enemy” recognize the error of his/her ways and return to darchei tzedek u-mishpat, lest those dismissed as “yesterday’s trash” become today’s obstacle.

    • In general, I can see the wisdom in your advice. I certainly know we share the same goals, and often the same analyses of situations. I am not sure the comment is best applied to this post. I understand political persuasion on behalf of a legitimate interest. I fear in this case we are talking of an interest in lobbying for the protection of a pedophile, and a particularly dangerous one, to boot.

  5. I am just wondering-I know there is a lot of “dirt” and sweeping under the carpet of the criminal activity in our Ultra-Orthodox communities., However, I wish this chat line would start listing and portraying some of the Orthodox that do stand up against the so-called Orthodox Mafia. I think we need to praise them more and use them as examples that these communities also breed people with conscience. I know many are afraid to speak out against the “cult” mentality that is in place-but some do-and I think we need to give them more attention. Sometimes praising the good as well as uncloaking the bad and the ugly is just as important.

      • I know what you mean. It is quite sad..but from time to time there is a breakthrough-unfortunately not enough. I am a teacher who started to work for a Charedi like school-and I cannot believe how things work. When I was a child, if my bubby saw some of the things that I have seen she would have said that Jews do not act in this way…with such dishonesty about self. I still do not understand all that I am seeing. Instead of answering to Torah and righteousness, they answer to the group mentality. But is this not what happens with any fanatic element that cloaks itself in self-righteousness? When you bring it up to them about what is going on in their community-they kind of smile or just rationalize it rather than admit that there is a better way. Oddly enough, they will be the first to condemn other Jews unlike themselves as to why the Mashiach is not coming.

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