Breaking- Lebovits Case Adjourned Till January 23

Arthur Aidala

Arthur Aidala

The Honorable Judge Mark Dwyer held this morning’s scheduled Brooklyn Supreme Court session in the case of Baruch (Mordechai) Lebovits. In accordance with the agreement between DA Charles (Joe) Hynes and DA-elect, Kenneth (Ken) Thompson, the case was adjourned till January 23. There were some sessions between attorneys in chambers. In public, Lebovits’ defense attorney, Arthur Aidala insisted there was no missing tape. Alan Dershowitz complained about the case being politicized. One of them (my information is ambiguous) complained about the politicization involved in the letter so many of you signed asking the judge to adjourn the case until irregularities in the case were investigated. I should also add, that Alan Dershowitz insisted that the suicide of the newlywed, Motty Borger was not molested by Baruch Lebovits. Clearly our letter is bothering Dershowitz.

Judge Dwyer wisely sidestepped all these objections and said that in any event his calendar was crowded with trials for the next few months and insisted the earliest he could deal with the case again was January 23. This will give the Thompson camp enough time to dig into it.

Alan Dershowitz (photo by Sage Ross) GNU License

Alan Dershowitz (photo by Sage Ross) GNU License

Apparently, Lebovits and chevrah (buddies) think citizens shouldn’t write to judges. Well, we showed them otherwise. It was common wisdom that we could not stop a sweetheart plea deal. Well, it has been definitively stopped and the prosecution will now rest with the incoming Thompson administration. I am finally very optimistic that this case will be properly prosecuted. Nobody can guarantee the outcome of a prosecution, but I am very optimistic that the case will be handled with diligence, integrity, and professional skill. I also believe we will learn some more shocking things about how the Hynes administration mishandled this case (like so many others).


14 thoughts on “Breaking- Lebovits Case Adjourned Till January 23

  1. Good work!! Question- do you know what Artie meant when he said that there is no missing tape? Was he saying that a tape does exist and its whereabouts are known or was he saying that no such tape ever existed?

    • The tape definitely existed because both Kellner and Lebovits’ attorneys have said they got the DA generated transcript as well as Detective Litwin’s notes about the police operation in which it was recorded and his debrief of its contents. I am fairly certain copies of the original exist and these appear to have been handed over the Lebovits defense. However, I am also certain that they were not handed over until recently. So, when Aidala says there is no missing tape he is trying to whitewash the irregularity that the defense never got it until 3.5 years after the original trial, a point raised in the letter. But not publicly stating when he first got the tape, he is trying to make the letters raising the issue seem superfluous. But this is something that needs to be explained.

      What is not clear is whether the original recording (let’s not assume the medium is magnetic tape ) in the police evidence room is missing or not. If missing this is extraordinary.

    • About what? And when has Lopin ever been proven right about anything? All he does is theorize and speculate. My only input into this Lebovitz situation was an analysis based on Lopin’s report, regarding the victim reaching a settlement. Whether my analysis is proven accurate hasn’t yet come to pass, because Judge Dwyer hasn’t been presented with any “sweetheart deal” (which the victim may purport to really want, because, as I suspect, of his settlement). I was clear that I didn’t know anything about this case, and I certainly never said that the case wouldn’t be adjourned. You’re really desperate to find something that I’m wrong about, huh? Keep reachin’.

    • Keep spinning it. You predicted the judge would ignore the letters. Lopin said he wouldn’t ignore them.

      He didn’t.

      Lopin was right.

      You were wronger.

      Truthers and Birthers. Perfect together.

  2. Truther/Spinner never gets it right.

    We all know how Hynes and Vecchione and their fixer friends work to keep the Orthodox child predators out of jail. In fact, in the last few days a self-styled Hasidic leader/Rabbi that Hynes and Vecchione tried to give the Rabbi Lewis/Lipa Brenner/Rabbi Kolko deal (no jail time) for the kidnapping of a minor (the disgusted Judge rejected the deal) fled Quebec with his cult followers in effort to try to prevent Canadian child welfare officials from removing/saving their children.

    But don’t worry the fixers fixed the parole hearings to get the kidnapper out of jail early so he could resume his Orthodox Jewish child abuse cult Lev Tahor and so that this public Chillul Hashem of the last few days would be possible..

    Let’s make sure the fixers can’t get Lebovits out early.

    Sources as to the Hynes and Vecchione corruption:


    Within 24 hours of the arrest, the captain said, two assistant district attorneys paid him a visit. They were apologetically emphatic: Your case might be strong, they told him, but our boss, Mr. Hynes, wants you to void the arrest.

    Are you saying, Mr. Plackenmeyer asked, that I don’t have probable cause?

    We’re not saying that, they replied.

    The prosecutors soon released the rabbi. Mr. Plackenmeyer and the boy’s mother, Hana Fhima, drove down to the district attorney’s office, seeking a meeting. They sat there for hours but never got past reception.

    “I was a division commander,” he recalled. “I’m there with a woman willing to testify about this rabbi who kidnapped her son, and no one wants to speak to me.”

    Soon enough, the F.B.I. took a look at it, along with federal prosecutors. They had a meeting, there was a fair amount of yelling, and, with help from federal officials, the district attorney felt the urge to prosecute.

    That was not the end of it. In March 1994, Mr. Hynes’s office agreed to let Rabbi Helbrans plead guilty to kidnapping in exchange for five years of community service. Mrs. Fhima was furious, and complained bitterly to the judge of swinging-door justice.

    A State Supreme Court justice, in an unusual move, agreed with her. He overturned the plea bargain. The family, he said, had given him the sense “that this is a political ploy, because Joe Hynes is running for” state attorney general, according to newspaper accounts.

    Michael Vecchione, the prosecutor on that case, got on the phone on Monday, for an interview at high volume. To suggest Mr. Hynes’s office was less than vigorous is a calumny, he suggested. “There’s no way,” he says, “based on how I practice law, that I’d agree” to probation.

    Told that contemporaneous accounts in The New York Times state otherwise (“The plea was part of an intricate arrangement with the Brooklyn district attorney,” the newspaper’s March 8, 1994, account states), Mr. Vecchione amended his statement.

    “I don’t recall, honestly,” he said.

    Federal prosecutors are also investigating if Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans, “imprisoned in a widely publicized kidnapping case,” received “lenient treatment” after “appeals were made on his behalf” by Pataki fundraiser Leon Perlmutter. Prosecutor Alan Vinegrad said “prison officials told him” a 6/98 transfer to a work release program was “ordered by senior state officials”: “The way this information was conveyed to me left me with the distinct impression that his treatment in the prison system was not considered routine.” The 11/98 decision to parole Helbrans came “at about the same time” the board released two other inmates in cases that are also being scrutinized by prosecutors. Perlmutter “lobbied state officials on behalf of all three inmates.” Pataki officials “strenuously denied” anyone received favorable treatment because of campaign contribs (Levy, New York Times, 4/26).

    Vallone, in a statement: “The state is literally gushing with examples of the Pataki Administration’s efforts to link fundraising with public policy … George Pataki has hung a for sale sign on our prison system” (release, 4/26).

    • Oh, and the fixers kept Helbrans off the sex offender registry as well. Sound familiar? Hint – look at the Hynes fixed cases of Rabbi Lewis/Lipa Brenner and Rabbi Kolko:

      Even more disturbing to Gawloski was that he’d already been importuned about the same murderer by Leon Perlmutter, a leader in the Orthodox Jewish community and major fundraiser for the governor. This was not the first time Perlmutter and Shecht-man had double-teamed him. In fact, it was Shechtman’s relationship with Perlmutter, who Gawloski said represented a group of “heavy contributors” to Pataki, that had prompted their first tough exchange, when Shechtman was still Gawloski’s boss.

      erlmutter and Shechtman had pestered parole officials about three other cases, leading to early releases of a rabbi convicted of kidnapping a minor, and two Israeli nationals jailed in major drug cases. The two drug dealers were released—over law enforcement objections—under a new Pataki deportation program designed by Shechtman, who personally urged parole board members to increase the number of felons they let go under the program, leading to get-out-of-jail-early tickets for 1,277 convicts. Though a top parole executive determined that the kidnapping of a young boy required that the rabbi, Shlomo Helbrans, be placed on the sex offender registry, Shechtman, according to the testimony, intervened to make sure he wasn’t.

      Gawloski testified that he believed “the parole board was influenced” in all three of these cases by Perlmutter, who he said was “in regular contact” with Shechtman. “I expressed concern to Mr. Shechtman that his discussions with Perlmutter, perhaps even if there was nothing involved, would convey a poor impression,” Gawloski told the jurors. “What did Mr. Shechtman say to you?” asked the prosecutors. “Basically, not a problem,” he responded. Gawloski added that Perlmutter had visited Shechtman at his house, delivering hot challah. “I did not feel that this type of access should be available to any group,” testified Gawloski. He also said he knew that parole officials had even attended fundraisers for Pataki hosted by Orthodox leaders.

  3. Whistleblower – huh? Non-sequitur.

    Irrational Faith – you’re really embarrassing yourself. Lopin’s letter did not cause the Judge to adjourn the case. The case was adjourned at the DA’s request, because Hynes acceded to Thompson’s request to do so. Judge Dwyer never reached the issue of granting any deal to Lebovitz, nor did he even decide to adjourn. And all I said was that Judge Dwyer may go along with a plea if the victim purports to sincerely desire it. Truth is I’m happy that you’ve made your comments – they illustrate the utter lack of procedural and substantive understanding that is commonplace amongst this blog’s readership.

    • Keep on spinning Truther/Spinner. Keep on spinning.

      Hynes and Vecchione will be gone shortly.

      And sunlight is the best disinfectant. You hear that Brooklyn fixers? We’ve only begun dismantling your corrupt system. Top to bottom you’ll all be exposed.

    • Spin on, spinner.

      The so called prosecutor requested the delay because of Lopin’s letters. Until Lopin exposed Hynes & Co’s corruption these cases were routinely swept under the DA’s carpet (the one in his KINGS COUNTY office, not the one in his QUEENS COUNTY home in the lily white gated community. I hate to think what he’s swept under that carpet).

      Your spin is beginning to look more like a corpse twisting in the wind at the end of a hangman’s rope.

      He’s politically dead and buried. Stop trying to resuscitate a rotting corpse (especially one that began to stink from rot twenty years ago).

  4. The leader of this Cult: Solomon Arez Hell-branz and his son Nuchman are control freaks! “Arez Shlomo was convicted” in Brooklyn NY Supreme Court of felonies and then deported. They are cult-leaders a bunch of phony frauds as they have always been known to be. Child abuse has been going on there since the beginning of times.

    Lev Tahor cult’s spokesman is: Yoil Weingarten the son of the famous “convicted pedophile” Mr. Israel Weingarten, a man who raped his own daughter repeatedly over many years.
    Every single organization on earth has been rebuking this cult, even in public, as this is no different than the David Koresh cult in Waco, or the Jones-town cult.

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