Joe Swings the Wrecking Ball

Richard, makes it into heaven. He sees a man in a white coat and stethoscope rushing back and forth and Richard asks “Who is he?” He’s told: “It’s very sad; he’s G-d, but thinks he’s a doctor.”

ball drop WikicommonsJoe Hynes is District Attorney of Brooklyn until the ball comes down in Times Square at midnight. He lost the election to Ken Thompson. Yet Hynes is telling people that he will get Thompson to retain his entire 19th floor executive retinue. No one believes him. His #2, Amy Feinstein, is continuing to run the shop diligently, but she knows her job will end on New Years Eve. So too do Dino Amoroso, Mary Hughes, John O’Mara, and others in his inner circle. Even delusional Michael Vecchione got the memo and put in his resignation. Maybe a few members of the executive suite will be kept, but not the ones most identified with Hynes’ political machinations and misconduct.

Charles (Joe) Hynes Conceding Defeat in Nov 2013 Photo Clip from Kelly Stuart Video footage

Charles (Joe) Hynes Conceding Defeat in Nov 2013
Photo Clip from Kelly Stuart Video footage

I think, deep down, Joe suspects that people were only loyal  because he was able to give them jobs. If so, he may be trying to extend their loyalty till 2014 when even he realizes they will know the jig is up.

Not content to proffer predictions about the executive suite, Joe went one better in his meeting with Zone Executives on Tuesday. He told them to get ready to be sacked and start sending out their resumes. Maybe he is predicting the future correctly and maybe he isn’t but he sure as hell doesn’t know. Thompson has been tight lipped about his plans for the transition apart from the fact that he is likely to change most of the top level.

wrecking ballOne thing is certain. Thompson cannot close down the entire operation and retool from scratch. Arrests will keep coming in. Court dates will have to be met. Because of lousy record keeping, most ADAs will have to be kept around for their institutional memory.

Sensible managers will both position themselves for the job market and stay sane till something comes their way or until they finally feel secure in the new administration. If Hynes cared about justice he would have delivered that sober message. Instead, Joe is swinging the wrecking ball on his way out. In the process he has tethered his legacy to yet another act of institutional vandalism.

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