Out, Out, Damn Leak!

plumber leaksOutgoing Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles Hynes is still obsessing about leaks . Hynes fired whistleblower Barbara Burke, the day after the November general election when he was defeated by a margin of almost fifty percent. Hynes seems to imagine that his problem was disloyalty rather than a series of scandals documented by major media. Nevertheless, he keeps searching for Mr. Frum, as I am known

around KCDA. Naturally, I won’t give away my identity. However, Joe, you guys are not even warm, based on the stories I am hearing about who is being suspected.


12 thoughts on “Out, Out, Damn Leak!

  1. Wow! This post has been up for 12 hourss and Anythingbutthetruth-er hasn’t shown up with some good spin!

    Maybe the hand in the sock puppet has a hang nail. That could make having it up his bottom all day a little uncomfortable for good old Truthspinner.

  2. The “leak” I would be concerned about would be the leak into the sewer … the destruction of evidence. I was appalled to learn that (if I am not mistaken) in the Jabbar Collins case, Michael Vecchione signed, or authorized others to sign, affidavits stating that the KCDA’s office had no knowledge of documents that miraculously appeared in the files when another inmate filed a FOIA request. Probably it would be difficult to deny the bare existence of such documentary evidence, because copies would exist in other files, in other offices. But denying that such evidence was ever received and kept in the DA’s office is another matter. I hope that one or more of the “leakers” is paying attention to who goes into, and what comes out of, the file room.

    • I fear evidence lost or misplaced or destroyed. I realize the likely culprits are aware of the risks of being prosecuted for that crime. But they may also be smart enough or desperate enough to selectively destroy, damage, or “misplace” those items most damaging to them or where damage is hardest to prove.

      I am banking and hoping that the honorable or legally fearful employees at the Brooklyn DA are doing their best to forestall this. But, I do not know what is actually happening.

      I suspect we will only know how bad this problem is after the Thompson team has been in place long enough to appraise the damage. Some of the problems may not become apparent till years later.

  3. Hopefully, the extent of the Hynes corruption will become clearer to the general public in the coming months.

    Hynes has been protecting the Orthodox pedophiles, the Orthodox enablers that obstruct justice and even a gang or Rabbinical extortionists/kidnappers/violent thugs.


    The criminal case seemed more promising. In early 1998, Rubin took his story public, agreeing to an interview with Newsday’s Dan Morrison.

    “While no one has ever been prosecuted for a get-related attack in New York City, that may soon change,” Morrison wrote. Detective Robert Rodenburg of the NYPD’s 66th Precinct said the police work had gone well. “The investigators spent an awful lot of time doing this case and it was really nitpicked to do it right,” he told Morrison. “It was done as well as any homicide case could be done. Just like not every homicide case gets solved, will this case get solved? That’s up to the D.A.’s Office.”

    Assistant District Attorney Michael Vecchione filed an affidavit in Rubin’s civil case, stating, “I have been investigating the case involving Abraham Rubin and his claims concerning criminal activity for several months. . . . I have asked for, and received from Abraham Rubin a number of documents, tape recordings, and other information concerning his allegations. . . . Mr. Rubin has been cooperating with my office.”

    But Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes dropped the case.

    In response to questions from the Voice, Hynes’s office declined to comment. Instead, spokeswoman Mia Goldberg emailed a short statement: “One person made allegations against Rabbi Epstein. Because that person was unable to identify any of his assailants, we were unable to bring a case against him.”

    Hynes, who has held his seat since 1990, failed to win a seventh term in November’s election. In recent years he has faced accusations that he went easy on Orthodox Jewish leaders accused of child sexual abuse in order to fortify his political ties with the community.

    That wouldn’t have come as a shock to Amsel. In July 1997, eight months after Rubin’s kidnapping, he wrote a letter to a detective in the 66th Precinct describing what he knew about the crime. “It is not expected that these criminals will ever be brought to justice, since the D.A.’s office is known to be a political movement,” he wrote.

  4. the bosses at kcda are running around like scared rabbits because they all know that a perp walk is in their futures. btw you know the 411 on henna white the clerk who gets paid like an executive a.d.a. let me assure you she is one of many paper pushers who get rich doing wrong. take for example myrna levenhar, anne swerns ninety thousand a year assistant. she is famous throughout the office for driving a staff member to having a nervous breakdown many years ago. but thats how it is in kcda. the more hateful you are the better you are paid

  5. To speak out in support of a man wrongfully convicted and imprisoned and then to point out the misdeeds of the office in the continued covering up of the misconduct that led to taking away a man’s freedom for 16 years is seen by Joe Hynes as an egregious betrayal of him. Under Joe Hynes, loyalty had nothing to do with truth or fairness. And that is the real tragedy, the sadness in all this. I suggest the greatest “betrayers” of Joe Hynes were those who for years perpetuated the corruption and acted in concert with those who committed misconduct. Weren’t they the disloyal ones?
    I used to have this recurrent thought while working there that Joe Hynes would hold a press conference in which he shook hands with Mr.Collins and apologized on behalf of the office. To this day I think of what an act like that by Hynes would have meant – to all of us. One thing is certain: The idealism of the teachings of my Jewish law school (“Justice, justice thou shalt pursue”) died at the Brooklyn D.A.’s office.

    • He can’t do that, there is a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the City on the line. Corp Counsel would never let him do that.

      Has anyone here considered the possibility that Collins is guilty? I don’t mean legally guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, he certainly isn’t. But that he actually killed Rabbi Pollack? I mean, this isn’t a case that fell apart because there was evidence that Collins did not do it. This is a case that fell apart because the evidence that he did do it was coerced. That isn’t the same thing. Now Im not saying that it is my position that he DID do it. That’s why we have laws, I don’t know and he certainly shouldn’t be in jail. But I don’t know, that is my point. It isn’t like someone else confessed or an alibi witness came forward or DNA testing showed that he was innocent. This case fell apart because of prosecutorial misconduct.

      I’m sure you guys will heckle me for this, but afterward, can you please answer the question as to whether you have an open mind about it. Because it would be another reason that the DA wouldn’t apologize.

      • A federal judge considered the question when she responded to the Jabbar Collins habeas petition. Hardly any of them are ever granted (apart from capital punishment cases). Even fewer are ever granted and also bar a retrial. But in his case the judge also barred a retrial.

        So who are you going to believe, an impartial judge or a notoriously corrupt ADA with a track record of extreme prosecutorial misconduct who never admits his mistakes except on TV shows?

      • Dope. If he is the killer the KCDA’s conduct is even worse! If he is the killer, there is a murderer walking the streets as a free man because of the KCDA!

          • You are missing the fact that the office could have had Mike (missing memory) Vecchione take the stand to defend the right to retry. But then they would have been caught not just on a unprosecutable case, but with evidence of misconduct or of perjury. So, the DA agreed to an order which precluded a second trial. If the office thought their might be a chance of winning, perhaps with new witnesses, they would have refused that stipulation.

            Conway, you are making the argument, maybe Collins is guilty. Give it up. Even Hynes gave it up. He just keeps saying it to reporters so he can blame the courts instead of blaming Mike and others in KCDA for the failure to find the real murderer of Rabbi Abraham Pollack.

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