Melbourne Yeshiva College Principal Abraham Glick Questioned on Child Sex Abuse Allegations

Rabbi Abraham Glick

Rabbi Abraham Glick

This morning’s Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia) reports that Rabbi Abraham Glick is being interviewed by police on charges that he repeatedly raped a boy on the lectern of a synagogue back in the 1980s. Not surprisingly, Glick helped obstruct investigations into abuse by David Kramer, who was since convicted. After all these years, Yeshiva College finally had him resign.

Tzedek (Australia) issued a statement reporting the questioning and explaining its role:

When the victim first approached Tzedek several months ago we provided the required support and advice, including accompanying the brave victim to make a formal police statement. It is not Tzedek’s role to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse… In this context, Tzedek’s sole role is to acknowledge what the victim informs us and provide whatever support or advice that is sought.

It is important to appreciate that a victim advocacy group is not and cannot be an investigative agency. It lacks the legal powers and can in fact muddy a police case and make it harder to prosecute. Closer to home, the same point was made by Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger, the principal of Valley Torah High School a Chofetz Chaim school in North Hollywood, California. In a speech to educators, (posted by Jewish Community Watch) he spoke of the crime of letting a molester move on to another job in another community. He also made it clear that only the police are competent to properly investigate allegations of abuse.


19 thoughts on “Melbourne Yeshiva College Principal Abraham Glick Questioned on Child Sex Abuse Allegations

  1. I am confused, this video was uploaded and made by Jewish community watch and the rabbi is talking about leaving it up to the police to do there jobs. then how come they do investigations? Aren’t they contradicting themselves?

  2. The arrest of ‘Rabbi’ Glick is a dagger in the heart of the Melbourne Lubavitch community because he is inter-connected in the uppermost echelons of the power structure there.

    Here is an quote from more then 1 year ago (May 25, 2012) from the local Melbourne newspaper in relation to Rabbi Glick’s response to allegations against Cyprys, who is currently sitting in jail (and will be sentenced next week).

    “Rabbi Glick, who was the principal of the East St Kilda school at the time of most of the alleged offences, originally said he had only recently become aware of accusations that Yeshivah security guard David Samuel Cyprys had molested children. He changed his evidence under oath in the Melbourne Magistrates Court and admitted he was aware of rumours in the early 2000s.
    But Magistrate Luisa Bazzani said it was ”unfathomable” he did not know at the time the sex abuse allegedly occurred in the 1980s.”

    Read more:

    What is very interesting to note from the Magistrates comments is that Rabbi Glick has been one of the key leaders in protecting abusers from the police. If it turns out that the allegations are true then in the local parlance, you have “Dracula in charge of the blood bank”.

  3. This is actually a full scale blood libel against Rabbi Glick, which is sure to backfire on those responsible for it. Anybody with any knowledge of Yeshiva Shule is aware that the accusations put forth in this story are nearly impossible – as in physically impossible. When you say “repeatedly” it’s like saying you won the lottery “repeatedly”.
    There has never been so much as a rumor of anything like this about Rabbi Glick in over 40 years, because he’s the real deal – straight as an arrow. Now that a mentally unstable individual has concocted a crazy story, it falls to responsible media to research the story very well before joining a witch hunt. The individual complainant here would never be found fit to stand trial for anything, but the reporters, web publishers, and self-styled ‘advocates’ may not be so lucky. It will be very interesting to find out who leaked Rabbi Glicks name to the media – it certainly wasn’t anybody at Victoria Police, they are very well aware of this being an obvious fabrication. Nobody at a major media outlet will lie these days to protect a leaked and libelous source.
    Let’s see what happens in court over the next few months, and let’s see if Yerachmiel is honest enough to report it fully….

    • Mike,

      Thank you for Exhibit A for a catalog of typical molester defender lines. I don’t know why you guys don’t just start using form letters where you check off the boxes.

      a. blood libel [really, by a Jew against a Jew where there are no allegations of murdering Christian babies].
      b. Factually impossible [but no details provided to explain why rape is physically impossible]
      c. nitpicky complaint about a use of a term (repeatedly- duh, like several times is different from once).
      d. Never a rumor (depends who you ask and since when does a successful cover-up prove something never happened)
      e. complainant is mentally unstable (They almost always claim that since they consider making a complaint they are not willing to believe to always be proof of mental illness)
      f. The complaint will fail to advance to trial and conviction (TBD, not a given)
      g. Insistence I will not report exoneration. I will if newsworthy in one respect or another. I am not a complete directory of
      culprits, just an occasional observer, both on allegations and acquittals. However, if the other guy wants to complain about
      my not reporting all exonerations, let him start actively reporting all convictions. But they won’t because even then they will
      cavil on about the trouble with the verdict and then with the sentence. When the people who take abuse seriously complain about
      a conviction I take the question seriously and inquire. But if I listened and followed up seriously to all this drivel I would
      not have much time for what I consider more important.

  4. Yerachmiel,
    Nice try, though disappointingly predictable. I will address those points you raise that might warrant a response:
    The presumption of innocence is obviously a doctrine which you refuse to accept, legal concerns notwithstanding (more about legalities a bit later). Which brings us to the case at hand;
    When a man with over forty years of stellar educational performance is suddenly accused, and the accusation is the first of its kind ever alleged against said educator, then the presumption of innocence is paramount. Should said accuser have a long history of mental illness and have made the particular allegations at hand following extensive exposure to various narcotics and medications, that should only heighten any rational observers concern for due process. As someone intimately familiar with the Melbourne community as well as with the people and locations these allegations involve, I resent your stupid knee-jerk reaction of “typical molester defender lines”. Now for some details;
    The lectern (or bima) in the Yeshiva shule sits in what is (and has always been) a highly trafficked and very public location. The shule lies between the foyer/offices, the kollel, adjoins the school lunchroom, and also a small room off it which was in use at regular and random times. Especially during the ’70s and ’80s (when the back of the shul was often used by small study groups) there was a lot of unpredictable foot traffic at all times. In addition, there were constantly schoolboys running through the shule all day using it as a shortcut. Finally, during the ’70s ’80s and early ’90s there were a number of vagrants/eccentrics spending the greater part of most days sleeping and eating at the back (or left side of) the shule. ‘Uncle Sam’ Garfinkel, Izhak, truant schoolboys, as well as often random people praying late were all to be found there rather predictably. The amount of time it would take to get a torah out of the ark and onto the bima and THEN commit a forced assault would have to be at least 3-4 minutes. Only commandos could do it quicker. To assume that anybody needing privacy would risk discovery in those circumstances is not believable. To believe that something like that would be attempted multiple times is insane – one would need to be in an unnatural state of mind to even consider advancing such an accusation.
    This is all without even considering the very practical difficulty of performing any such act on that particular bima, in front of a torah scroll, would be extremely difficult due to space constraints – put mildly.
    That Yerachmiel Lopin is clueless about any of these (and many other) facts is not surprising. What is somewhat surprising is the manner in which you stupidly post a headline alleging an ‘arrest for raping a boy’ when the article you link to does not quite say that. I don’t imagine you bother seeking competent legal counsel in general, but if you had, it’s difficult to imagine a lawyer allowing their client to expose themselves so foolishly. And dare I finish with a word of caution:-
    Should Rabbi Glick seek legal recourse for the libel and slander some seem so fond of, I imagine Manny’s ‘pro bono’ legal volunteers might not quite be up to the task…..
    Very sincerely,

    • Mike,

      1. The reference to the torahs was to the fact that they were in the ark. That room was know for a fair amount of dodgy activity at the time including some delinquent acts not discovered till later and some thefts.

      2. Really, how long do you think one needs for a rape. There is no foreplay.

      3. re. mental illness- the police would not have been investigating since July if they did not find the witness credible.

      4. In defending Glick you overlook his lies in court and his coverups of other molesters as principal. So if he covered up for others, why would it be a stretch to think he would cover up successfully for himself.

      5. The Age article clearly states that Glick was arrested (based on info from police spokesperson)

      6. I am hard pressed to imagine any grounds for a lawsuit. So I am not going to beg you not to “huff and puff and blow down my brick house.”

      As always, I thank you and your lot for providing yet more demonstrations of the narishkeit blown out by the knee-jerk defenders of arrested or indicted alleged molesters. Interestingly, most of you go away once the charge is either dropped or leads to conviction. Your goal is to inhibit support for victims and prosecution. Sorry, this guy is not going to take wing to Israel courtesy of the kehilah Malkah royal travel agency.

  5. Deleted for abusive, obnoxiouis, repetition with no minor contribution or add-on to the discussion. There was as sentence or two worth reading out of about 20. But I will not do the editing work. Disagreement is welcome but not disregard for the space or the quality of discussion.

    Save your bullying for other arenas.

  6. So now that this vicious libel against Rabbi Glick has been exposed for what it is, (see )my question for Yerachmeal is; Will you do the right thing for future victims everywhere and admit that you were wrong, and apologize for the harm this blood libel has caused? Can you look past your vendetta for just a minute and apologize for joining a media frenzy that has set back real victims rights for (likely) decades??
    Or will you choose the cowardly approach instead, by choosing sensationalism over justice…?

    • The police have decided not to press charges. The police merely said they closed the investigation. They did not say that the witness was not credible. That does not make earlier stories about an investigation false. The Age of Australia has not deleted its initial story. The link you provide is by Glick’s lawyer. That is not an impartial source. The original story about an investigation remains true.

      This was not a blood libel aimed at harming the reputation and well-being of Jews. Sex abuse covered up by Chabad in Australia is a well documented phenomenon confirmed by convictions in cases such as Cyprys and Kramer. Witness intimidation and harassment by Chabad is also well established. Moreover, as noted in another comment, in other cases the courts found that Glick was not honest about his school’s handling of abuse allegations.

      In this case I accept the police conclusion that they cannot go forward and make a criminal case that meets the standards of the Australian justice system. However, that does not necessarily mean the allegations are false.

      What you refer to as a vendetta may well have been a valid charge. It has not set back victims. Melbourne’s Chabad leadership has been covering up sex abuse for decades and enabling additional abuse by keeping known abusers employed and helping them skip the country when the authorities were closing in. From your language I get the very strong feeling that you are not invested in fighting sex abuse or supporting the most important organization on this issue in Australia, Tzedek. Instead, I think you have a vendetta against Tzedek precisely because they have so often been on-target.

      At this point I lack the information to independently determine whether Glick is in truth innocent or guilty of the allegations that were made. But I do know, that on the whole, the biggest problem facing the community is not false allegations but cover-ups? What is your position on that issue in general, without reference to the Glick case. My position is that criminal justice cases should be reported accurately and we should ordinarily accept the investigative practices and conclusions of criminal justice authorities when they are known to have integrity and there are no indications of witness tampering. This leads me to another question. Do you believe Chabad in Melbourne has clean hands when it comes to victim intimidation to deter criminal prosecutions? I sure as hell, don’t!

  7. Oh, and one more little detail you conveniently ignore. The statement from the police is quite clear in that no charges were ever laid -NOT that they were dropped. The police said that “A 67-year-old Balaclava man was interviewed by Sano Taskforce detectives in December 2013 regarding allegations of sexual assault of a child in the late 1970s. The man was released pending further inquiries. The investigation has now concluded. No charges have been laid.” That doesn’t matter to Yerachmeal, does it?
    Why don’t you write honestly about what happened here, and if your ignorance is at fault,why not pay token tribute to the presumption of innocence?

    • I completely agree, he has a legal presumption of innocence. You seem determined to try and intimidate and manipulate others into screaming he is an innocent tzadik. But why should I be obliged to say that. Why are you unwilling to admit the sordid chabad record in other cases including Kramer and Cypres. You are very good at being tough and obnoxious. But you cant even feign being concerned about abuse. Hence your refusal to admit that Cypres and Kramer were serial abusers under the auspices and knowledge of the likes of Glick. It is chutzpah for him to scream or you to scream on his behalf, “trust me.”

  8. The Intimidation and corruption continues in the Australian Orthodox Jewish community:

    Police probe leak of Yeshivah school sex abuse complaint
    April 10, 2014

    Police are investigating how a confidential complaint about sex abuse cover-ups at a prominent Melbourne Jewish college was obtained by senior figures associated with the school, resulting in the exposure of the author’s identity.

    In a major privacy breach, a copy of the 2012 complaint to the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, which included the complainant’s name, address and phone number, was last month handed out at a synagogue by a senior Yeshivah Centre figure.

  9. How deep does the corruption go?

    Herald Sun: Leaked complaint letter about alleged cover-up of sexual abuse shocks Melbourne’s Orthodox Jewish community
    Posted on April 10, 2014 by Tzedek

    10 April 2014

    Shannon Deery
    The letter complains about Rabbi Glick’s handling of child abuse cases at Yeshivah Colleg

    The letter complains about Rabbi Glick’s handling of child abuse cases at Yeshivah College. Source:ThinkStock

    THE man behind a leaked complaint about an alleged sexual abuse cover-up at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious schools says he has been left shocked by its widespread release.

    Police have launched an investigation into how the confidential complaint was leaked after it was photocopied and distributed widely.

    The author of the complaint sparked a police investigation after he complained about the handling of allegations of sexual abuse at Yeshivah College in a November 2012 letter.

    The college has been rocked by a worsening sexual abuse crisis that has seen numerous former employees jailed for the abuse of dozens of students over several decades.

    But critics of the college’s handling of abuse cases say there were active attempts to cover-up the evil acts.

    In the letter to the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, the man behind the leaked letter questioned the way former principal Rabbi Abraham Glick had handled complaints.

    He presided over the running of the college between 1986 and 2007 when at least two former members of staff abused students.

    The letter complaining about Rabbi Glick’s handling of child abuse cases was passed to Victoria Police detectives investigating matters at the school.

    The Victorian Institute of Teaching was also made aware of the complaint. The letter was subsequently leaked and has in recent weeks been distributed widely among the tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community.

    The author o

    Rabbi Glick is one of the state’s most revered Jewish community leaders. His nephew, Rabbie Meir Shlomo Kluwgant, is a Victoria Police chaplain. Rabbi Kluwgant has been a police chaplain since 2009 and is responsible for five police stations — Caulfield, Bayside, Prahran, Moorabbin and Malvern.

    Another family member has been accused of distributing the letter of complaint.

    The family member has been contacted for comment.

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