How China Is Better Than Brooklyn documents Internet censorship in China. They have a nifty tool for determining which websites and search words are blocked by the Chinese government’s firewalls. The good news is that they do not block The bad news is that the Brooklyn DA continues to use its filters to block my blog. I suppose I should be flattered. Come January I will initiate a request for a list of all blocked sites under NYS’s Freedom of Information Law. It will be interesting to find out what they were afraid of their staff reading.

4 thoughts on “How China Is Better Than Brooklyn

  1. I think you should give the DA’s office a break. It’s legitimate to prevent employees from visiting websites that will distract them from their work. I doubt that the employees of the DA’s office are all obedient Chareidim who don’t have internet in their homes, so nobody would think that blocking FF on office computers prevents them from accessing the site.

    • I have no argument with blocking game playing. The issue is what particular thin-skinned issues are involved. Besides, folks at the office did use my website for work since I was a virtual online seminar on issues involving sex abuse in the orthodox community.

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