DA Knew Kellner Charges Were False When They Indicted Him

Hynes press conf of Kellner Arrest Arrest

L to R: Kellner in effigy, Nick Batsidis, Michael Vecchione, Charles Joe Hynes, Joseph Ponzi,

The Office of the Kings County District Attorney knew that the charges against Kellner were false when they indicted him. Yet they colluded in a plot to undermine their own prosecution of a notorious pedophile, Baruch Lebovits and abandoned some of his victims who willingly came forward to cooperate with the prosecution.

According to the Jewish Week’s Hella Winston:

Two sworn statements submitted to the court… indicate that both the Sex Crimes prosecutor and the detective on the Lebovits case not only believed that MT was a genuine victim of Lebovits (and, by implication, not paid by Kellner to fabricate his allegations), but also had persuasive information that MT had been pressured and intimidated into backing out of Lebovits’ trial…

In her statement, the Lebovits prosecutor, Miss Gregory, details how she was contacted in November 2009, a few weeks before MT was set to testify against Lebovits at trial, by a lawyer named John Lonuzzi, claiming to represent MT. According to Gregory, Lonuzzi told her that MT was withdrawing from the case because “the pressure” was causing him “severe stress.” Lonuzzi also informed Gregory that, if called to testify, MT would plead the fifth because parts of his grand jury testimony “‘might’ have been embellished.”

Gregory notes that she “arranged multiple appointments” to speak with Lonuzzi and MT in person, but all were cancelled. She also served MT with four subpoenas, but he did not comply with any of them. Indeed, Gregory said she “was never able to speak with MT to confirm what Mr. Lonuzzi had told me about MT’s reasons for becoming uncooperative after twenty-one months of full cooperation” with the DA’s office……

These statements also show that Lebovits’ attorneys not only possessed what they alleged was evidence of Kellner’s extortion plot — including a secretly recorded tape of a conversation between Kellner and Lebovits’ son, Meyer — a year before Lebovits went to trial, but alerted Gregory and the judge to it at that time and received “a lengthy adjournment” to further investigate the matter. While the defense apparently considered bringing the Kellner allegations to law enforcement, according to Gregory, they ultimately declined to do so — a seemingly inexplicable decision, unless they believed the allegations would not hold up to scrutiny……

In an e-mail last week, Kellner attorney Niall MacGiollabhui… excoriated the office for failing to interview MT alone after he withdrew from the Lebovits prosecution and to determine on whose behalf Mr. Lonuzzi was really acting. “The scale and shamelessness … of the collusion by Rackets with a convicted pedophile is beyond shocking,” MacGiollabhui added. “It is a vile, disgusting abomination.”

Read the full article in the Jewish Week  for more shocking revelations.


11 thoughts on “DA Knew Kellner Charges Were False When They Indicted Him


    ….unless of cause you work for Hynes!!

    It’s very scary to think that they almost got away with it!

    If not for you- YL, Helah Winston, and N. Rosenberg, Leibowitz would be a free man and Kellner will be sitting in jail.

    Hopefully, when this is over, Kellner gets the movie rights on this drama.

    This one is going to be real big, sometime soon hopefully.

    • Thank you for the credit. But my role was minor compared to others. I would add on to your list, Kellner’s attorney, Mr. Niall MacGiollabhui who accomplished extraordinary things in the face of a dishonest prosecutor. However, the most credit should go to Kellner himself. He could have pled guilty to a misdemeanor and gotten off with no jail time. But he was not going to waver from his early goal, securing the prosecution of Lebovits. It’s been a long ordeal for him but he has stayed the course. But for his persistance, his guilty plea would have been used by Lebovits to undermine his prosecution for sex crimes.

  2. Corruption in the office of the KCDA???

    Shocking. Absolutely shocking. Shocking in the extreme.


    Most shocking news I’ve heard in over a minute.

      • The prosecutions you mention, I suppose would be after Veccione. Can Hynes himself also be implicated? Aidala?Dershbag (your awesome nickname!!)?

        The prosecutes on such a case would have to be the best of the best. They will, however have the full support of the public behind them…


        This is better than a movie!!

  3. This is beyond shameful. It requires immediate action. An independent outside investigation and charges against many in and connected to the DAs office. I have no doubt that Hynes himself has a lot of explaining.

    Hynes is a disgrace and hopefully he will spend his retirement where he really belongs, in a prison cell. And hopefully he will later be joined by many of the pedophiles he has protected over the decades.

  4. DA-elect, Ken Thompson takes over the Lebovits case in three weeks. By expressing his interest in taking on this case he has committed himself to examining it. I would expect that he will take some action about its irregularities. I am certainly inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt at the onset and see how he responds.

  5. Nuchem Rosenberg is suggesting the Feds should get involved….

    He’s probably right, but it would deny Thompson some easy but very sweet revenge.

    In terms of capabilities, the Feds clearly have stronger sentences on their side. On the other hand, something tells me this one needs Brooklynites to unpack.

    All we need is Leibowitz back in the slammer, then we can sit back and enjoy watching this drama unfold…

    … in real life!!!

    • The problem is that some Federal prosecutors were working with Hynes in fixing Orthodox child sex predator cases.

      Federal prosecutors worked with Hynes to arrange a deal with the devil, convicted/confessed child sex predator Rabbi Lipa/Lewis Brenner, in which Brenner would serve no time and would be kept off the public sex offender registry. Federal prosecutors got Brenner’s cooperation against Hugh Nastasi and a politically “clean” conviction that did not include the Orthodox persons involved. Fraud trumped criminal child molestation charges. Children suffered.


  6. Thanks, YL, for this update. I have left the following comment with Jewish Week:
    Thank you and kol hakavod to JW and Hella Winston for probing and exposing the truth, and to Detective Litwin for telling it. The KCDA “Rackets Division” was all-too true to its name; its treatment of child-abuse advocate (and victim’s father) Sam Kellner on behalf of favored-defendant Lebovits amounts to “racketeering.”

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