Thompson Informs Some Hynes Staffers They Are Out

The word all over the office of the Brooklyn DA is that DA-elect Kenneth Thompson informed Amy Feinstein, the number two under Charles Joe Hynes,  of the names of workers who should consider themselves advised that they will not have a job under Thompson. Among those notified today are:

  • Mary Hughes (head of Crime Prevention),
  • Rhonnie Jaus (Head of Sex Crimes),
  • Josh Hanashek (Bureau Chief in the Rackets Division),
  • Kevin Richardson (Executive Assistant DA who handled some of the appellate work on the Jabbar Collins case), and
  • Mary Falvich (Legal Counsel to Crime Prevention).

I am guessing the timing was to give them two weeks notice, though legally, all KCDA ADAs are at-will and can be fired without notice, as Barbara Burke discovered the day after the election.

Update 12/17 : Also in the memo was Dino Amoroso. This is surprising because the NY Post already reported his resignation together with Vecchione and John O’Mara. But perhaps, Thompson never got official confirmation in writing. Amoroso and his girlfriend, Diane Malone already have new jobs lined up. Finally, I am assuming Amy Feinstein will be leaving but has already put that in writing. O’Mara, who lives in New Jersey, in violation of the State law requiring ADAs to live in NYS has to have know he was going to be dismissed. While campaigning, Thompson said he would dismiss any ADAs in violation of the residency requirement. In the past, when ADAs had to live in NYC, Hynes disregarded that infraction by Dino Amoroso who lived in Nassau County.

I hear Mary Hughes is considering going into the gift basket business. It could be very profitable if she specializes in deliveries to the well connected and the stuff is well bundled.


3 thoughts on “Thompson Informs Some Hynes Staffers They Are Out

  1. I pray that with the bad workers getting fired, victims will be given the protection & justice they deserve.

  2. good riddance to bad rubbish!!! how kevin richardson made exec is beyond the scope of my comprehension, and now he’s crying to anybody that will listen that he was canned because of clarence norman. no sweetie you were canned because you deserved it plain and simple. you stood by the wrongful conviction of an innocent man who lost years of his life in jail. you should take some lessons from joe alexis on standing up for what is right as opposed to keeping a job. and speaking of keeping a job, what is this nonsense that ann swern hopes thompson will hire her. either she is totally divorced from reality or she has had too many botox treatments gave out patronage jobs ann and its all on file. from your secretary in e.c.a.b. who couldn’t type to her husband the expeditor, to your current assistant who is paid an executives salary and has never to anybodys knowledge taken a college course. kiss that dream of working for thompson goodbye honey.
    ken thompson is cleaning up the office and he knows that means a complete purging of the 19th floor. all of you on that floor upheld the corruption and disregard for the law, not to mention having no common decency. children were raped under your watch and you all turned a blind eye. i hope that the 19th floor is stripped down to the lowest clerk. how you all sleep at night is unreal. i wonder how you would feel if it were your children who were abused. ken thompson does not need to be represented by the likes of any of you!!!

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