Lebovits Takes a Crack at Thompson Through Dershowitz

Baruch Lebovits

Baruch Lebovits

Word from the Lebovits camp is that Alan Dershowitz has sent a letter to Brooklyn DA-elect Kenneth Thompson requesting a sit-down with him to demonstrate that Baruch (Mordechai) Lebovits is innocent and Samuel (Sam) Kellner is guilty. I would hope that Thompson would decline until his office has conducted a full review of  the intertwined cases.

Alan Dershowitz (photo by Sage Ross) GNU License

Alan Dershowitz (photo by Sage Ross) GNU License

A full review of these cases was implied when Thompson asked Brooklyn DA Charles (Joe) Hynes to hold off on any action in the Lebovits case until Thompson took office in January and Hynes acceded to that request. The review needs to be conducted by someone not implicated in any of the earlier missteps in both Rackets and Sex Crimes and must include an exhaustive analysis of why such a strong case with three witnesses in 2008 is now on the ropes. Questions need to be answered about why there was never any prosecution for witness tampering, intimidation, and bribery of witnesses against Lebovits. The review needs to address prosecutorial failures to turn over evidence to the defense in both cases which in some cases violated defendant’s rights and in others compromised the strength of the DA case against Lebovits. The review needs to examine the actions and inaction of all ADAs and DIs involved in the cases.

Kenneth Thompson

Kenneth Thompson

At that point, I would hope that the case is dealt like any other one with appropriate designated staff meeting with Lebovits and Kellner’s attorneys, as requested. For the DA to favor a wealthy defendant with a prestigious attorney would lead to suspicions of favoritism and might compromise the reputation of the DA for impartiality. It would hearken back to Arthur Aidala having favored access to Vecchione and Hynes. For all these reasons, I hope that Lebovits and Kellner’s attorneys get the same level of access and critical evaluation as other defendants — no more and no less.

15 thoughts on “Lebovits Takes a Crack at Thompson Through Dershowitz

  1. are you serious?? what? does everyone see whats going on here?? i really hope you send your articles to thompson so he can see what the public feels about such cases!!!

  2. Why would Thompson throw mud on his own reputation by meeting with the scum who comes to more people’s minds than any other at the mention of the word slime?

    If the citizens of Kings County wanted a crooked DA who lets off sexual predators who hire slick lawers totally devoid of ethics and morals they could have reelected Hynes.

    The more I learn about Dershowitz the more I like Idi Amin.

  3. Is there any precedent for having such a “sit down” to resolve a case? Does Dershbag have alzheimers or is he just plain evil/corrupt?. All of the above? Could he legally get away with this if Thompson were to agree?

      • Look what crawled out from under a rock? Truthspinner’s sock puppet!

        Where have you been, you naughty sock? Caught in a lint trap? Or did Truthspinner simply hang you out to dry? I certainly hope you are not one of those who disappears for weeks at a time to hang around with a couple of loafers. You seem too straight laced of a sock puppet for that.

        Anyway, while some might consider Conman Simpletona heel, personally I uunderstand that a sock puppet needs to toe his master’s party line. You cannot afford to piss off a guy who has his hand so far up your bottom that he can contort your face by moving a few fingers! Ouch!

  4. Is douchebag about to attempt to prove that ALL of Leibovits’ victims were never molested by him? All of them? or just one?
    I’d love to see him also utilize the video surveillance tape from the “pound them” room of the shul to prove that Deutsch was innocent. Some form of talmudic magic?

    • Thanks to the Hynes-Aidala plea bargain for Deutsch, the question of the very strong evidence in the case is moot unless anyone can prove there was a bribe or other prosecutable misconduct.

  5. How are you guys going to react here when Thompson cuts Lebovits a deal?

    Will you turn on Thompson? Or will you say that Hynes messed up the case so badly that Thompson had no choice but to plea the case out? Or will you break into different camps? I am very interested to see what happens here.

    • It will depend on the revealed facts. So I cannot predict my reaction in advance. As Garry Gasparov, the former world chess champion said, ”In chess you have fixed rules and unpredictable results. In [Russian politics] it’s the opposite.” Exactly because I trust and hope Thompson will do an honest review, I am open to seeing the outcome based on the new situation. I am invested in due diligence and exposure of any obstruction of justice.

  6. Typo: In the last paragraph; “prestigious” attorney…

    You were probably holding your nose, referring to a bum like him as a”prestigious attorney”!

    • Thanks for noting the typo. I have corrected it. Prestige is in the eye of the beholder. Dershowitz seems to aspire to be the go-to attorney for hasidic perverts, naturally cloaking it in high falutin rhetoric about defendant rights. To Hasidim he will be seen as prestigious, especially if he can score unjustified sit-downs with the DA himself, just as Aidala used to deliver with his friend, Joe Hynes.

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