Thompson Will Be Cutting the Fat at the Top

The Office of the Kings County District Attorney (KCDA) is in for major changes with the beginning of Kenneth Thompson’s term. Early word is that he intends to puncture the bloated top-heavy structure that kept growing. Hynes starved the lower level staff to free up resources for his loyalists and buddies and kept on adding on highly-salaried Executive ADAs. At last count, 17 out of 26 top-level, over-salaried ADAs will be out.

Others saw the writing on the wall and left beforehand. ADA Louise Cohen, number two in Sex Crimes resigned. She is notorious for getting all reports on witness intimidation, of which there were many in orthodox abuse cases. None were ever addressed except those involving the Weberman victim. Even that was only addressed about six months late when Hynes was taking heat from the New York Times about lax prosecution of orthodox sex abuse.

Joan Ieradi was informed in late December that she would be out. Joan is an RN who was responsible for liaison with outside medical experts. She was also paid over six figures and did not work hard, according to my sources.

A lot of restructuring will be announced. Most of the Crime Prevention unit under Mary Hughes will be eliminated. Mary herself is also gone.

A number of the clowns who appeared on the TV series, Brooklyn DA, will also be out.

This will be a bad week for those with patronage sinecures under Hynes. It will be a good week for the ADAs who do the work. Even with the uncertainty, morale is pretty high.

I will be reporting soon on other aspects of restructuring and the new executive team below Thompson’s #2, Mark Feldman.


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