Niederman Turns Over a New Leaf and Criticizes NY Post for Disrespect to the Pope- Satire

 Rabbi David Niederman of Satmar has taken to heart the criticism by Rachmuna Litzlon (Facebook name of Ari Mandel) who criticized Satmar for only caring about NY Post insensitivity when directed to Satmar and the recent murder of Menachem Stark.

Rabbi Niederman protested the New York Post’s cover about the resignation of Pope Benedict. According to Niederman:

The Pope nebich has no children (that we know of), but the 1.1 billion Catholics are his family. They are heartbroken to learn that their spiritual leader is no longer physically and mentally healthy enough to continue on giving them mussar and carrying the keser of malchus for his kehilah. His chasidim are being victimized by this headline which trivializes a man known for chesed and for fighting kefirah. This sort of headline invites hate of Catholics and attacks on their leaders. Loi aleinu, this can lead to reckless persecutions of bishops for complicity in sex abuse. While we chasidim of course do not buy the NY Post we are urging all our chasidim to boycott all advertisers of Catholic paraphernalia in the NY Post. We stand in solidarity with all Catholics who conduct this boycott. As always we thank again the NY Archdiocese our partners in fighting for parochial school aid and in opposing extending the Statue of Limitations for sex abuse of children.


2 thoughts on “Niederman Turns Over a New Leaf and Criticizes NY Post for Disrespect to the Pope- Satire

    • Strange bedfellows, who stood in solidarity, nebechs,. also to avoid producing genetic progeny who might transport us to a far far better place. But at least there is an Ohel.
      Sheesh, that satmar elder broke the solidarity, passing on two corrupt, bellicose halfwits to share the bounty.
      We may have a long fertile, er, uh, fecal, spell, with daily media readings of their cults coming and going, mostly going.. Choshesh chasdan that a full length novel may be in the makiing.

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