Abraham Rubin Pays with Jail Time for Trying to Bribe Weberman Witnesses

Abraham Rubin briber

Abraham Rubin

Abraham Rubin offered a cool half a million to the Nechemya Weberman victim and her boyfriend to bollix the trial by going to Israel (and refusing to return for the trial). Her boyfriend recorded the offer and notified the DA who sat on the evidence until Charles Joe Hynes was taking heat from the press for coddling ultra-orthodox sex offenders. Then, Hynes turned on a dime and did a highly publicized arrest of Rubin and the three Berger brothers who also threatened the boyfriend (now the husband) of the victim. The Berger brothers were the sons of the rabbi who certified the kosher status of the boyfriend’s restaurant. When he would not back down they removed the certification. Without the certification or anyone else in Williamsburg willing to take over the certification, the boyfriend’s business failed.

For twenty-four years Hynes managed to never send a single ultra-orthodox Jew to jail for intimidating or bribing a witness or victim of sex abuse. That’s right, not a single day. Hynes blustered about them being worse than the mafia, but he ingratiated himself to their dons, sucked up their money and votes, and in return laid off on witness intimidation.

Today, that changed. Abraham Rubin got sentenced to four months in jail and five years probation. Not enough, but still a major step forward. This makes me optimistic that the new Brooklyn DA, Ken Thompson, will make good on his promise to not give special treatment to orthodox sex criminals.

David Greenfield complains that this is targeting Jews. Greenfield is a heartless bum who doesn’t care enough about Jewish children to want to protect them from rape and other forms of sexual abuse. Instead, he cares more about his corrupt quid pro quo with orthodox leaders who are bent on protecting their perverts.

Rubin is a wealthy man and a hotshot in the Satmar Aaron faction. This will send a powerful message to others contemplating bribing or intimidating witnesses. I hope there will be more such convictions and even steeper sentences. Otherwise, victims of abuse will be less likely to come forward and persist through to trial. Time will tell. But in the meantime, I would say, this is a major step forward.


16 thoughts on “Abraham Rubin Pays with Jail Time for Trying to Bribe Weberman Witnesses

  1. It’s like a constant drumbeat – new frum depravity coming to light or making the headlines day after day. Stark – Perlmutter – Rapfogel (again) – Rubin. Tired of reading about these low-lifes? Wait a day, check the tabloids. This is richly deserved. It’s targeting criminals and perverts. Too bad so many are Jews.

    • In the old world, where Jews were indeed discriminated against, it was considered ok to cheat the gov’t. and steal, etc, and avoid the draft. and one’s Rebbe always substantiated such behavior. But we are now in the US and not in the Pale or elsewhere. but the lessons of cheating seem to remain as part of the collective racial unconscious. But, but, sexual depravity and pedophilia, not clear where they get plastered into the depraved brain. Fn rebbe’s half their lives frustrated? nah, Fn in the Mikveh became a culturally accepted activity. they fn did it in the open, no hiding. how hideous. . And the entire administrative and rabbinical state of UTA who are skilled SARSURIM, should be fired and imprisoned and even worse.. To use YL’s term, they pimped (sarsur) these girls) over to the non-psychologists. 3 fn locks on the bedroom door. out of town trips with bills from motel rooms. May the entire yeshiva, with all of their “rebbe’s” and “admins” get theirs in jail. For sure they will lose in civil cases. I am not a lawyer, can they all get locked up for running a whore house? Master Sarsurim????
      And finally, I do not give a pass to the brain dead parents who let this happen. just for the privilege of keeping their daughters in that fa”’ss satmar school. they are equally guilty. Terrorized that daughter will not get a good shidduch, what the heck is a good shidduch, a marriage to Menachem Stark?
      The cults have all been terrorized not to think on their own. Where the f did they thing their daughters were going? Just don’t let them get thrown out. makes me want to upchuck..

  2. Doesn’t it suck that we are so happy that a fellow Jew is going to sit in the slammer for a few months? Don’t misunderstand- I wish he were going away for even longer, but you take what you can get. But that’s the reality of the situation- we are not longer the moral avatars of society who were once elevated through our adherence to principals that were the embodiment of derech eretz. Instead, the cancer of these striemel wearing roshiyim has metastasized into a cancer that needs to be cut out. Leave it to the other morons who will scream anti-Semitism and play the victim whenever they are backed up against the wall. The entire episode also makes me want to puke.

    So what about the other clowns who were involved in the bribery campaign? What will happen to them? I’d love to see the victim’s husband file a law suit against the kashrut organization that tried to bribe him, and then pulled the hechsher when they realized they failed.

    • The other clowns were only involved with the hashgachah threat and removal. They were the three sons of Rabbi Berger a mickey mouse Hasidic Rebbele whose total hashgachah business is about 4 restaurants. I am sure he had no choice and was not happy to to lose the income. The sons pleaded guilty and Hynes made a fuss about demanding 6 months for each but jiggered the prosecution presentation so they got off with probation and some tiny damage payment of a few hundred for physical damage.

      the sad thing is that neither the Berger brothers, their father, or Rubin ever indentified who put them up to it.Rubin is wealthy but I doubt he would have paid it all out of his own pocket. On the other hand they probably would have paid for the air ticket and strung them along and never delivered the half million.

      In some ways I find the bribers and intimidators worse than the molesters. I would rather see ten more intimidators imprisoned than ten more molesters. The only way we will make progress is if witnesses brave enough to go forward will at least know the DA has their back and the intimidators will start worrying a lot more about having to pay a price. Right now it is open season on abuse witnesses.

  3. Hope he finds out how it feels to be on the receiving end of unwelcome invasive sexual activity.

    • Rubin is a lowlife and deserves jail time. I reject the idea that we want lowlifes in jail to be raped. I don’t want it, whether or not he deserves it. Joking about it in jail makes it more legitimate in other arenas. Not being sexually abuse is everyone’s human right, even sex abusers.

  4. Sorry, but I am not of as generous a spirit.

    What Satmar et. al. need is a few lessons that won’t be forgotten quickly. This pig coming home HIV positive and bruised up beyond recognition would be a good first lesson.

    I am not a big fan of home grown justice but I also believe that the law should allow a judge to sentence an offender to treatment similar to that which he either committed or as in this case sought to support.

    The frequency of CSA would drop pretty quickly if the punishment for a teacher who raped a twelve year old half his size were the father or other “goel hadam” being allowed to hold down the rapist while someone twice the rapist’s size rapes him (preferably with a Louisville Slugger to avoid the lav of mishkav zachor).

    This pig needs to come back to Satmarberg spitted roasted, on a platter, with a glazed apple in his mouth.

    Now here’s what I think we should do to Weberrapistman himself……

    • RationalFaith,
      I despise myself for agreeing with you, completely. All child molesters (or, indeed any sexual offender), should have extremely clear understanding of what the ensuing punishment will be.. One could wax “non-eloquent” in order to put the fear of retribution in the pigs brains. I understand YL’s viewpoint, but it is non-efficient/non-effective. Too gentle, too late.

      Unfortunately, for these “Tatei-adam”, teaching ethics and morality is far far too late. Bring on the Prod-fathers.
      Methinks the lesson might be learned rapidly, with relatively few perps receiving punishment in kind. It’s gotta be out in the open in the AGORA, as in past societies. THIS IS WHAT WE DO WITH OUR CHILD SEXUAL OFFENDERS. In the village square. The visual image should remain encrypted in the brains of the viewers for generations. Jungian like.
      Nip it in the bud.

      • The research in criminology shows that severity of consequences is over-rated as a deterrent. What is much more important is is likelihood of being caught and the amount of time between the wrong act and the consequence. The US has gone nuts with severe consequence approach to crime. All it has done is make us a society with way too many prisoners. It may be emotionally satisfying and it gives politicians an easy way to claim they are dealing with a problem, even if the measures are ineffective, and the negative effects enormous.

        I am as human as anyone else and sometimes I have violent fantasies of revenge against some monsters. But satisfying our emotions is not a sound basis for a justice policy.

        At the time of Weberman’s 103 year sentence for molesting a girl for over two years I did not share the general reaction. While I thought it sent a good message that the criminal justice system was serious I said more would be accomplished if 103 molesters each went away for one year. I and many other activists believe more would be accomplished by sentencing 10 more intimidators and bribers of abuse victims than by sending 10 more molesters to jail.

        I also think we as a country have to stop joking about prison rape and end this disgraceful aspect of our prisons. Rape is no joke whether it happens in or out of jail and most of its jail victims are not sex criminals.

        • I do not advocate prison shower rape in some romanticized notion of street justice.

          What I do strongly advocare is rape as a punishment for rape.

          A person convicted of raping a child should be sentenced to be raped as many times as he raped his victim (s). Giving the victim or the victim’s family the job of holding the prisoner down might seem somewhat primitive but no more so than the crime of rape.

          Incidentally, I believe enablers such as school management who fail to report allegations of CSA to law enforcement should be punished the same way for each crime a perp commits subsequent to the school sweeping the allegations umder the rug.

          • Jewish and western secular law long ago rejected, Lex Talonis (“an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth”). I do not want our criminal justice system to be in the business of rape. No matter how sanitized the procedure it will turn those in charge into monsters and our society into a monstrosity.

  5. “People in glass houses should not throw stones”….. shame on all of you…. gleefully happy for someone getting punished. Are you so perfect? Will you measure up when the magnifying glass is on you? Do not get me wrong. Pedophiles,rapists molesters MUST be stopped but to be salivating in another person’s pain is reprehensible. In Europe the word maser itself was a dirty word. Today it is a first course smorgasbord wheeled out for all those to feast on.

    • I want to preserve the ability of victims to stop serial molesters by reporting the crime. Major poskim in all the orthodox streams have declared this is not forbidden but is in fact obligatory to protect the public from a rodef (pursuer). People like Rubin who offer half million dollar bribes to witnesses of abuse leave the abuser free to rape more children. So I am happy when bribers are stopped and children are safer.

      Don’t invoke mesirah. It is not applicable in this case. Start thinking about lo saamod al dam reayachah. Why are you so cavalier about bribing witnesses of abuse so they let rapists go on raping?

      • “let the rapists go on raping”…. wasn’t there a conviction? It seems from your comments that you enjoy personal joy on another person’s pain. Perhaps you should start thinking “Lo saamod al dam reayacha”… Human compassion…. teshuva… a second chance… everything we pray that Hashem extends to us.

        • Yeah, there was a conviction, IN SPITE OF RUBIN’s bribe offer and intimidation by Satmar that got kids thrown out of school, and included the destruction of the businesses of the husband and the parents of the victim. Had Rubin succeeded, Weberman might still be torturing girls with burns and rape. By participating in the intimidation and bribery campaign, Rubin became a shutef (partner) in rape and torture. Four months in jail is not such a terrible consequence for such action. If his sentence stops one other person from protecting a rapist of children, his suffering will be a pidyon for his evil intention. Stop feeling so sorry for him. He is wealthy and healthy and will be out in four months. Also, stop playing the frum card. There is nothing so frum about protecting rape.

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