Happy MLK Day

MLK and LBJWe need another broad-based movement, this time also as focused on safety for children, corruption, economic injustice, and privacy violations. We first need to again break through the cynicism that change is not possible. We need hope and we need action. That should be his legacy, not some trumped up claim that the civil rights movement accomplished its mission and racism is a thing of the past. Many of its legal props were removed, but prejudice and unfair government persist, police shootings are too common, and our prisons are full to the point where the US is an international leader in imprisoning its population, especially its African-American men.

Still, we need to celebrate sometimes to acknowledge some accomplishments and some great men and women so we can remember that we can do more and greater things yet again.


4 thoughts on “Happy MLK Day

    • It was a quirky choice on my part. I like the pensive MLK image. I also am mindful of the intricate maneuvering between MLK and LBJ that led to some key legislation. BTW, for a full appreciation of MLK’s career, Taylor Branch’s biographies are essential (and very interesting) reading.

  1. MLK was a great man who had personal defects, just like any other normal human being, especially one who was thrust into a position of almost absolute authority. He was fond of using the phrase “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come”. Those who have the courage and guts to criticize the injustice and extremism that has become a virtual pandemic within the Orthodox community should heed these words and draw strength from the example that MLK embodied within them.

  2. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Dr. MLK, Jr.

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