What Chicago Can Learn From the Skvere Rebbe

Skvere Rebbe on chair

Skvere Rebbe
David Twersky

The Skvere Rebbe, Rabbi David (Dovid) Twersky, will be coming to Chicago on February 20 to spend a week dispensing his pearls of wisdom and graciously accepting donations. The Rebbe needs this money for himself and his Hasidim because:

The rebbe eats his meals on silver platters with golden utensils, owns a number of latest model Cadillacs for himself and his family, and lights his Hanukkah candles on a massive six-foot-tall sterling silver menorah that community members told me cost tens of thousands of dollars. Most of his followers… rely on food stamps and Section-8 housing vouchers for basic subsistence.

Here are some of the things the Jews of Chicago can learn from him.

HASHGACHAH PROTIS (Detailed Intentional Supervision) and CHESED (Kindness)

Aron Rottenberg

Aron Rottenberg

Chicagoans believe that Catherine O’Leary’s cow kicked over a lantern and started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 which killed over 300 people and left over 100,000 people homeless. In New Square, the legally incorporated village dominated by the Rebbe, there are no such accidents. The Rebbe’s butler (hois bochur), 18-year-old Shaul Spitzer attempted to burn down the house of the dissident Rottenberg family, while the family was asleep inside. As a result of the attack, Aron Rottenberg suffered third-degree burns on over 50% of his body.

Shaul Spitzer

Shaul Spitzer

Spitzer, was caught on videotape setting the fire and was charged with attempted murder, attempted arson, and assault. The Rebbe denied culpability in spite of convincing accounts to the contrary by Ruth Rottenberg. The Rebbe stuck with his butler, organizing public prayers for him before sentencing. Everyone in Square Town appreciated the fact that Spitzer pleaded guilty rather than being a moser (snitch) about who ordered the attack. Following sentencing to seven years in jail the Rebbe visited him. In this way the Rebbe shows he cares much more for his fellow Jew, Shaul Spitzer, than Chicago ever cared for Mrs. O’Leary.

ACHDUS (Jewish Unity)

New Square's ONLY approved Synagogue

New Square’s ONLY approved Synagogue

While the Chicago Jewish community is divided into factions and competing institutions the Rebbe has successfully enforced a rule that everyone must pray in the main shul (synagogue). If you are sick you are not allowed to organize a private prayer group at home. “Rottenberg and other dissident residents became targets when they bucked the stringent rabbinical rules and prayed outside the village’s synagogue on the Sabbath. They prayed with the patients at the Friedwald House rehabilitation center on New Hempstead Road [outside New Square city limits].” Well, since the arson attack on Rottenberg other dissidents have rethought their evil, divisive ways and attendance at the main-shul is up. Perhaps, under the beneficial influence of the Skvere Rebbe, Chicago will move to greater achdus.

Standards for LEVAYAHS (Funerals)

When the wrong sort of Jew needs to be buried by New Square they make sure that the wrong kind of people do not participate in the funeral. When a former New Square woman, another victim of covered up sex abuse, Deb Tambor, died, they made sure some 40 of her friends could not participate. They kept the funeral secret and let the friends spend fourteen hours waiting in the cold without telling them that the funeral was not departing from New Square, and violating the rules pertaining to quick burial. Perhaps Chicago could also stop letting the less religious attend funerals.

HAVEI DAN L’KAF ZCHUS (Give the Benefit Of The Doubt) to Child Molesters

Herschel Taubenfeld

Herschel Taubenfeld

In Chicago, child molesters have lost their standing and livelihood. In Skver, Rabbi Herschel Taubenfeld pleaded guilty to child molesting and was retained as a teacher in their yeshiva.

Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld

Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld

His brother, Rabbi Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld, also a teacher in New Square’s schools, was arrested last week on felony charges of child sex abuse committed some six years earlier. According to the alleged victim, Leiby, the Rebbe was told about it at the time and chose to do nothing. If Chicago adopts the Rebbe’s approach, your religious school teachers will be more secure in their jobs.

YESH M’AYIN (Creating Something from Nothing)

Rod Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich

llinois residents think they know a thing or two about chutzpah, politics, and corruption. After all, sending your governors and legislators to jail in not a freak event; it is a periodic ritual. Governor Rod Blagojevich raised the bar when he decided to sell the seat in U. S. Senate to be vacated by Senator Obama when he became president. Like he said, “”I’ve got this thing, and it’s f*** golden. I’m just not giving it up for f*** nothing.”

Skver is better than Chicago. Blagojevich had something and intended to extract a price. Skver created something out of nothing. This may seems like heresy since Jewish tradition considers yesh m’ayin (creating something out of nothing) a unique power of G-d. But the Skver community pulled off that feat. According to the New York Jewish Week:

The son of the founder of the chasidic village of New Square was among four men convicted this week of stealing more than $11 million from federal education, housing and social service benefits programs in a decade-long scam… Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Landis said their scheme included the creation of a phony yeshiva in Brooklyn, called Toldos Yakov Yosef, that was used to obtain federal grants designed for needy students. During the two month trial, Landis had argued that the names of thousands of residents of New Square and Brooklyn were used to obtain Pell grants to enroll students in fake yeshiva and advanced rabbinic studies programs. In some cases students, Russian immigrants, were unaware their names were being used.

PIDYON SHVUYIM (Redeeming Captives)

Bill Clinton and Skvere Rebbe

Bill Clinton and Skvere Rebbe

In Chicago, when crooks get convicted they are usually abandoned. In Skver, the Rebbe does his best to rescue them. He even managed to get their sentences commuted by President Clinton on his last day in office (1/20/01). A few months earlier, Hillary Clinton’s senate campaign took her to New Square where she was lobbied on behalf of the convicted felons. Most ultra orthodox Jews voted for the Republican candidate. New Square voted for Hillary 1,400 to 12! On December 22, 2000, the Rebbe was invited to the White House, where he again made a pitch for clemency. Lo and behold, Clinton obliged on his last day in office.

TZNIUS (Modesty)


“anti-Zumba” Zecharia Wallerstein

Jews in Chicago debated the modesty of the Zumba exercise craze when some locals defended the Chicago version, Frumba, and attacked out-of-town speaker, Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, who criticized Zumba. New Square does not even consider such things and instead concentrates on fundamentals, like forbidding women to drive, and requiring men and women to walk on different sides of the street.

The Rebbe and Chicago

I don’t understand why Chicago loves a losing baseball team like the Cubs. I certainly don’t understand why a group of wealthy and influential Chicago Jews is hosting the Rebbe. Perhaps this is a secret plan to recruit the Rebbe to fill in for your many corrupt politicians sidelined by law enforcement. The one thing the Rebbe cannot do is teach Chicago about honesty, decency, modesty and holiness. The Rebbe is not even qualified to sermonize about the Ten Commandments. Under his leadership New Square is a hellhole of child molesting, murderous violence, and blatant theft. The idolotrous worship of this scoundrel even borders on violating the first commandments.

I would advise those of you hosting the Rebbe to hide your silverware and children, segregate your women, and lock up your flammables. If you care about the reputation of the Jewish community I would also advise you to be sure the secular media does not get wind of his visit. If they do start Googling him, his sordid record will pop up faster than you can flick a Bic. I urge the saner heads in Chicago to steer clear of the Rebbe and do your best to keep him out of town in the future.  I urge those of you inclined to activism to take a bolder stance and publicly protest his appearances.

Skvere Rebbe Chicago Visit 2014


61 thoughts on “What Chicago Can Learn From the Skvere Rebbe

  1. >If you are sick you are not allowed to organize a private prayer group at home.
    >“Rottenberg and other dissident residents became targets when they bucked the
    >stringent rabbinical rules and prayed outside the village’s synagogue on the Sabbath.
    >They prayed with the patients at the Friedwald House rehabilitation center on New
    >Hempstead Road [outside New Square city limits].”

    It is far far worse and despicable. At least some of those who were at the nursing home minyan were simply trying to go to a minyan where their children did not have to come in contact with the pedophiles who had molested them. For example, the Skvere Rebbe’s personal aide, Heshy Bryer, a known child molester was allowed to continue attending the main Skvere minyan.

    See the post here and the description of the posted video (the video is no longer available, it is marked private):

    New Square is the New Sodom and the Skvere Rebbe should be referred to as the Sodom Rebbe.

    • I agree with all of the above. BTW, I think the aide’s name is spelled Breur but pronounced Bryer. Yes, he has a notorious reputation, but is also reputed to be the guardian of the Rebbes hidden bank accounts.

  2. Seriously, how is New Square not the New Sodom?


    In the second video, which has no English language captions, (removed) calls the Skvere Dayan – the head of the New Square religious court (beit din) – and asks the dayan why he thinks he had the right to tell New Square political boss Mendy Berger to expel his (i.e., the (removed) children from school?

    Berger tells (removed) that the Dayan and the Skvere Rebbe authorized expelling the (removed) children because (removed) was praying at the nursing home just outside New Square rather than in New Square’s only synagogue, run by the Skvere Rebbe.

    (removed) starts crying at about 10 minutes into the recording. He cries and screams that his children are tortured and he can’t pray in New Square synagogue because the Rebbe’s personal aide, Heshy Bryer, molested the (removed) children.

    • Some history as to the precursor to New Square/Sodom and the Skvere/Sodom Rebbe:


      And then, at the height of the celebration, the Tolne Rebbe’s assistants would ask the townspeople to sign a proclamation declaring the Tolne Rebbe the ‘ruler’ of the town.

      And what happened to those who would not sign?

      The Tolne hasidim would make another parade. Riding through town singing “Dovid Melech Yisrael Chai V’kayam,” “David King of Israel is Alive and Enduring” – a reference to both the biblical King David and the Tolne Rebbe, David Twersky. And then the Tolne hasidim would smash the windows of the homes of those townspeople who would not sign the proclamation. They would break into the homes and beat the recalcitrant townspeople. They would capture the local rabbi and force him to flee town. In at least one case, they made up false allegations about a local rabbi who refused to accept David Twersky as his leader and turned him in to the Russian government.

      This orgy of drunken mob violence and blood was repeated in village after village, town after town, by Tolne hasidim and by other hasidim of the Chernobyl dynasty until the Russian government issued a decree forbidding hasidic rebbe from traveling.

  3. I hear that the core of the group hosting the Rebbe are nursing home operators. I suspect he will be giving them the brochoh (blessing), matir asurim (redeeming of the captives). When it comes to obeying the law, his blessing might also be matir isurim (permitting the forbidden).

    Nursing home investment is, regrettably, an arena of large scale fraud at the expense of the government. One can’t help wondering how much the Rebbe will be canoodling with these operators.

  4. For the convenience of readers who want to research the hosts or bring some heat on them, here is the list of names so you can easily cut and paste.
    Honorary Committee:

    Dr. Alan Berk
    David Friedman
    Dr. Michael Friedman
    Rabbi Sidney Glenner
    Rabbi Moshe Katz
    Rabbi David Schnell
    Avrum Weinfeld

    Committee in Formation:

    Erez Baver
    Mendy Berger
    Moishe Davis
    Rabbi Yissochor Ehrman
    Yanky Feiler
    Elchanan Finestone
    Shimon Fink
    Benzie Friedman
    Yosef Knopf
    Dovid Neiman
    Chaim Rajchenbach
    Yehosua Ray
    Nachy Shabat
    Rabbi Moshe Sterman
    Yitzi Weiss

  5. B’leshono shel Esav, “cui bono?” “Who benefits?” Why do these Chicago rabbis (and their congregations?) want this so-called “tzaddik” to visit? Surely Chicagoans need no corruption instruction from out-of-towners.

    • Perhaps he was not invited for instruction but for collaboration. Perhaps the donations are actually going to be disguised money laundering. Perhaps the Rebbe is really coming to Chicago to learn a trick or two. Perhaps the Rebbe with his great compassion for criminals will be visiting the ex-governor, not to give a blessing but to receive one.

      The mind boggles at the possible permutations of corruption inherent in this visit.

  6. It should be clarified that this is not the Skvere Rebbe from Boro Park, a much younger and distant relative, who has visited Chicago a number of times (annually?) in recent years, who leads a much smaller group in Brooklyn.

    If people want to know what is likely ahead, they should read accounts of simiilar trips he has taken, like a trip to Los Angeles around eight years ago, described here – http://www.cross-currents.com/archives/2006/02/10/back-to-skvere-one/

    Expect a large entourage, PR offensive, and co-opting of local leaders.

  7. I know a fair number of people on the list you posted including someone who is related to me and with whom I am close. Your suggestions why they are interested in hosting the rebbe are libelous when applied to the list as a whole. No one can know the details how every single one of these people conduct their business, but to assert they are all shady or crooked is over the top.

    In Chicago as in many other places people support each other’s charities. There may be just one or two interested in having the rebbe visit and others signed on. The chesed in this community is unbelievable, and to not give them credit for all their good works over decades is an additional failure on your part. In your zeal to correct the evils of pedophilia you have gotten to a point where you overshoot the mark and end up smearing the name of very good people.

    • 1. I am fully aware of the fact that a lot of fundraising participation is a matter of reciprocal obligation. Instead of A only giving to his favorite charities, etc, givers, especially the wealthy ones spread it further by giving to the favorites of their friends and and in turn, being able to call on their friends. So yes, a few are on the list because of their personal wish to have the Rebbe raise money and others are on the list because they are responding to a reciprocal obligation. But it is not far fetched to speculate that some business interest is tying some of these donors to the Rebbe. I do not assert that everyone in that business is crooked. Alas, in both Jewish and gentile sides of the business there have been shockingly high rates of fraud.

      2. You write: ” In your zeal to correct the evils of pedophilia you have gotten to a point where you overshoot the mark and end up smearing the name of very good people.” Time out. You are missing the main point of the article: The Skvere Rebbe is a lowlife. the other implicit main point is that those who invited him are making a mega mistake. Responding to a comment, I speculated. The speculation is not unwarranted given the Rebbe’s extraordinary history of criminality, immorality, and cruelty.

      3. You write: “The chesed in this community is unbelievable, and to not give them credit for all their good works over decades is an additional failure on your part.”

      Guess what, charity done with stolen money leaves me cold. Serving one guy a warm meal while giving another 3rd degree burns over half of his body leaves me cold and him roasted. Giving one person a free funeral while violating elementary decency about lavoiyas hames for another, chills me to the core. Letting molesters continue tormenting a kid and go on to other kids is so cruel (not to mention against halachah) that it boggles my mind to hear chesed and Skver in the same sentence. If that is your line of reasoning why don’t you also start saying, “The Chesed of Hammas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood is unbelievable.” In fact all three of those groups provide extensive health and welfare benefits in their community for many people and they do it more honestly and efficiently than the governments of Lebanon and Egypt. But………………….

      It is not because I am a zealot about child abuse that I say all these other negative things about the Skverer Rebbe. What is true, is that in the process of paying attention to child abuse I came to realize that Skver is an especially bad place, worse than Satmar in its scope and the protection of the molesters. so I paid more attention to Skver and came to understand that the Rebbe’s misconduct extends to atrocities in other arenas.

      P.S. While we are on the topic of chesed, please read my post how Skver, the city of Chesed wouldn’t even let a pregnant lady access a toilet in a municipal building.

      • None of the names have ever been involved in burning down homes. protecting molestors or your issues. There is no reason to question their chesed. I don’t care very much about Skver, the town or the Rebbe, certainly not enough to defend their actions when evidence shows there is something not right going on. My comments were confined to remarks like “When it comes to obeying the law, his blessing might also be matir isurim (permitting the forbidden). Nursing home investment is, regrettably, an arena of large scale fraud at the expense of the government. One can’t help wondering how much the Rebbe will be canoodling with these operators.” I ask you, do you honestly believe even one name on the list is going to ask the rebbe a question of the form ” I am maltreating the residents of my nursing home and cheating the State and Federal government…please tell me it’s ok, if I use some of the money for tzedakah.” A bracha is a general thing, maybe some advice on a business deal or a personal family issue, not answers to a series of unnecessary stupid questions.

        As for the general issue of fraud I vividly remember the scandal decades ago with Rabbi Bergman , the president of Mizrachi at the time. There have been issues that I remember with one operator here whose name is not on the list. For the most part the industry is heavily regulated, these operators are making a good enough profit and are sophisticated enough not to attempt flagrant violations of the laws. The moral issues that their rate of return is inversely related to the quality of care remains a constant challenge. But however this is worked out, and there is no reason to believe they are all in the same league, these are matters of moral sensitivity and not issues of legality. The part of the industry catering to paying clients is highly competitive, these places depend on their reputations and are no different than other similar industries. The cases of clients who are senile, have no family and are dependent on Medicaid is where problems of neglect can arise, and it is here where the state inspectors are most needed.

        • People that give status and money to a a culprit are part of the problem. There is enough information out there. It is not to late for them to pull the invite or let him know he will do so poorly that it is not worth his while to go to Chicago.

          As for the nursing home business and other such enterprises, I agree that it is tough to balance regs, funding rates and the real requirements of residents. I am not interesting in ragging on someone with a few goofs. However, serioius fraud cases keep on popping up, and regrettably there are a number of prominent cases involving orthodox Jews.

          I was hoping you and other readers could discern the difference between insinuation of possibilities and baldly asserting that the week would be taken up entirely with swapping fraud tips. However, individuals with certain attitudes flocke together and in various ways support each other. That is just human nature.

          I don’t understand your highly spirited defense. If you know people who are ethical and on the sponsor lists, I would work on persuading them to distance themselves from this visit. I am not throwing around mere rumor. My posting has links and many of them go to well established highly reliable sources. I wrote it to help people in Chicago learn about David Twersky and educate others about him.

          I have a question for you. Do you agree with me that those who fund David Twersky become complicit in his crimes?

        • I am responsing to your question about complicit in the crimes. I never thought about this since I am not one to donate to Skver, so this is off the top of my head. I suggested above most of the people on the list never thought much about this either, since all they agreed to was to be on a committee, and are likely not going to give much more than the amount everyone contributes to the other guy’s charity if that. There are a few who are footing the bill and the Skverer Rebbe doesn’t come cheap. Are those guys complicit?

          They are part of the problem only in the sense that if they would insist on a more vigorous policy towards molesters they have some chance of being heard, though their voice might not prevail. If they are aware of the problems they should speak to the Rebbe about these issues. But are they complicit? I think not. They are not helping to commit these crimes or wrongdoings, are not associated with these crimes, and are not involved with the molestations or coverups or neglect of safeguards. The sins committed in Skver have occurred and will continue with or without their contributions.
          I admit I have no clear criteria exactly when, after how many degrees of separation, does moral responsibility end.

          • I contend that if you knowing fund criminality you are culpable. The social pressure to get along and go along is not an excuse. Talking to David Twersky won’t accomplish much, though that is better than nothing. However if the trip is cancelled or his take is down by 50% that will send him a message he can’t ignore.

  8. Well mr. Lopin not sure your agenda I do know the skver Rebbi is a tzaddik. I’m not sure he knows everything that goes on in his village but he treats them all like his children . If your son was convicted of any crime would u go visit him in prison and give him chizzuk even if you disagree with what he did . Tell me one Rebbi or tzaddik or Rosh yeshiva or for that sake rishon or Achron that didn’t have one his followers in prison for any reason and didn’t go visit. So I would being someone that leaves close to there and grew up there if you don’t like the modesty the way they live don’t live there . But I pray that words of hate that come out of your mouth don’t come back to bite you or your family

    • Oh yeah! David Twersky (aka Skvere Rebbe) is a tzadik, a fabrente tzadik. When he sends a boy out to burn a man alive he stands behind him and visits him in jail. BTW, did he ever have anyone say tehillim for his victim, MR. Rottenberg who had burns over 50% of his body. Did the Skverer Rebbe visit Rottenberg in the hospital or send him a note, or anything. NO!

      Do do not give me this nonsense of him being a tzadik. He fakes it quite well, but he is a criminal.

      • I wonder how Shaul Spitzer is feeling nowadays–still the loyal haus bochur? More like a sa’ir l’azazel. Perhaps as a result of his agreeing to martyr himself in fidelity to his crime boss, he will get the Moslem equivalent of 72 betulim (virgins) in heaven.
        In which correctional institution is he? Could he get visited by a prodfather?
        These ultras have found a new occupation: arson.

  9. Don’t know u mr Lopin before you fire off hate maybe get your facts right . And not from bs bloggers

    • You are invoking the question of getting facts right, but you are so vague you cannot even specify which of my facts are wrong. Your complaint is alas a great illustration of the pathetic nature of his defense and his defenders. Kvetch all you want about me but if you want to impress anyone with discernment you will have to deal with specifics.

  10. Convicted felon and fraudster, Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum, has written an advance PR piece (http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2007/01/head_of_igud_ha.html) on the upcoming visit of David Twersky to Chicago. The puff piece (http://5tjt.com/skverer-rebbe-to-visit-chicago/) includes these schedule details.

    “Rabbi Dovid Twersky, Skverer Rebbe, will iy’H arriving in Chicago on Thursday, February 20, for his first Shabbos there. The Rebbe will be hosted at the homes of Moshe Davis, David Friedman, and Avrohom Weinfeld. The Shabbos tefillos and tisch will be held at the Agudas Yisroel of West Rogers Park, 2801 W. Pratt Boulevard. Rabbi Moshe Sheinberg serves as its rav. The Skverer Rebbe will be accompanied by thousands of chassidim from the East Coast as well as from Canada and the West Coast.”

    Avrohom Weinfeld is the nephew of Mr. Esformes, who was embroiled in a nursing home fraud allegation which he finally settled with a seventeen million dollar payment. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-07-24/news/ct-met-esformes-lawsuit-20130725_1_long-term-pharmacy-contracts-maureen-nehls-total-pharmacy

  11. Re Gershon Tannenbaum’s 5TJT piece on planned Skvere visit to Chicago,

    A) I don’t think thousands of Chasidim will come with him. He does bring a sizable entourage for such visits, to impress the locals and have a cheering section who know the songs he favors, but I think it will be more like hundreds. People like Tannenbaum regularly add zeroes. Hundreds, thousands, if you are a swindler, the jump from one to another is quick and easy. Does Rebbe Twersky pay for the transportation of his cheering section openly and outright, or is it is veiled, is it the question.

    B) Did you notice how Tannenbaum calls the Rebbe’s family “The Royal Family”? I kid you not.

    C) And this sentence, “The Bolshevik revolution in 1914 left smaller cities and towns unprotected and unsafe, especially for observant Jews.” Wow, Gershon is a real history whiz. So the Bolshevik revolution was before WWI or in its early days? Wow, interesting, never knew that one. Is that what they teach in New Square?

    • A) Indirectly the schnor money will pay for the extravaganza. Very little will be left for worthy purposes. Yes, Tannenbaum is kind of fact-challenged. However, do not blame him for the research. He does none. Most of his columns are either plagirized or handed to him.

      B) Yep royal family. royalty does not come cheap. Unfortunately, we do not have tabloids to expose the seedy side of this unfit heir. BTW, the lists of marriages comports perfectly with marriages for status and extensive inbreeding.

      C) Yep, someone forgot to tell Lenin and Trotsky so they stayed away for the firs three years of the revolution. Someone forgot to tell the Czar who kept cheering on the troops. Someone forgot to tell the Germans that they were fighting the Bolsheviks for three years needlessly. In point of fact, the Bolsheviks rapidly ended the Czar’s war with Germany. As for what they teach in Skver, I doubt the average product of their schools could find either Russia, the USSR or the Ukraine on a map.

  12. I hear that 400 beds are being rented out and his chassidim will be put up at the Ida Crown Jewish Academy, a Modern Orthodox co-ed high school, which is just across the street from the new shul, the Agudas Yisroel of West Rogers Park,

    • Huh? Gershon Tannenbaum wrote that “The Skverer Rebbe will be accompanied by thousands of chassidim from the East Coast as well as from Canada and the West Coast.” How would merely four hundred beds suffice? Do they put five or ten of em in one bed?

      Of course, if you are a con man like Gershon Tannenbaum, the math doesn’t add up, but the lies definitely do. One wonders how much they paid Tannenbaum for his phony PR.

      • I agree with your observations. At most, I estimate that New Square has about a thousand adult males. The Rebbe has been known to compel followers to shlep along for his trips out of town. He may have a few hundred more followers in other locations. I do expect a retinue of a few hundred because those involved know what happens to those who do not do the trip. They all remember the lesson of Aaron Rottenberg: Daven where the Rebbe says or be torched.

        • An eye for an eye, a torch for a torch. I happen to know exactly where there is an appropriate dumpster on Rte. 25 (Northern Blvd) in Great Neck. It’s a good thing that Rottenberg is not overwhelmed with rigshei nekama.. that dumpster is getting hungry, once having tasted a good meal….aw, just a Walter Mitty fantasy, albeit Twersky is clearly a Rodef.

  13. I live in Skver.
    It is a lie that the Rebbe is compelling followers to join his trips, it is simply not truth. Most people in skver do not join the trips and there is no pressure whatsoever to do that.

    • Perhaps Mosha can tell us how the Chasidim will travel. I guess the Rebbe will fly and the Chasidim will go by bus? Or will a plane be chartered?

      The Rebbe is not a fool, whatever you think of him. I would guess that those who travel with him are mostly younger followers, who have an easier time doing so, with less family responsibilities, and in better health. Also, younger people might be more curious to see some of the outside world. He knows that he cannot compel all his Chasidim to come along.

  14. This is a myth that the internet is banned in Skver. The school forbids parents from having internet at home (something I really appreciate, as the majority living here does). In offices and at work it is totally fine and never discouraged as long as it is being used with a basic filter.

    Thanks for your compliment on my English.

  15. Your blog is disgusting. How could you title what you write “humor” it’s simply loshon hora and bizayon hatorah. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have lots of teshuva to do

      • No Yerachmiel your priorities are warped. When u learn to present a balanced viewpoint instead of just incessant motzei shaim rah then maybe u will acquire an ounce of credibility. Ur comments on Avromi Weinfeld are totally off base. U dont even know him and u bring in the report about his uncle. This is known as a non sequitor.

  16. @YL and anyone else writing loshon hora on here…you all need to take a look at yourselves and realize that you are NOT perfect and need to worry about yourselves and keep your mouth SHUT! There are many lessons in the Torah where H tries to teach us to understand our own short comings trust in our leaders, our chuchumim, who have the daas Torah and special heavenly assistance H reserves for such people, that we lack. We have NO right to go in public (or private) and slander or talk disparagingly about ANYONE, including our leaders/chuchumim. I do not speak specifically of the Skverer Rebbe, but of ALL of our leaders, Chasidishe, Litvishe, and Sefardi..

    Remember, you are NOT the judge, H is, and He is PERFECT and will exact the proper judgement for ALL

    • You are warped. You start high-minded about lashon horah and end up with “keep your mouth SHUT!” Yes we all have our shortcomings. They can be treated discretely when they don’t hurt others. But the right to discretion ends when it involves hurting others.

      • The shabbos was everything you would have expected. There were probably 500 or so Skvarer chassidim, many not from Skvar, which surprised me. The Rebbe even had the head of the RCA telling his congregants to treat the Rebbe with respect (it helps that he is also the principal of the MO school that bedded many of the chassidim and his shul housed more and served meals, so his institutions for their money). The Agudah shul was over packed (dangerously so) with chassidim and all the folks who wanted to gawk. Strange how there was heavy police presence (including a full time cop outside the house the rebbe was staying at) but no fire Marshall. Streets were shut down to accommodate the rebbe, who apparently can’t walk on sidewalks.
        And I’m told that the rebbe kicked out his host’s wife from her house, since he didn’t stay in houses with women. He also had to have a new bed purchased for him, since he doesnt sleep on a bed that a woman may have slept on (I’m sure we are all familiar with the mishnah brurah that details that requirement). The house where the rebbetzin stayed wasn’t required to boot the Ba’al haboes.

        • Take a look at photos from the visit. I saw some in last week’s Yated Neeman, it didn’t look like such a big crowd. I know that Chicago is a smaller frum community than other places he has taken his show to, but still. There were definitely not thousands of Hasidim like paid propagandist Gershon Tannenbaum was claiming there would be. There is a big difference between having a few hundred people, many of them imported from NY, to having thousands. I think the bad publicity of recent years has caught up to the Rebbe. Maybe that is why they had the RCA head asking for respect for him.

      • Dear Mr Lopin, i am so sorry to hear that you have so little to do but spout hatred. Clearly u are a sick man in need of help. Fortunately there are many skilled therapists in the NY area. Perhaps u should see one.

        • Personally, I wanted to hear the Skvere Rebbe make havdolah, especially listening to his kavonah when saying the bracha “…borei m’orei ha’aish”. Actually, being a Breslover, I know that this rebbe is descended from a lineage of problematic (a PC term) Savraners who did everything in their power to stifle Breslov, especially Reb Nasan, Rabbi Nachman’s chief disciple. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. He’s certainly continuing the Savran tradition of stifling others.

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