Thompson Continues to Trim the Fat at the Expense of Political Appointees

Lance Ogiste

Lance Ogiste

Under Charles J. Hynes, Lance P. Ogiste, was Counsel to the District Attorney of Brooklyn and the third best paid member of their staff. In 2012 Hynes even got the New York Bar Association to award him the Thomas E Dewey medal for being Brooklyn’s outstanding Prosecutor of the Year. Ogiste was also the only African-American in the top tier of the Hynes administration. Ogiste was once an accomplished prosecutor but for over a decade he has done very little legal work. Instead he was used mostly for public appearances on behalf of Hynes with the African-Caribbean community of Brooklyn.The new D. A., Ken Thompson has been trimming the old executive fat and Lance lost his old perch according to sources in Brooklyn courthouse circles. Over a week ago I heard that he lost his old office on the 19th floor executive suite and was working out of a conference room. He has now been officially reassigned as a line ADA in the Red Zone. I trust and hope his salary has been reduced accordingly.


7 thoughts on “Thompson Continues to Trim the Fat at the Expense of Political Appointees

  1. Truly dumb. Lance Ogiste is above reproach, and any legitimate source that you might have would tell you that. If he was a poser or a stooge, he would’ve been fired. It’s not surprising that a new administration would remove an executive from the old administration. The fact that you’re taking a sick pleasure in the likely reduction of a lifelong, committed public servant’s salary says a lot about your character. I guess that you’ve had so little to write about that you couldn’t resist bashing (another) good man.

  2. Lance Ogiste is a hypercritical individual that beguiles people for his own use. Mr Thompson should be cautious of letting him remain at the KCDA office.

  3. I must confess. I do not like seeing Lance’s good name tarnished like this. The man is/ was a great trial attorney who simply did his job for Hynes. I’m saddened that he has been relegated to being a line assistant. I would have rathered seen an article about some of the others who were finally, thankfully fired by Thompson.

    • Couldn’t agree more. There’s plenty to report by way of just firings and insightful promotions. The posts thus far say a lot about Lopin’s sources.

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  5. Sorry to hear this. I was hoping that he would remain among the executives and perhaps transition into an advisor of the new administration. I often wondered how Lance withstood the culture of white privilege that filtered throughout the 19th floor. I wondered how he felt when the press office had Dianna Rodriguez’s alleged racial comments published in the NYP, yet knowing he was aware that denigrating words (although not as provocative) were used everyday by his colleagues on 19. And Joan Gabbidon who In my short time there became a role model to me – how did they both sit back and watch the racial fear mongering and hate-filled rhetoric of the Hynes general re-election campaign? I for one am ashamed at what I saw. Did they wonder themselves what happened to the Joe Hynes they once believed in? Or maybe they just knew all along who he was.

  6. Will Mr Ogiste stay and accept the lower position with the salary cut . Perhaps he knows he can’t do any better. In essence, Mr Ogiste is just another city worker with a Ivy League degree.

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