The Privilege of Hospitality Doesn’t Come Cheap!

Skvere Rebbe Kiev visit w Chabad2

Skvere Rebbe (white scarf) visits Kiev

When the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Joel (Aaron Teitelbaum) goes to Jerusalem next week, he will spend one night sleeping in the home of one Aher (sic) Lev. According to The Jewish Press (quoting the Hebrew language source Kikar Shabbat), the host paid a cool 1.1 million dollars for the honor. In effect, wealthy Jews buy religious prestige, and rebbes sell it. Given the intense fratricidal rivalry between Aaron and his brother Zaalman Leib (aka Zaali), I would love to know if Zaali commanded the same hosting fee.

Chicago is a smaller market and the Skvere Rebbe (Rabbi David Twersky) is a lesser luminary, although brightly lit by arson. Inquiring minds want to know the going rate for the privilege of hosting him paid by Chicago gevirim (rich men).



3 thoughts on “The Privilege of Hospitality Doesn’t Come Cheap!

  1. I think it stands to reason that there is no f—ing way the bid to host R. Aaron would be a penny less than whatever some other schmuck paid to host his ‘bro. This was a golden opportunity for Aaron to one-up R. Zalman, and show whose presence commands the highest price in the market place of Chassidish Rebbes. I mean, this guy isn’t kreplach! These guys all have a common moniker, taken from a song title by The Ruttles: All You Need Is Ca$h.

  2. I’ve heard that Davis is one of the people that wanted to bring this Skvere Rebbe into Chicago and that the Rebbe will stay for 1 day by him. I could’ve heard wrong, too. B”H, I’m a Breslover. Reb Nasan ZT”L wrote in his biography lots of unflattering details about the Savraner Rebbe , this Rebbe’s ancestor & this Savraner Rebbe’s chassidim. Seems like nothing’s changed over the generations.

  3. There is some more information in the Yated Neeman that just came out, pages 104-5, including photos of two New Square askanim meeting with a) Chicago police chief, to plan the visit, and b) with a chaplain and another fellow for same.

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