Being Played by Lev Tahor on the Global Television Network

The Unparalleled Point

3 guys Members of Lev Tahor

Recently, on its “16 x9” program, Canada’s Global Television Network aired an hour long feature on Lev Tahor. It included interviews with members of the sect starting with self proclaimed rabbi, Shlomo Helbrans and his 3 stooges or enforcers – Nachman Helbrans, Uriel Goldman, and Mayer Rosner, as well as several women members including Helbrans daughter or daughter-in-law, and a representative of Quebec’s child welfare authority.

Two of the underlying messages of the program were that Lev Tahor was playing the media and the public for fools, and that Lev Tahor is a cult.

pupko Rabbi Reuben Poupko

This last fact comes from Orthodox Rabbi Reuben Poupko of Montreal who was also interviewed. He confirmed that there is no religious prohibition that a woman cannot show her feet.

With respect to Lev Tahor he went on to make the following statements:

… It’s all very comforting…

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9 thoughts on “Being Played by Lev Tahor on the Global Television Network

  1. On September 24 2013 shiktzah published on your replies email from president David Malek of congregation shaaray tefilah of lawrence ny that he sent 2 days prior to Rosh Hashanah to all it’s membership that like for medical reasons the rav Dovid Weinberger would have to take off for a while and that nobody shouldn’t disturb the rav by any call to him (like wishing him kesivah vachasimah Tovah etc.). But like in the middle of October, the congregation shaaray tefilah already announced on their site that they are looking for a new Rov…. Also, we just heard that last Shabbos it was announced in many shuls of the 5 Towns & f.r. (by the rabbis) that r d Weinberger is denounced by the Vaad harabonim of the five towns and f.r. and that he was found not reliable and therefore, nobody should buy/use his authored Seforim etc. And now, we really all want to understand more the details of what exactly happened, like if r d Weinberger was fired! when did this actually happen? Why did this happen? (He is still closer to the age of 60 than 65, so still before retirement age!). Did he heart or abused any males/females or any children/adults that he had to pay that price? Please find out from insiders, and let us know! We heard that he’s now in Monsey, so we need to know if/what to warn the Monsey people to be alert/aware of…… thanks for all your efforts. Hatzluchah Rabbah. Have a good Shabbos!

    • I have heard from three different reliable sources that Weinberger solicited and received sexual favors from females in his congregation including oral sex and phone sex. I also hear that the congregation is concerned about lawsuits by victims. That would explain their silence.

      In classic fashion, they hoped he and the problem would go away silently. They were content to have him find another rabbinical job in Israel. He went there looking for a job but failed and returned to the Five Towns. Now there is growing turmoil in the community with reporters trying to get someone to go on record so they can run a story. There is also talk of a lawsuit against his old congregation. Some of his victims are also considering going to the District Attorney to bring criminal charges.

  2. Thanks y.l. for your work. Please keep updating and let’s support those abused female victims. By the way yerachmiel, you posted so many things about the skverer Rebbe from New square, Rockland county, N.Y. before his visit to Chicago, Illinois, and we now want the actual updates on how did it actually go? Did he get to collect those expected millions? What car was he driven by? And also what things did go wrong?

      • Can you in the meantime find out for us: Where is he (r.d.w.) now? Is he in the 5 Towns? In Monsey? In Israel? (We’re concerned about new potential victims to be aware where to keep distance from him) 🙂 venahapoch 🙂

  3. Also Y.L., please get us update about the Satmar Rebbe of the Aharonim about how did it go in Israel with him? Which car was he driven by? How many millions of dollars did he get to collect? Did he get along with the Zionists? And did anything go wrong?

    • I have no special information. Check the web. The Israeli site, chadrei charedim is good on that score, as is the US Yiddish forum, kaveshtiebel. Also try Yeshiva World News and Matzav though that will all be official propaganda. But some interesting stuff occasionally slips into the comments. Caveat Emptor.

  4. Lev Tahor and perjury.


    In 1994, Helbrans was convicted of kidnapping a young boy named Shai Fhima in Brooklyn, NY. He was sentenced to a minimum of four years in prison, which was reduced to two years on appeal. Once released, Helbrans was deported to Israel.

    Six weeks later he came to Canada and began to re-establish Lev Tahor in Quebec. Eventually, he applied for refugee status.

    At his refugee hearing in 2003 he submitted a video of his kidnapping victim, Fhima, saying Helbrans’ conviction was a misunderstanding and that he wanted to clear the rabbi’s name.

    Fhima has recently told the fifth estate what he said in that video was a lie. He says that Lev Tahor paid him $5,000 to make the recording, in a deal arranged by the community’s spokesman, Goldman. He also said that Helbrans really did kidnap him.

  5. Documentary confirms that former Brooklyn DA Hynes directly tried to fix the Hynes kidnapping case to get votes. The suffering of the current jewish children in the Lev Tahor cult is just more jewish blood on the hands of evil Hynes.

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