Rabbi Yaakov Jordan Murray Pleads Guilty to Molesting 2nd Grade Girls in Seattle

Rabbi Jordan E Yaakov Murray

Rabbi Jordan E Yaakov Murray

Rabbi Jordan ( Yaakov) E. Murray, was arrested for allegedly molesting two 2nd grade girls in Seattle’s Torah Day Grade School, pled guilty on February 19th.

Rabbi Murray pled guilty to two counts of Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purposes, R.C.W. 9.68a.090, which are Gross Misdemeanor sex offenses that require him to register for 10 years as a sex offender. R.C.W. 9.92.020 provides for a year’s incarceration and $5,000 fine per gross misdemeanor, but he will likely receive a suspended 2 year sentence in which he serves 90 days confinement on electronic home monitoring if Minnesota Adult Probation accepts transfer of the case. King County jail is overcapacity as it is, so the Court would be unlikely to throw out the plea deal just to jail him. If Mr. Murray’s conduct deviates during the 2 year suspension, he could face incarceration with only minimal findings (though Minnesota jails are likely no less overcapacity than King County’s).

When he was arrested in May, the school tried to downplay his title on staff directories as Rabbi Murray by claiming he was an “honorary rabbi.” As I wrote at the time:

I love the term “honorary rabbi. This is a new special title reserved for people who were listed as rabbi on the school documents but have now been demoted to deter media from using rabbi in their stories. By now, especially in the orthodox world, all sorts of people are titled rabbi for various purposes. My bottom line is that if others accorded them that title until the arrest, it is legitimate for media to call them rabbis in their story. On the other hand , someone with legitimate smichah (ordination), even a real lamdan (scholar in rabbinics), who does not make his living from his learning and title, and long ago stopped using that title, will not be referred to as rabbi in my postings. I despise the trickery of calling someone a rabbi until the day he is arrested and then magically demoting him. Institutions can not have it both ways.

At the time, the Jewish Press claimed the charges were a classic case of false accusations. Apparently, Rabbi Murray, did not think so or I doubt he would have pled guilty.


10 thoughts on “Rabbi Yaakov Jordan Murray Pleads Guilty to Molesting 2nd Grade Girls in Seattle

  1. Really Yerachmiel? You think pleading guilty and accepting 90 days instead of facing trial and who knows how long–proves guilt?

    Not by a long shot.

    Ask yourself the other way. If there was really enough evidence to convict, why would the prosecutor let him off with 90 days in jail?

  2. Yerachmiel, don’t you understand how it currently works in the frum community re CSA, including MO and its counterpart in Israel? If you plead not guilty, and are found by the court to be not guilty, you are certainly not guilty. If you plead not guilty, and are found by the court to be guilty, you are almost certainly not guilty. If you plead guilty, and are found by the court to be guilty, you are probably not guilty. For those who don’t understand, or think it’s an exaggeration, check out Belsky-Kolko-Lakewood, Elon-Druckman-Israel, and now Cypres-several people-Melbourne.

  3. I Googled this story and found no other source for it. You don’t cite where you got it either. Can you share with us where you got your information? It looks very specific, so how come no one else reports it?

    • A search of the State of Washington court database will confirm a plea being entered. There is no way to link directly to the report because the database is constructed to force you to go in through the front end and first prove you are not a robot.

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