This Time the Dead Won’t Vote in Beit Shemesh

voting deadThe mayoral election in Beit Shemesh was marred by so many voting irregularities that it was overturned by the courts and a new election was ordered under the supervision of outside authorities. According to David Morris,

Eli Cohen, the challenging candidate for mayor, recently announced at a campaign meeting in Beit Shemesh that “this time, the dead won’t vote!”.

Following the last election, residents joked that special arrangements had been made in some balloting stations so that Cohanim had solely voted in the morning, as the dead people were voting in the afternoon.


6 thoughts on “This Time the Dead Won’t Vote in Beit Shemesh

  1. I thought of Chicago. So politically strange. On the average, the older a voter is, the more likely they are to vote Republican. Yet in chicago, death seems to affect party affiliation.

  2. Perhaps they’ve seen the light (so to speak) in the afterworld… Makes as much sense as any other news coming out of Beit Shemesh.

  3. It was proven by the police that the dead who voted, did not vote in Chareidi neighborhoods, but in the old part of Beit Shemesh which is secular. Our Rabbis tell us that the wicked when they are alive are called dead, so if any dead vote, it will be the live wicked citizens of Beit Shemesh so I would predict that Eli Cohen will have less votes if no dead will vote.

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