Whither Goes Rabbi Dovid Weinberger?

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger was fired by his shul in the Lawrence, NY, Shaaray Tefila, before Rosh Hashanah. They claimed he was on medical leave** but announced a search for a new rabbi shortly afterward.

Weinberger went off to Israel searching for another job but came back about a month ago. He should have been able to find a job because he is married to a granddaughter of the late “Gadol” Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg. That he failed to find a job, suggests both a bad reputation and marital estrangement. If the Scheinberg family wanted to help him, he would have found a job. In those circles, allegations of molesting are no obstacle to rabbinic employment.

His return provoked consternation in the 5 Towns which thought they could make him someone else’s problem. For weeks, the 5 Towns has been aflood with rumors of rabbinic misconduct with women he counseled. He was a sholom bayis (marital) counselor. He was the founding rabbinic authority (posek) for the Shalom Task  Force, a program for battered women. The rumors involve grave sexual misconduct, tape recordings, potential lawsuits against him and his former shul, and even criminal complaints. The allegations involve oral sex and phone sex.

RDW ban

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The word is out that the Vaad of the 5 Towns and Far Rockaway has declared he should not be used as a rabbi. While most rabbis made the announcements verbally during sermons, the Yeshiva of Far Rockaway also put it in writing and posted it on their bulletin board. Supposedly, it went up shortly before the Sabbath and was supposed to be removed immediately after the Sabbath to eliminate the possibility of it being copied and publicized on the Internet. But this sort of managed dissemination is hard to pull off in an era of smart phones with cameras:


 It is with great sadness that the following announcement is being made to alert our community to a serious concern of which many of members might not be aware.

Recently, RDW [Rabbi Dovid Weinberger], a rabbi, resigned from his position as a rabbi of a congregation [Shaaray Tefila, Lawrence, NY], educator of young women in our community, and counselor to many who sought his advice. Following that, we learned from professionals of a number of documented cases of his unfortunate and unacceptable behavior. It is the collective judgment of these professionals that this behavior may continue.

We therefore feel obligated to inform our community of this concern and advise that there be no interaction with this rabbi in any rabbinic, educational, counseling or private setting.

I am told this action was taken because Weinberger had enlisted some old supporters and was planning to form a new synagogue. This flyer and announcement was designed to preempt this possibility. Though they did not name him, the initials were a giveaway within that community. This sort of announcement is very unusual.

It is also noteworthy that they felt a need to report, “It is the collective judgment of these professionals that this behavior may continue.” In effect they are saying that even by the lax rabbinical standard that we always allow for teshuvah and therapy, this guy is so bad that there is no hope of even relying on therapy, etc, to rehabilitate him.

I hear he has given up on ever finding another job in the 5 Towns and has now set his sights on Monsey. There is also talk of him suing and top flight lawyers are being lined up on both sides. In spite of the usual skittishness, it seems the rabbis of the community are totally willing to step up to the plate and fight Weinberger to the end.

BTW, ArtScroll published many of his books including The Traveler’s Halachic Handbook. Given his own recent travels, I expect his next book to take its title from the biblical phrase about Cain, Nah V’Nod (wander to and fro).

**TEXT OF HIS “MEDICAL LEAVE” NOTICE (sent out about a week before Rosh Hashana):

Dear Shaaray Member,

As we’ve all witnessed, the job of a Rabbi has evolved over time and has expanded beyond the basic sheilus asked of the Rabbinate in years past.
As we all know, besides the workload of being a Rov and teaching, Rabbi Weinberger has been involved in helping people within and outside our community deal with many major issues that have affected them. All this has taken a huge toll on the Rov. A few months ago he suffered from some health issues that required a medical procedure which once again cropped up over the past few days. Under advice from professionals, it has been suggested that he take time off from his exhaustive position in order to recuperate fully. The Rov approached the executive board and requested, and we approved, a Medical leave, effective immediately in order to facilitate his road back to full health.


I’m sure everyone joins me in wishing the Rov a refuah shelaimah.

Wishing all a kesiva v’chasima tova,
David Malek, [President]

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145 thoughts on “Whither Goes Rabbi Dovid Weinberger?

  1. it seems that every rabbi that counsels women or marital counseling is accused ofduct eg mordechai tendler tzvi flamm (white shul in Lawrence far rockaway) give me a break these women are delusinating they think that men cant keep their hands or in this case their mouth away from them give me a break

    • Rabbis are trusted and have influence. This is all OK if they are on the up and up. But some of them are manipulators who take advantage of vulnerable women. Their power goes to their head and they act on impulses from their nether regions. It is sad for the women who were manipulated and surrendered, but these things happen, as they also happen too often with licensed mental health practitioners. To repeat that cliche, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Not all are up to it. The use or abuse of power reveals the true character of people and some fail.

    • Sad!
      Rabbi’s should be focused on teaching, Shiurim, Education… let the professionals take care of the rest.! when they “mass” up at least it is not a “Chilul Hashem”

  2. Ethical requirements for every single mental profession establish clear boundaries regarding the personal space of the client. The authority role that a clergy, counselor, or therapist have renders the client to be the equivalent of a minor. The professional bears the sole responsibility of insuring that proper boundaries are in place and never violated. Our Chachomim were clear and direct in establishing the halachos of Yichud. Every Rov must adhere to them, with zero tolerance for anything less than full compliance. Most Rabbonim hold such meetings in their home, with their rebbetzin present and with full access. Any Rov that cuts corners on this matter is unfit to serve the public as a Rov.

    Rocky Stein makes a broad brush comment, and I strongly disagree. Many, probably most rabbonim are not accused or guilty of such violations. The incidents mentioned are newsworthy (as in dog bites man). The reason why to minimize use of rabbonim for such personal issues is because most lack the training and experience to know how to help.

  3. Most women who end up in counseling are at best, unstable. As soon as they see the tide turn against them, the easiest thing for them to do is cry molesting. I teach in a yeshiva. When I once sent an 11 year old to the principal, he threatened to accuse me of molesting him. I then accompanied him to the principal, and made him repeat his threat. B”H, it was he who got kicked out.

    • This is an astounding statement. “Most women in counseling…” You have just stereotyped and defamed a large group in ways that always defend males and attack women. This is eggregious and ignorant sexism. Than you switch and tell a story about a boy. Sorry. Most women and boys who are willing to tell their story in dealing with hostile audiences like you are telling the truth. That is what the research shows.

  4. It turns out the rumors about Weinberger go back some years. In 2011 (Nov 7), the following comment was posted on the blog, the Unorthodox Jew:

    Regarding Dovid Weinberger…there has been a kolo d’lo pasik about him for years (rumors that persist)…the 5 Towns community has an obligation to investigate – either get rid of him if true, or clear him…The fact that he’s “teaching” teen girls…makes it urgent!


  5. What are Artscroll doing still stocking this menuvel’s seforim? This gives him a veneer of acceptability that he does not deserve. We’ve seen in the past that Artscroll respond to bad publicity – the time has come to start a new campaign.

  6. This guy should never have been hired in the first place. There were other more than qualified Rabbis that applied for the Shaaray Rabbi position 20 years ago. He was a rachmanus case then, and the board took pity on him. As assistant Rabbi at the White Shul in Far Rockaway, it was common knowledge that Rabbi Ralph Pelcovitz was against his appointment as Rabbi after his retirement.

    • Plony you moron, as anyone that ever heard him speak know he was never a rachmanos case. He is a brilliant man an incredible speaker and was available for psak literally 24 7.
      Whether as he maintains he is innocent, the victim of slander. Or guilty one should not be so quick to judge nor to reject the years of dedicated meseras nefesh he gave klal yisroel. We know the gear a says Al timin batzmecha od yom moso. Not to mention Al tudin e’s chavero od shtagiya lmikomo.
      So shut you slanderous mouth and learn some facts before you spew hiding behind some anonymous name.
      Shmuel Cohen
      5 towns resident for 35 years

      • KOL HAPOSEL BMUMO POSEL… You cant argue the facts so you go to non sequiters and call names… Real scholarship there! Keep defending the indefensible!

        • By your reasoning, no one can ever be called out. So are you saying that we should disregard all criticisms by the prophets. Like many rabbinic sayings, applying it correctly requires some thoughtful judgment.

        • Thamks YL for the words below. Obviously Shmuel Cohen doesnt know RDW and is one of the silly Chareidi defenders of this guy. I

  7. Rabbi and Mrs. Feiner were aware of the allegations as far back as 2011 – I informed them! They chose to do NOTHING!!!! So much for responsible behavior by actually good people! Until a few months ago Weinberger was still on the Seminary’s website….I had to cajole them to remove him.

  8. hey Weinberger you thought you would start up with Eli you low life i have plenty what to spill out about all your conversation with simi and they are even recorded what’s the street know is nothing what is to come yet
    tell me you married your wife cause you thought her boobs were big and you found out they are not?? you want me to continue……
    this recording will come out wait and see. being in Monsey wont help you!

  9. Weinberger has son law by the name keiser from toronto who lives in monsey at kiryas radin that’s were they say Weinberger is hiding out.

  10. rabbi shmuel kamnetzkey was told about Weinberger behavior and his reaction was its loshan hara cause he talmid of phily. rabbi soloman was told about Weinberger and his reaction was get out of my house you are talking nevul pah cause soloman send all his cases to him!

    • Reply to “cover up”. Weinberger never learnt in Philly. so everything else you said is prob just the figment of your limited imagination

      • Jason, How can you be so sure for a 100% to be able to state that he never ever learned in Yeshivah of Philadelphia?

    • From what years to what years are you saying he went to Philly? are you saying HS or after HS? I ask because myinformation is that he got his smichah at Chofetz Chaim in Queens, NY.

        • nat Gold, how can you be so sure on that fact for a 100%, that he did not receive semicha from that yeshiva?

      • Can you maybe contact Chofetz Chaim in Queens to ask them if they can produce to you a copy of RDW’s smichah?

  11. at the end of the day whatever you say – he still has children who should be protected from all of this.

    • He could have protected them by behaving properly. We have many other girls and women who need to be protected from Weinberger. To do that, his deeds must be exposed and the public warned. Why should his children be favored over all the potential victims?

      • If Weinberger wanted to protect his children he should have quit the rabbinate when he was caught and found a line of work where others were not put at risk by his proclivities. Skilled manipulators make excellent salesman. He and his children are in this situation because of his arrogance.

  12. does this invalidate all the good rdw did? also you said he taught in a girls school, did he do anything wrong with those girls, or just women who came to him for counseling?

    • This story sounds eerily similar to the Chaim Halpern maaseh we had in London. It’s amazing how similar their personalities and interests sound and how both are still able to rely on a small cadre of big bucks heavies whose gaavah will not allow them to admit that they backed the wrong horse. The only difference was that Halpern knew he could rely on the pro-molestation Satmarer.

      • I always knew that the Halpern’s rather had a relationship with the sanz-klauzenburg chasidus rather than satmar, so how would you now say that he relies on Satmar?

        • And RDW doesn’t look to be a chosid altogether! So what’s the connection?

        • But his defense in London included important Satmar elements. The relevance of the Chaim Halpern saga is these are both cases of respected rabbis who specialized in counseling women and were accused by fellow rabbis of sexual improprieties.

  13. As nice as they seem to be, if there is clear and convincing evidence that Rabbi and Mrs. Feiner were aware of Weinberger’s inappropriate behavior with young women and did nothing, they should be fired as well! As should anyone in a position of power or moral authority who was aware of Weinberger’s exploits and allowed them to continue unabated. It is insane that Weinberger’s philandering and possible molesting has been spoken of openly for over 3 years with no fall-out.

  14. The issue is no longer the fact that a rabbi is a sicko as much as the fact that rabbonim have engaged in the cover-up game once again. What was gained by covering up for a person engaged in sick behavior? Why always cover-up? And then these very same rabbis have the audacity to preach to the masses that we should have more respect for rabbonim? HA? I have more respect for my goyishe boss than for many rabbonim.

  15. RDW did learn at the Philly high school, but left prior to graduation for a presumed GI ailment.

  16. is Weinberger license plate number ESD3766 model Hyundai ?

    it was spotted in kryas radin in monsey.

    • Is RDW staying by his son in law from Toronto, Joseph Kaiser, 32 Kiryas radin Dr, spring valley, NY 10977 ? Is the phone # 845 362 0366 ? Is the license plate # ESD3766 on a Hyundai model?

  17. I have been following this case objectively and till today there is no one to come forward making any allegation, and everything from start to finish seems to be no more then rumors and very weak circumstantial evidence. It seems unfair to judge someone based on cryptic letters and traveling itineraries.

    You don’t even have to apply ‘innocent till proven guilty’ in this instance since there is no concrete allegation that anyone knows of.

    You write “The allegations involve oral sex and phone sex” but you don’t site who made these allegations, or where your source is. You say “I was told” but don’t reveal who the little birdy is.

    I understand that you are trying to draw traffic but This seems to be irresponsible reporting.

    I look forward to your response.

    • The rabbis in the Five Towns and Far Rockaway stated publicly and in writing:

      “[RDW is a rabbi, an] educator of young women in our community, and counselor to many who sought his advice… We learned from professionals of a number of documented cases of his unfortunate and unacceptable behavior. It is the collective judgment of these professionals that this behavior may continue. We therefore feel obligated to inform our community of this concern and advise that there be no interaction with this rabbi in any rabbinic, educational, counseling or private setting.

      Just look at the above texts. Read between the lines. They scream sexual impropriety and manipulation that makes it impossible to trust Rabbi Weinberger in any way at all. The text by the rabbis refers to reports from professionals, probably physicians or mental health workers who dealt directly with the victims.

      I find it strange that people are obsessing about whether it was just phone sex or also oral sex. Either way, he is not fit to function as a rabbi who interacts with girls and women.

      Ask yourself this: how often do groups of rabbis publicly denounce a colleague for improper sexual behavior, even when they know about it. I can count those instances on both hands and have some fingers left.

      This most resembles the case of Rabbi Mordechai Tendler of Monsey who was eventually kicked out of the Rabinical Council of America for conduct unbecoming a rabbi. Face it, Rabbi Weinberger is like Mordechai Tendler, a rabbi who exploited women who were desperate and trusted him.

      Also face the facts. This sort of extraordinary virtual ex-communication would not have happened if his speech was slightly inappropriate.

      Don’t be angry with me. Be angry with the rabbis who knew of his misconduct for years and took so long to respond.

      • Thank you for your reply and I am sorry that you gleaned from my comments that I am angry at you, because this is not the case in any way. I am just trying to wrap my hands around this and and the fact that no one stepped forward with an allegation seems fishy to me. If his misconduct was so rampant, usually there are others that step forward and we have yet to hear anything concrete.

        Although there is a huge gap between oral and phone sex, I agree with you that either one should disqualify him as a Rav. But there is also a huge distinction between phone sex and an inappropriate discussion – that perhaps he was lured into, and it was an isolated incident.

        The fact is that you made a sweeping statement that there are allegations of ‘sex’ which may not be true at all and you implanted a template into peoples minds, that is a complete fabrication from thin air

        I think we would be having a different conversation if your article wasn’t based \on speculations

        • If I was speculating, I would say that as I have in many other cases.

          When older girls and married women are manipulated into colluding in improper acts, it is usually very embarrassing. That is why they discussed it with therapists and rabbis in private. Rest assured that the rabbis of the community go to great lengths to avoid believing the worst about their colleagues. they go to even greater lengths to avoid having to raise charges publicly. Think of the many, many cases in the orthodox world, where rabbis were known to misbehave and yet their colleagues stayed quiet. Do you really think they would have acted unless there were multiple witnesses to very grave misconduct?

      • Yerachmiel, you wrote that there is a letter from the Vaad of the five towns and far rockaway but that letter that you inserted is not from Vaad’s letterhead but on the yeshiva of Far Rockaway’s letterhead. Secondly, it doesn’t have any signature(s) from any rabbis at all?!

        • I just read the letter and was about to bring up this very same point. Indeed it does not represent the vaad of the 5 towns. It’s the letterhead for a Yeshiva. In most Yeshivos there is 1 chief that calls the shots so i think that it is safe to assume that there is 1 Rabbi in the area that feels this way, but how is this indicative on the Vaad which is a body of Rabbis???

          I also would like to know which therapists are unloading on the local Yeshiva?

          It seems very awkward and I am 99% that you would not see eye to eye with this right wing Yeshiva as to what constitutes ‘inappropriate’.

          • It is the adopted position of the vaad. But they have chosen to have individual institutions publicize it as they choose without officially putting the vaad name on it. Some have put it in writing, others have shared it verbally. But it is a shared position.

            Shaaray Tefila is not a right wing shul. They fired him but put out the cover story about him being ill.

            As for the therapists. I do not name sources. I always protect the confidence of my sources.

  18. why did eichlers remove all his books about parenting ?
    why was he removed from all his rabbinical position?

  19. could you verified if there is a lawsuit brewing? and that’s the reason that fired him ?
    is ben Bronfman involved here?

    is he going to go down history like tropper or tendler?

  20. “UOJ” – “The Un-Orthodox Jew” said…
    Regarding Dovid Weinberger…there has been a kolo d’lo pasik about him for years (rumors that persist)…the 5 Towns community has an obligation to investigate – either get rid of him if true, or clear him.

    The L.A. Community knew about the Tendlers for some 20 years, they wreaked havoc on the lives of many teen girls and married women, the RCC and their rabbis did nothing!

    The fact that he’s “teaching” teen girls…makes it urgent!
    2:14 PM, November 07, 2011

    2:36 PM, November 07, 2011 “UOJ” – “The Un-Orthodox Jew” said…
    Rabbi Feiner:
    You are obligated to investigate Dovid Weinberger and the accusations against him. I will hold you accountable.
    2:58 PM, November 07, 2011


  21. To MBRseminary@gmail.com

    Nov 7, 2011

    I have received credible allegations regarding Dovid Weinberger’s misconduct towards women. I ask that you investigate his conduct towards women that he has counseled in particular. It would behoove the Seminary to employ in any manner a rabbi that may have made inappropriate advances towards women. Teens especially are vulnerable to charismatic rabbis. The Tendler scandals have been ignored, covered-up…and lives have been damaged, some irreparably. There has been a kolo d’lo pasik for years, you owe it to your students and their families to investigate thoroughly, either exonerate him or get rid of him.



  22. To info@mbrseminary.org

    Oct 23, 2013



    I was close friends with your husband’s uncle – Michael Zeitlin a”h —- I told you a few years ago about Dovid Weinberger – and asked you to look into it. For NO OTHER REASON THAN TO KEEP YOUR TALMIDOS SAFE! You chose to keep him – At least remove his name from your website.


    Paul (Feivel) Mendlowitz

    Rabbi Dovid Wienberger
    Halacha will be taught by Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, shelit”a, the Rav of Congregation Shaaray Tefila, Lawrence, N.Y. Rabbi Weinberger studied many years in Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and received Semicha ‘Yodin Yodin’ from Rav Moshe Feinstein, zt”l. He is the co-author of the Siddur Nechomas Yisroel for the Bais Ovel, published by the OU and Artscroll, as well as the author of numerous other seforim. He has also edited five volumes of Limudei Nisson, a collection of the Torah writings of his esteemed late father-in-law, Rav Nisson Alpert, zt”l. Most recently, he authored Siddur Ohel Rachel, the women’s siddur for Artscroll.

    Rabbi Weinberger lectures on hashkafa topics and concepts in halacha, with particular emphasis on the areas of chinuch, Hilchos Shabbos and Hilchos refuah. Rabbi Weinberger authored “A Hospital Guide for the Jewish Patient,” which was published by the OU in English and most recently in Hebrew for the Israeli hospitals. He has produced a Holocaust Calendar commemorating the six million Kedoshim, published by Agudath Israel of America. He is the Halachic advisor of Hatzola in the Five Towns, and lectures often for ‘Shalom Task Force,’ a national organization dealing with domestic abuse in the Jewish Community.

    • Is MBR saying that RDW got semichah ‘Yodin Yodin’ from Hagoon HaRav Moishe Feinstein Ztz”l? That’s an ordination for a dayan to pasken choshen Mishpot shaylos (monetary disputes)! But where did he get the basic semichah/ordination of ‘Yoreh Yoreh’ to be a Rov and pasken Yoreh dayah hilchos isur veheter etc.?

  23. here is email that I wrote on mar 2012 to rabbi Hoffman about Weinberger to which he never responded to.

    menuval menuval


    to yairhoffman2

    its very nice that you are writing in the Internet about hilchos gitin but why don’t you write about whats going on in your own back yard with the menuvall weinberger that was alleged caught with maseh znus and when was called to din Torah he did not show up and a csav siruv was issued against him???

    • If in fact a csav siruv was already issued against RDW before Mar. 2 ’12 (like 2 years ago), how come that the victim of RDW didn’t yet come forward with a legal lawsuit against RDW? (usually when a bais din issues a csav siruv, they systematically also issue a heter to proceed in the secular court against who the csav siruv was issued against!). Secondly, why not reveal that document to the public? To which Beis din was he called for a din Torah? Which Beis Din issued that Ksav seiruv?

  24. Yerachmiel do you have a number i can contact you at I want to ask you a question regarding what you wrote.

  25. Again Yerachmiel, I am Mashgiach for the Vaad (hakashrus) of the 5 Towns and far rockaway for the past 7 years and this Vaad of the 5 Towns is given the power by all the Kehilos of the 5 Towns to represent them by this one and only Hashgochah in the 5 Towns. The Vaad is led by it’s rabbinic administrator and Rav hamachshir HaRav Yosef Eisen Shalit”a who has the power and authority to be in control of everything about the 5 Towns Kashrus by providing and controlling the standards of the Kashrus of the 5 Towns kosher establishments and appointing Mashgichim temidim and/or Mashgichim libdikas toloyim etc. However, it’s very clear that the Vaad of the 5 Towns under the leadership of Rabbi Eisen Shalit”a would never get involved in inside politics of any Kehilah and for sure not against any Rov in the 5 Towns; So no announcement against RDW could have been initiated by the Vaad of 5 Towns and far rockaway. (we assume that you are probably not enough familiar with the Vaad of the 5 Towns, so you maybe didn’t realize that the 5 Towns Vaad is only a Kashrus authority etc.)

    • Formally, the designated employee is for kashrus. Informally, we are dealing with a group of rabbis and they made the decision informally but were cowards who would not put their name out publicly. However, they agreed on a coordinated strategy of announcing their position banning Weinberger in all of their shuls on shabbos, when the statements would not be tape recorded.

  26. why is there no Kashrus authority over the rabbonim in the 5towns?
    did you know there is a csav siruv against Weinberger from a bais din in Flatbush?

  27. The Vaad of the 5 towns is not referring to the kashruth organization. It is referring to the Vaad Harabbonim of the 5 towns which is independent of the Vaad Hakashruth. This is just symantics.

    • Where is that Vaad harabonim’s headquarters? Who’s leading that Vaad? How many rabbis are affiliated with that Vaad? How often do the Rabbonim meet? For what kind of purposes? And mainly if we want to contact that Vaad harabonim, how do we reach them? Phone? email? fax? Web? Address? Hours? Contact name(s)? etc.

      • When we Google Vaad of the 5 Towns, we only get Vaad hakashrus of the 5 Towns, we couldn’t find any information about any Vaad harabbonim that is Symantec to Vaad hakashrus of the 5 Towns.

    • Jay, I’d assume that you (like many others) might not be enough familiar with the Jewish community in the 5 Towns, LI, because whoever you ask in the 5 Towns about Vaad, only knows to tell you about one Vaad (the one that you see on display hanging in every kosher food establishment in the 5 Towns & FR), what is in fact: the Vaad hakashrus of the 5 Towns and FR (under the leadership of HaRav Yosef Eisen Shalit”a); And the jewish people in the 5 Towns are not familiar at all that there should be existing in their back yard any other Vaad besides the one mentioned above…. In fact, they happen to know that the closest other Vaad is in the County of Queens and is in fact called: Vaad Harabonim of Queens for the Borough of Queens (of NYC) and has no relationship with the 5 Town’s Vaad. (the only time that the jewish people of the 5 Towns would need to have to use the Religious services of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens would be: If Chas Vesholom (G-d forbid) a close family member happens to be Niftar (pass away), so they might have to contact the Chevrah Kadisha of Queens (under the Vaad Harabonim of Queens) to undertake the Taharah etc. because obviously it hasn’t been yet existing a Vaad Harabonim in the 5 Towns… that provides all those religious services etc.

      • The disinformation from you does not change the fact that the vaad is not a private organization but has participation of the rabbis of all the major shuls. Technically this is not an official psak on vaad stationary, but it is their consensus and this statement was announced in every major shul in 5T/FR. Why do you think Hamenuval Hayaduah DW fled to Monsey? He is persona non grata in 5T/NR.

        Purim will come and go and nothing will be turned over except his previous undeserved reputation as an honorable rav.

  28. at nuchom Rosenberg web site there is letter from the law firm in Flatbush seidmann & mermelstein 974 east 27th street that they were hired by Weinberger to sued this person .
    if he got smicha from reb moishe please tell me were in eigros moshe is there heter to go to court?

  29. Weinberger also has son who is rav in the community of inwood new York i think his name is pinchas Weinberger
    he also has son law from Toronto by the name of katz that lives now in Lakewood.

    here is link to the inwood shul with picture of Weinberger and son

    Click to access article_09-08-10.pdf

    • Cover up, why do we have to know that RDW has a son in Inwood and a son in law in Lakewood? How is it relevant?

  30. How dare all of you talk about my rav like this. This is all a bunch of loshon hora and motzei shemra because no one knows the facts; they are writing based on what they heard. I strongly command you to take this blog off the site due to the fact that the goyim can get a hold of this in a second and it will be seconds before this story goes viral. There was a reason the announcement was made on shabbos because there is no possible way for someone to record or to replay what the local ravs said. Granted RDW acted inappropriately , but this does not give any right for you to post this. I spoke to a very prominent rav in the community who said that during this whole episode, the most important thing here was the kiddush Hashem made by the local community and the withdrawl of this story from the press. In conclusion, our job as frum yidden is to not go as peddlers of lashon hora and we should take this whole article down from the web. Hashem should grant us rachmunis and we should be zoche to see moshiach bimheira vyomeinu amen.


    • There is an obligation to protect others from this faker. This campaign must continue until he admits his misconduct and agrees to remove himself from all situations where he may again exploit females, and stays away from such work for a while.

      And, no, the conduct of local rabbis was not a kiddush hashem. They waited at least 3 years after they knew what he was. They waited until they knew of some 40 victims. Do they wait that long when a restaurant serves pork?

      Apparently kashrus diligence only applies to food not to chazer rabbonim.

    • How dare you try to hold us all accountable for your poor choice in a rabbi!

      Find an ehrlicher rav to follow if you don’t like your rav’s exposure.

    • Stop worrying about goyim reading this blog. They are not interested in the details about a pervert who wasn’t indicted. You are really afraid that erlich yidden who are not in the 5T/FR will read this and find out that Weinberger is not an erlich yid. Which is my goal in order to protect people in other communities.

  31. why don’t you contact yourself the bais din and you may contact the ocean county prosecutor office in toms river new jersey to find out who Weinberger was after to shut them down and you might want to contact Meir licehnstein former deputy mayer of Lakewood to find out why he help Weinberger what are they trying to cover up ??

  32. David Weinberger is the son law of alpert you night want to contact them as well on any information about him as they don’t get along.
    also Weinberger mother law moved out of the house as she got into fight with her son law dovid Weinberger you might want to ask her what she knows.
    you might want to ask yudelstake.blog what he knows about Weinberger.
    you might want to ask rabbi simcha bunim cohen rav of ateres yeshya in Lakewood what he knows.
    you might want to contact the owner of glatt gourmen mr kuiftheil about Weinberger as he knows some information on him.

  33. this is just a worthless lawyers letter…done all the time. Scare tactic, no one was going to court instead of bais din!

  34. why didn’t he send out a letter from bais din for scare tactic for that matter?
    just show how low Weinberger would go to cover his rear end!

  35. anyone who went to his womans shiur would have known what a menuval he was. also he collected from his kehilla money for his mistress in lakewood under guise of zedakah. …

  36. he recently called a lady to tell her the size of his zach ….hes asked countless ladies abt their bra size ….that was normal to him …………

  37. I was not sure what art scrolls policy was about removing seforim for sale after allegations such as these arise. I am still waiting for a reply from them as to their policy or if they have one. I have asked more then 6 times.

  38. where is your proof of all this?
    mistress? Asking woman personal questions etcc?

    • In my opinion it is enough that both the rabbanuem in the five towns and the school where he worked had enough prof to remove him and do it publicly. The sad part is that he will able to find work elsewhere these days if not monsey then Israel In the world we live in one would except that we would have a do not rabbi list for the alleged crimes that this person is caused of along with the other rabbis who abused their power

  39. They could but will they that is the question and if they will would you expect that any shul temple school Kohlel do a complete background check or at least google the persons name. Also there are services available to make sure that search results return the positive well before they return the negative. What I am suggesting and hope could happen but realize probalbey never will is a single list one can search like one can for sex offenders but this list is across the world. Any person who is convicted or removed from a position for committing these crimes should be added

      • Is there any history of a beit dinn or any other rabbinical authority removing one smicha. I know it is symbolic and I see based on some of the responses that it would be hard to do as even after many rabbis stood up and staked their own reputations to inform the community about rabbi weinberger his talmidm still questions why you would post it. I would love to know if there is one beit dinn out there willing to send a clear message which is if you abuse your rabbinic power we will remove it and your smicha with it

  40. who cares if he had smicha what does have to do with the fact he has serious sexual issues.
    remember finkel chicken scandal he had smicha kolko from torah tmimah Halpern from London and the list goes continues.
    what has to be done is lock some of them up and then you will see how quick things would change.

  41. Definition of consternation 1.shocked dismay: a feeling of alarm, confusion, or dismay, often caused by something unexpected.

    how do you know that nobody came forward because frumfollies is not reporting it . the objective was to remove Weinberger from his position which was accomplish.
    now lets hope other people don’t repeat the same mistake
    and lets thank frumfollies for being in the forefront of keeping up the pressure and reporting it.

  42. Once someone comes forward with a lawsuit, it becomes public information and you can’t stay anonymous anymore.

  43. shocking that failed messiah hasn’t made any posts or comments-maybe because they were scooped by you? The letter is proof enough, plus the rabbonim got up in FT/FR to announce the issue.

  44. venahapoch
    I am not sure that a legal lawsuit will work. Lets look a t 3 cases where rabbinic power was abused.

    Lets take Yu for example how far has it gotten? Even if it had gotten some where the law suit is against the school and not the true bahmah Finkelstein and Gordon. They are still called rabbi, They still can live a “Normal” life in Israel. I bet if they wrote a sefer art scroll would still sell it and people would still buy it.

    I am not sure that in the kaye case a legal law suit has been brought? If not for two fearless Rabbis he would still be allowed to go to shul and behave as if nothing happened.

    I am sure that in Weinberges case he could go to israel and be known as a Talmud chachum … Just ask art scroll who has refused to take down his sefer for sale.

    I can tell you that people react in 3 different ways when I tell them my story… Some are very supportive, Some just don’t know what to say and some try to make me feel that it was so long ago so move on…
    Our society is much better than a few years ago about recognizing that we have a problem like many other society’s but our society is not there yet with encouraging and supporting victims to become survivors for the most part.

  45. I live in Far Rockaway and I’ve known Rabbi Weinberger for many years. Either way you look at it, if the allegations are true, then it’s a tragedy for ALL of us. There are no winners or losers here. Just another public chillul HaShem that may or may not have been caused by a possibly very sick person. The sad part is that in the 26 years I have known him, he has done so much for so many people. I feel sorry for him, but especially more so for his wife, children and mother in law who I also know very well and who in no way deserve such a public humiliation….

  46. I heard from a reliable source that he is actively trying to open up a shul in monsey, NY, in one of those remote neighborhoods.

  47. I heard from a very credible source that R’ Yisroel Belsky wrote a letter chastising the 5 town Rabbis for being so hard on Dave. Is there a pattern here with R’ Belsky coming to the defense of sexual deviants?

      • I have a copy of the letter from Rabbi Belsky. Tell me how to get it to you.

        He claims that the Rabbis “threw him out of the community like a “piece of rotten traif meat” without investigating the matter or talking to him. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

        Let me give you a run down of how careful and responsible the Rabbis were throughout the whole affair. I received my information from a number of credible sources.

        1) Summer of 2012 – a young woman approached a prominent rabbi in City X telling him of Dave’s abuse of her. The rabbi asked a therapist to speak with her. She had a tape of a Skype meeting her and Dave had which was flat out phone s…x.
        2) Fall of 2012 – Dave is approached with the evidence by the therapist and the Rabbi and told to quietly leave and give up being a rabbi. He doesn’t comply.
        3) Fall of 2012 – City X’s Rabbi goes back to Dave and reads him a letter signed by American Gedolim instructing him to leave and have nothing to do with chinuch, etc. He does not comply.
        4) August 2013 – his shul gets wind of the allegations and to protect his koved and avoid any chilul Hashem, they issue a letter that he is taking a leave of absence for “medical reasons”. Dave stays in the community and looks to open up a new shul in the area.
        5) December 2013 – a number of prominent local Rabbis meet with Dave. They invite the therapist to attend and explain the case. Dave was asked to sign a letter agreeing to leave and have nothing to do with being a rabbi, chinuch, etc. He originally refuses then is told that if he doesn’t, “the tape” would be played for the Rabbis). He signs the letter. Afterwards, Dave claims he was forced to sign and that it is not binding. (I saw the letter – do you know how he signs it? With a Raish in front of his name!)
        6) January 2014 – Therapist is again invited to explain to a group of Rebetzins and then afterwards a group of Rabbis why they need to take strong actions to protect the community. Two prominent community members come to the meeting uninvited trying to stop the meeting. They were removed and the therapist took them to another room and played the tape for them.

        • Almost a replay of what happened in L.A. with the Tendlers — except with the Tendlers there were live witnesses aka victims that came forward to the RCC in 1996. The holy group of rabbis lambasted the victims as liars and whores, and the Tendlers had a run for another 10 years.

          • But here the Rabbis are being responsible. Besides getting him fired and getting him out of the community and alerting the community about his inappropriate behavior, they have set up counseling for anybody who needs. That’s not burying the matter at all.

  48. rabbi belsky was then told that the torah vodath roshei yeshivas are not welcome in fr/5t next week. it was supposed to be a big fundraisier

  49. I live in the five towns and am a member of Shaare Tefila .I was also fooled by Davey Wienberger .I have alot to say on the case ,but the reason I’m writing this is to inform you ,that I have two credible sources that Rav Yisroel Belsky has Wrote a letter against the Rabbonim of the Five towns for publicly protesting Davey Wienberger without going to a Bais Din first.Please look into this matter further.

  50. seems shocking that this is the only main blog that has addressed this issue-good 4 u yerachmiel

  51. I have the letter from Rav belsky ,are u going to post it,or have it on your home page it will get alot of viewers

  52. rabbi perr you think ur punishing rav belaky by cancelling the Shabbos ????? rav belsky doesn’t care one drop !!!!!!!!!!!!! perr is starting up with a big yeshiva…………….

  53. in the white shul the chazzan for tal was mr rapfogel .can you imagine ? and he stood up there in a kittel ? like hes soo clean and pure .. its mamish incredible .. i was dying

  54. n the white shul the chazzan for tal was mr rapfogel .can you imagine ? and he stood up there in a kittel ? like hes soo clean and pure .. its mamish incredible .. i was dying

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