Online Tznius Asifa

This is a clever, witty, substantive set of suggestions for actions by women to cut down the real tznius violations that plague the community.

Kol B'Isha Erva


Boro Park – Thousands are attending the “Tznius Asifa” in Ateres Chaya. @vosiznies

Some of you might have heard about the recent war on tznius happening in Boro Park.  Apparently, there has been a rash of tragedies befalling the residents of Boro Park (illness, death, crime, poverty, failed business prospects, and the continued delay of Moshiach).  It has been determined that women’s clothing and behavior is to blame.

In the meantime, cases of rabbinic improprieties continue to make headlines, and women continue to be implicated as the cause for the male lack of self-control.  Even if people can get behind the concept of children not being responsible for abuse, if that abuse extends to grown women, the ladies must somehow be at fault with their wily ways.

Someone made a comment regarding the recent case linked above on Facebook – and I thought she brought up some very…

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