Is Satmar More Worried About PR Than Murder?

Menachem Stark NY Post front page headlineTwo months have passed since the the ultra orthodox Jewish world erupted in outrage after the kidnapping and murder of Menachem Stark. Their outrage was directed at the New York Post for running a headline  “Who didn’t want him dead” which described Stark’s many unsavory traits as a dishonest businessman and landlord with many enemies.

NY politicians were whipped into shape and they all criticized the headline. Meanwhile, nobody has been arrested for the murder and everybody is quiet.

Is it possible that the outrage over the headline was a clever diversionary tactic? A more caring community should be erupting in outrage about the fact that the investigation is stalled, perhaps because the Hasidic associates who know the most are not really cooperating with the police because they are worried about exposing more misconduct.

6 thoughts on “Is Satmar More Worried About PR Than Murder?

  1. It’s most likely about concern that more bad PR will adversely affect the flow of Benjamins to the Teitelbaum slush funds.

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