Once Again, Lev Tahor Was Separating Children from Parents

Lev Tahor has always denied taking children away from their parents as punishment in spite of such allegations by those who left the cult which is led by Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans (aka Shlomo Elbarnes), a man convicted of kidnapping.

Yet in the attempt to keep children out of the court-ordered custody of Canadian protective services they did it again.

CBC reports that a group of Lev Tahor children and adults were detained at the airport in Trinidad and Tobago after authorities got suspicious about a group of children traveling with unrelated adults. CBC writes:

The group … aroused the suspicions of our immigration authorities when the young children in their care could not be accounted for properly, as they were not being accompanied by their parents or legal guardians,” Trinidad Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, told CBC News……

“The group was traveling to Guatemala, but did not speak Spanish and could not properly account for the reason and purpose for their visit to Guatemala, and far less, the duration of their stay.… In addition, they could not explain what was the purpose of their trip — either in transit to Trinidad or to Guatemala.”

Ramlogan said this caused officials to think the children’s safety was at risk.

“These are matters — given the international concerns about child labour, child prostitution, the harvesting of organs from little children and, of course, human trafficking on the whole — that would be of obvious concern to any serious immigration and border protection agency,” Ramlogan said.

Border agents prevented the group from continuing their travel to Central America and contacted Canada’s Justice Ministry.


3 thoughts on “Once Again, Lev Tahor Was Separating Children from Parents

  1. Canadian authorities would be well advised to take preemptive action against this group before they do further damage to their children. Helbrans is desperate – first going the wear-a-yellow-star route, then the teen girls in custody went on a hunger strike which is more than likely his idea, the fleeing to Ontario and then to foreign countries, etc. etc. Is a mass suicide next? Will Chatham be the next Jonestown?. He’s the real danger there – he and his son. Round them up and the rest will do no worse than flounder while the wheels of justice grind slowly.

    • no, that’s called a court custody order. you may be more familiar with the ones that favour the female parent, but that isn’t always the case. here, yet another silly “entitled” is trying to use the internet to overrule the courts.

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