Driver of Satmar Rebbe Spread Photos of Weberman Victim

Moshe Wolf Klein

Moshe Wolf Klein

During the Weberman trial four men were arrested and three were charged with photographing the victim testifying against him. One of the three under indictment was Lemon Juice, a name he legally adopted. He was known to the victim’s circle as one of her vigorous supporters. It transpired that his cell phone was borrowed and the pictures were in fact circulated through a twitter account under the control of Moses (Moshe Wolf) Klein, a driver of the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, Zalman Leib Teitelbaum.

The charges against Lemon Juice will be dropped today, though the charges against the other two, Joseph Fried and Yona Weissman, will continue, according to a news report in the Daily News.

Mr. Lemon Juice

Mr. Lemon Juice

It seems like driving the Satmar Rebbe around is a path to criminality, from one generation of Satmar, where Moshe Teitelbaum’s driver was Nechemya Weberman, to the next generation, where Moses Klein was a driver who spread photos of Weberman’s victim and impersonated Lemon Juice to get him to take the rap for the illegal attempt at witness intimidation. To play with the words of the liturgy, this is a crime pattern that passes l’door v’door.

We are all happy that Lemon Juice’s ordeal is finally over. I hope the Brooklyn DA will prosecute Klein for attempted witness intimidation and related misrepresentation.


3 thoughts on “Driver of Satmar Rebbe Spread Photos of Weberman Victim

  1. So, when will DA Thompson fulfill his mandate and prosecute the thugs in power within the Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox community? Nothing is going to change until Thompson finds the courage to go after the thugs at the top.

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