Five Towns Angry at Belsky Over His Defense of Disgraced Rabbi Weinberger

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

As I reported on 2/27/14, rabbis in New York’s Five Towns and Far Rockaway (5T/FR) took the unprecedented step of collectively denouncing a long-time, local colleague, Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, as unfit to work in the rabbinate because of his sexual misconduct with girls and women. Around early February most of them denounced Weinberger from their pulpits in a declaration which included the following language:

Recently, RDW [Rabbi Dovid Weinberger], a rabbi, resigned from his position as a rabbi of a congregation [Shaaray Tefila, Lawrence, NY], educator of young women in our community, and counselor to many who sought his advice. Following that, we learned from professionals of a number of documented cases of his unfortunate and unacceptable behavior. It is the collective judgment of these professionals that this behavior may continue. We therefore feel obligated to inform our community of this concern and advise that there be no interaction with this rabbi in any rabbinic, educational, counseling or private setting.

I do not believe he has any hope of either returning to the 5T/FR or successfully suing his former employers. He has made noises about that possibility but Congregation Shaaray Tefila is hanging tough and is ready to defend itself with one of America’s best labor law attorneys, Allen I. Fagin, a former board member of the OU.

Weinberger gave up on getting another synagogue in the 5T/FR and moved in with his son-in-law in Monsey’s Kiryas Radin where he is plotting some alternative future. At this point he is probably just trying to mute the reputational damage. Part of his strategy is to challenge the validity of the allegations against him. He knows he cannot sue for defamation, because the truth is always an effective defense. Moreover, a trial would lead to more nasty revelations about him.

Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg

Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg

However, he can skirmish with his accusers by claiming they denied him due process under Jewish law. One of Weinberger’s remaining supporters (Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg of the Chofetz Chaim Torah Center in Cedarhurst) turned to Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, a Rosh Yeshiva at Torah Vodaath and a senior kosher posek (Jewish law authority) at the Orthodox Union (OU). Belsky, a pro at defending molesters, rose to the challenge. Belsky has consistently defended the Kolko family’s molesters including Yehuda Kolko and his nephew, Yosef. Both eventually pleaded guilty but Belsky continues to insist upon their innocence.

Belsky obliged on March 18-19 by writing a letter on behalf of Weinberger. Below is a copy of that letter followed by a translation.

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belsky Letter Re Rabbi Dovid Weinberger 3-18-14B”H [Baruch Hashem]

Rabbi Y Belsky
506 East 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218

To my friend the Honorable Rav [name was omitted in the letter]

My heart pounded when I read your letter, as the Chazal already said a long time ago in connection to a similar situation, “Why are you placing my head between two huge mountains etc., I fear that you want my head.”

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky

Particularly after I heard this awful news about rumors circulating amongst Jewish areas and neighborhoods, rumors spread no less by my beloved friends and by my friends who love me very much.

But what should I do? Rav Dovid Weinberger is also counted among my friends and advisors!

I saw they had already decided and concluded his guilt without giving him the opportunity to defend himself. What are we to do with the laws of the Torah that state that it is forbidden to listen to an accuser without the defendant being present? They threw him to the wild beasts like a rotting carcass without hearing his side. They placed his case in front of men and women disguised as expert doctors, without listening to his defenders, some of whom are experts in this field.
They made him into a sinner and isolated him from the tribes of Israel; they made him into a pariah, all without harking to his shouts as if all gates of mercy were shut.

Even when one is a blasphemer, the Torah states that one must investigate. How much more so, Reb Dovid, someone who has served his community selflessly for over 30 years and many benefited from him.

17th of Adar II, 5774 [March 18-19, 2014], Brooklyn, NY

Chaim Yisroel Halevi Belsky

This letter is strange for Belsky whose usual style is pugnacious and intimidating. When he was defending Yosef Kolko, he called the father of the testifying victim a molester. But here he takes pains to be respectful if critical. He also deliberately omits the name of the recipient of the letter. He understands that it will hurt the recipient to be outed for soliciting the letter.

Belsky is also careful to acknowledge his personal relationship with Weinberger, perhaps because he has been accused of issuing rulings where he had a conflict of interest and he realizes his status at the OU is in decline where they recently overturned his rulings on quinoa for Passover.

But for all his polite veneer, Belsky is trying to defend Weinberger by suggesting a procedure for evaluating the accusations which would intimidate the victims. Serial offenders like Lanner at the OU or Mordechai Tender always try to get to their accusers and often succeed in intimidating them. The rabbis in the 5T/FR took testimony from therapists and listened to recordings. There was also a kolo delo pasuk (a longstanding murmur of accusations that would not subside). They used that information to establish the pattern. They used the judgments of professionals to determine that this was behavior so manipulative, exploitative and persistent that they could not realistically hope for teshuvah and good behavior in the future.

Contrary to assertions by Belsky there is established halacha going back to the Shoel Umeishiv (Rabbi Yosef Shaul Nathanson, Lemberg/Lvov) in the 19th century that communities can make decisions about personnel on the basis of such information regardless of whether the witnesses are males or adults or whether there was a beit din.

Similar issues arose in Monsey when a group of Haredi rabbis denounced Rabbi Mordechai Tendler as unfit for the rabbinate. The eminent Hasidic posek, Rabbi Benzion Wosner, led the denunciation which was reported in the Jewish Week.
From what I hear, very few rabbis in the 5T/FR are intimidated by this Belsky letter though they do feel some pressure and they are weighing their responses.

Meanwhile, the real action is the backlash against Belsky’s Yeshiva Torah Vodaath. They are in desperate financial straits and have been asking local rabbis to set them up for appeals and parlor meetings. But the rabbis and the laity are furious about Belsky’s ham-fisted intervention and many are refusing.

Ironically, the last time there was such a backlash by this generous and affluent community it also involved Rabbi Dovid Weinberger. He hosted the Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Rebbe whose followers were avid rock throwers in Jerusalem’s Meah Shearim. The community rebelled and his take was down some 75%. (See my 2009 post, Controlling the Impulse to throw Stones and Kugel: A Hassidic Saga).

Once again, I urge the residents and leaders of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway to send a message to Belsky, “We will not tolerate your defense of a sexual predator and we will not fund your misconduct.” While Belsky may not be sensitive enough to do a cheshbon hanefesh, I believe he will pay attention to his bookkeeper’s calculations.

Fedora and Kippa Sruga Tips to my anonymous translator and to my many valuable informants in the Five Towns, Far Rockaway, and beyond.

UPDATE 3/27/14 8 p.m.  —  The decision to denounce Weinberger was backed by the mashgiach of Beth Medrash Gavohah of Lakewood, Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon, and by the Rosh Yeshiva of Philadelphia and member of the Agudath Israel Moetzes, Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky. Furthermore, Rabbi Solomon had extensive meetings with Rabbi Weinberger for over a half a year. While he was initially willing to keep Rabbi Weinberger’s misdeeds private he eventually concluded they had to be publicized to the 5T/FR community for the protection of residents. Thus, in writing his letter, Belsky was being misleading when he claimed Rabbi Weinberger did not have a fair chance to present his side. In fact, Rabbi Belsky was coming in as an interloper to wreck a process of great deliberation and collective decision making.

It is no wonder that the leadership and laity of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway are furious. Some groups are refusing to host previously planned fundraising events. In other cases the events will happen but individual donors will withhold or downsize their donations. Supporters of Torah Vodaath speak of a $200,000 shortfall. They are complaining bitterly instead of reflecting on the misconduct of their cowboy rosh yeshiva, Yisroel Belsky.

94 thoughts on “Five Towns Angry at Belsky Over His Defense of Disgraced Rabbi Weinberger

  1. Belsky has his standards. He’ll defend any male who sexually abuses boys (e.g., members of the prolific Kolko family, Lipa Brenner, Ephraim Bryks, etc.) BUT: under no circumstances will he tolerate any hanky panky between men and women.

    Let’s hope the Feds lock Belsky up as part of the growing Epstein/Wolmark get scandal investigation. He’s a menace to society and a twisted pervert to boot.

      • According to Wikipedia, Yisroel Belsky “answers moral questions” on a series titled “HONESTY” which appears on the website
        Nice, very nice, will that “yechus” keep him out of jail in the prodfather affair? or perchance other offenses. The Kolkos are innocent, kivyachol, , and Belsky is a spokesman for “Honesty”. Ya gotta love it.

      • Yes, but compare his tempered writing here to the vicious assaults he launched at the Kolko victims. Worlds apart.

  2. No where in the Torah does it say that you have a right to confront and cross examine the witnesses. The Beis Din has the right, not the defendant. They may conclude his guilt without giving him the opportunity to defend himself.

    Furthermore, he does have the right to defend himself: bring the offending rabbis and parties to a din torah. At that din torah, present evidence of the falsehood of the witnesses. Clearly, his failure to do that indicates guilt and truth.

  3. What’s the policy of a Bet Din if the perp is convicted in a secular court – not that it necessarily matters but does that trump all? I suppose there may be issues of damages raised before a Bet Din that would need to be resolved even if the perp is in prison. Of course there would be recourse thru civil courts however I’m assuming the usual run of frumma would avoid those.

    • For a beit din to be constituted there would need to be a plaintiff who wanted a ruling and had a cause for action. Weinberger could issue a summons to a beit din accusing those who made the statement of slandering him. But then they would rejoinder, as was their right, with a counter-summons to something like the Beit Din of America. Weinberger does not want to go there because he would have to contend with an adverse ruling.

      Communities have the right not to hire someone, or recommend against using them, without convening a beit din. Most of the bans we all know so well in the frum world were issued without ever convening a beit din where the target could defend himself.

      Belsky knows this perfectly well. Which is why he never technically spoke of a beit din but of the general rule of allowing each side to be present when the other makes his case. However, that rule is specific to a beit din and not to this sort of inquiry. Belsky was trying evade the distinction, but the Rabbis of the 5T knew they were acting within halachah in the procedure they used.

      Weinberger might have been able to sue to keep his job in beit din or to argue about severance. But his resignation (with whatever severance was agreed upon) foreclosed that option. I am guessing there was an implicit deal. He goes away quietly and they don’t reveal his misconduct. Frankly, I think his employers should not have agreed to be quiet about his misconduct. But they would have stayed quiet if he had not threatened to open a new shul in 5T. He overplayed his hand and forced them to publicly criticize him. He overplayed it again by bringing in Belsky. But manipulators like him are usually arrogant and run into trouble when their run of luck ends and they are openly confronted.

      While it is unfortunate that arrogant bums like Weinberger and Belsky run around, their public exposure and humiliation is all for the good, a much needed tikkun.

  4. The truth is Rabbi Bender for sure wasn’t the one who went to Rav Belsky ,because before all the Rabbonim in town decided to puplicl read the letter against the oso ish aka..Weinberger they all went to Rabbi Bender’s office to get his approval.I have a few very credible sources about this.

  5. Weinberger went to rabbi mattisyhou Solomon for backing and told him absolutely not
    further more he went to art scroll to look for job and they told him sorry not with us.

    Weinberger seems to misunderstand the more noise he makes the more schmutzz will come out.

  6. Weinberger refused to go to bais din. tell the people at sharey tfilah to follow the money trail and see to who he gave out money and why.
    you will be surprised how many ladies were on the payroll.

  7. Weinberger is nuts rabbi simcha bunim cohen from Lakewood told Weinberger to stop running after ladies he refused so did rabbi feivel cohen from Flatbush but Weinberger is sick person just digging his grave deeper and deeper.

    • Hashem endowed him likely with normal male chromosomes. There is a reason that most languages have a version of “she’ha’zayin omed, ha’sechel ba’tachat”. Maybe someone else can add the Yiddish version, which I know exists. Yeter al kach (in addition to that), the more power a man has, the less he feels the need to overcome the animal soul. Power corrupts, testosterone corrupts. Charedim, many, not just Rabbanim, possess a strong sense of rigshei elyonut (superiority complex). So does he merit a DSM-5 code, or is he just a “normal” Charedi male in the 21st century??

  8. Is this Rabbi Weinberger related to Rabbi Shachne Weinberger of Passaic/Clifton- his shul is known as Khal Tiferes Boruch?

  9. The shul board & some of the area rabbis have been covering up for Weinberger’s indiscretions for years.

    Belsky carries zero weight in the 5 Towns because he stuck his snout in there and got badly burned in previous controversies. The most senior area talmid chochom is Rav Elya Rominek, in his 90s, who knows Belsky is a fraud and has complained about him repeatedly to Rav Elyashev & the other gedolei hador in Israel.

    All roads here are going to lead to Chofetz Chaim Torah Center’s Rabbi Aryeh Z. Ginzberg, talmid muvhak of Weinberger’s grandfather Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg. Aryeh Z. had a revolt in his shul when he defended Yudi Kolko. That was the only time that Aryeh Z. was known to back down (although he lied to protect Scheinberg in doing so). Aryeh Z. is worth hundreds of millions of dollars from real estate investments so he is often fearlessly shooting off his big mouth & badmouthing any person or rabbi with opinions that diverge from his own. 5 Towns Jewish Times publisher & Weinberger crony Larry Gordon, a Crown Heights Lubavitcher who moved to the 5 Towns to become modern orthodox, often gives free reign to Aryeh Z. to badmouth others on the front page of his “newspaper”. Larry even wrote a front page puff piece of Belsky’s associate Mendel Epstein, but was his timing ever bad as the edition hit the newsstands just hours before Epstein was apprehended by Federal agents. Larry is also in bed with David “woof woof” Seidemann, the squirrely little lawyer & 5TJT columnist who is from Weinberger’s inner-circle of chasidim. Another stooge in the service of Larry is Rabbi Yair Hoffman who when Weinberger was first pushed out of Shaarey wrote an agendized halacha column in 5TJT that was veiled criticism of the 5 Towns rabbonim for nebich taking away Weinberger’s parnossa.

    • “He should have been able to find a job because he is married to a granddaughter of the late “Gadol” Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg. That he failed to find a job, suggests both a bad reputation and marital estrangement. If the Scheinberg family wanted to help him, he would have found a job. In those circles, allegations of molesting are no obstacle to rabbinic employment.”

      According to Yerachmiel, there seems to be no connection to the Sheinberg family anymore

      • Alternatively, he decided to come back with their backing and money to form a new shul and got snared overplaying his hand. Even more extraordinarily, his reputation may even be worse than those of most garden-variety frum molesting rabbis, so bad that he could not get a job worthy of his stature in EY.

  10. Thank you for publicizing this issue. It’s true that some of the Rabbi’s in the Five Towns read their statement in Shul on a Shabbos, but they did not publish that statement. They did that deliberately because they didn’t want it to appear in print. None of the Jewish papers anywhere picked up this story either. So basically if Rabbi Weinberger went to some little town where people hadn’t heard about the issue there would be nowhere to find out other than a few murmurings on the web. Even now if you search Rabbi Weinberger on google most of what comes up are divrei torahs of his on you tube.

    • I agree it is a disgrace. If kul yisroel areivim then you are as obliged to protect Jews elsewhere from a sick, predator rabbi. Trying to keep the news local is the Jewish equivalent of sending a molester priest to a new parish.

  11. I am assuming you won’t put through my post since Im anonymous. Reason for this is that most people aren’t bringing up bender cuz they are scared of him. Everyone knows he’s trying to cover up for weinberger but no one will say it since HE’S THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN TOWN. If you mess with him you are finished and he very strong hands. I’m scared to come out publicly due to his retaliation but I would appreciate if you would post my post.

    • Yankel Bender was by the way in attendance at the very first rabbinical meeting convened regarding Yudi Kolko in the 1980s, a meeting that accomplished nothing.

      If you want your kid to get the better rebbeim in Bender’s Darchei Torah, you had better be from the moneyed Lawrence crowd, not a commoner from Far Rockaway.

      Being groomed now as the 2nd most powerful person in town is his son Boruch Ber Bender who went into askanus because he is not cut out for learning, except that Boruch Ber is not interested in helping those in need if there is no publicity in it for him.

  12. Since the Lanner incident I have wondered if I can trust the “certification” of an organization in which Poskim and administrators actively hide truth and/or defend self-admitted or convicted sexual offenders. My conclusion is that immoral, unethical and, possibly, illegal behaviour precludes me from trusting their certification.

    • I understand what you are saying. I just tweeted:

      OU certifies bacon-flavored crackers with prominent label “imitatition flavored.” Will they now list Belsky as “Imitation Frum Rabbi?”

    • what we frum jews need to remembet that gd takes care of all of us. no bad deed goes unnoticed and weinberger thought he can preach to us our children about emunah and look what happened. he will probably go down as one of biggest sociopaths and chillul hashem ever. that will be his legacy. if ppl like belsky want to be part of that so let them be. hadhem will take care of the rest.

  13. what does bender have in bed with Weinberger that he is covering for him?
    he could be the most powerful person in the 5towns however the yad hashem would take care of him if he is misleading the public just like Weinberger was the most powerful person in Lawrence and he is down the sewer pipe.

  14. Yerachmiel…you need to keep ALL posts including your own in order by time! Too hard to follow and reply appropriately!

      • instead of letting replies work ONLY on the comment it is replying to have everything list in time chronological order…for example I missed your reply to me because it was not the last comment…

        • unfortunately, that is beyond my control. I wish it were otherwise. The only solution is to subcribe by email to comments. This system does have the advantage to the one time reader of organizing things in threads. Ideally, readers would have the option to display either way. But alas we are both in golus and at the mercy of the free provider of this blogging platform.

  15. I have been living in Woodmere for 22 years. thank g-d most people in my shul (YIW) have no involvement. i will say that these comments are absurd. i only came here because of the RDW controversy who is sadly a relative of mine. Bender senior was trying to help maybe too much but certainly had good intentions, he always does. as far as Bender junior, i dont know why anyone would bring his name here-this kid could have made millions in the private sector and instead works 24 hours for people and never turns anyone down. G-d bhave mercy on everyone.

    • “Bender junior never turns anyone down”

      If you read Larry’s paper, pathetically known by the Olam Golem as the 5 Towns “Bible”, you certainly wouldn’t know anything about Bender’s callous arrogance when there is no chance of getting publicity for a good deed. Keep drinking the Kool Aid, Joseph.

    • the younger bender is the one u cant get money from if ur needy had ur house wrecked by sandy or have no power or connections to his father. but again leave these things to hashem. he takes care of these ppl and does good for the zaddikim. we all see this eventually.

  16. To clarify: many out in this community still feel that Rabbi bender senior got too involved. As far as bender junior I again state from my area of five towns anyways that the poorest family’s, and the hardest hit ones by sandy got millions raised by him and his father personally. I sat on a special board the community had for sandy and everything was done with many eyes.. It’s all public.
    I think this whole travesty shouldn’t be focused on Ginsburg or the bender famiky. Focus on a rabbi that abused power for sexual gain (yes my own relative). As far as Yaakov bender he is a great man that should t have gotten mixed in here.

    • There were people who were left out in cold (excuse the pun) by Bender’s Achiezer / Nivneh after Sandy, but Bender was too busy, at least at that time, to have been behind it. There were other people responsible for that and whatever came to the board was undiscernable as far as that. Joseph cannot possibly know about every case where people were shafted and the board was not even aware of it. Every major chesed undertaking brings out all kinds of people, both tzadikim & bad people looking for prestige but who don’t give a rat’s behind about anyone but themselves.

      • BB Bender was guilty in at least one case of depraved indifference before Hurricane Sandy when he was running the whole Achiezer from his cellphone. One of his old rebbeyim also added he should stop calling himself “Rabbi”.

    • Word on the street has it that Torah Vedaas is saying that Bender is the one who went to Belsky. That’s why he’s mixed in here. What is his game? Is he trying to cover something of his own up?

      • I hear that Bender wavered but then went along with those who denounced Weingarten, under the influence of some “Gedolim.” He was a late joiner and I do not think he would now backtrack. Bender operates a yeshiva and gets some kids locally. If he angers the local rabbonim it will cost him dollars.

        At this point, it seems to me like Ginzberg solicited the letter. This is probably the Scheinberg family network at play. Weinberger’s wife is a grandaughter of Pinchos Scheinberg and Ginzberg is a talmid of Pinchos Scheinberg and a Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva peer of Weinberger.

        • The Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim / Camp Magen Avraham child molester Weiner is also part of the Scheinberg family. Scheinberg was mashgiach ruchni in the 1960s Chofetz Chaim when Ginzberg’s father was his fellow hanhala member.

          Aryeh Z. is a thug. You should have seen him bully the rabbonim in town who refused to endorse the Rubashkin fundraising assifa. He does not reach their ankles in learning and did not have halachically sound arguments on his side so he used intimidation and when that didn’t work on everyone, he smeared them on the front page of Larry’s paper. Larry was in on it since the OU, Rubashkin’s new shechita in Latin America, and it’s local distributor, are huge advertisers in 5 Towns Jewish Times.

          Aryeh Z. repeatedly & suspiciously claims to speak in the name of the gedolei hador except no one can verify the conversations. It’s doubtful that much of what he repeats is true unless he manipulated the outcome. He’s just a more sophisticated & dangerous version of a clown in Flatbush who plays the same game to build himself up. Aryeh Z. has convinced himself that HE IS the Daas Torah of the 5 Towns. One major talmid chochom in the area snidely notes that.

  17. As far as I know nothing at all. Rabbi Weinberger should move far far far away, and let the give towns start healing.

  18. Yerachmiel, you are getting misinformation about the Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Rebbe. He joined Rav Elyashev, Ponivizh, and the sane minority faction in the Aidah to denounce the Sick-Raykim as mechalalei Shem Shomoyim. The Rebbe said they are “mashchisim”.

    The Sikrikim have sympathyzers in most of the various groups that no one can control and it is not fair to blame the Rebbe or anyone else who issued denunciations.

    It is said by the way that Stark from Williamsburg / Great Neck dumpster was a major Sick-Rake financial supporter and that his horrifying end is making some of his recipients think twice.

    The ones to beat up on are the real Sick-Rake backers like Rabbi Tuvya Weiss. And please do go back to pummelling Weinberger. Thanks!

    • Your comment regarding the Toldon AY rebbe is correct. He is not well-liked by the Eida Chareidis (although some of his chassidim are employed there) and he is hated by the ‘sikrikin’. His followers do not take part in the demonstrations/riots.
      Moreover, Yerachmiel, although it sounds good to denounce the denizens of Meah Shearim as rock-throwers etc (and I assume that you have personal experience of this) they are not the culprits. It is usually OTD youth or agents provocateurs. There are definitely those in the ‘golden kaftans’ who don’t seem to mind a Saturday afternoon entertainment on the front lines, but not they are the stone throwers. At all events, the followers of the TAY rebbe do not participate.
      By way of disclaimer: I am not a member of or partial to that group. I just happen to know the area well, and mix amongst them.

      • Can someone post actual factual evidence as to the allegation being worthy of truthfulness and validity against Rabbi Weinberger, please.

        Let us talk evidence, any evidence other then “he said she said”, and Rabbi’s meddling where they have no business or personal knowledge, to do so.

        Hearing that the five towns are “angry” is disturbing for me. For I am a domestic violence victim in Los Angeles, California and Rabbi Weinberger’s article on how a community and how Rabbi(s) in real life deals with these issues, were exactly, the same judgmental actions and naivety that was happening and harming me and my children.

        Rabbi Weinberger also came into defense for me against the big wealthy adversary Rabbi Baruch Gradon of the kollel and Rabbinical Council. Rabbi Weinberger spoke to Rabbi and Debbie Summers of Anshe Emes, as well as attorney Baruch Cohen to standby me and defend my honor and safety.

        With that said, I am a individual who is also versed in the matters of civil and criminal law. Unto which, I have yet to see anything more then allegations and lashon hara on this insightful, strong man, Rabbi Weinberger – who will go against any Rabbi who engages in threats as Rabbi Epstein and others who take the money over the evidence, which again supports our communities biggest downfall.

        Any man to whom will go up against a strong and fearful Rabbi who engages in threats, can fear just this type of outcome. Threats are now unfortunately common place in our Rabbinical community towards one another, and this is why I believe Rabbi Noah Weinberger originally had to to into hiding. He went up against Rabbi’s who threatened him and those Rabbi’s who threaten their own people.

        What evidence is the five town being all up and arms about? As I have yet to seen anything more then allegations (aka lashon hara). For five town to be so angry there must be some real real evidence, no?

        Show me the evidence and I will review my position on support of Rabbi Weinberger being a victim of slanderous allegations, by those rapist and vicious wealthy Rabbi’s that blame the victims advocate in order to throw-off the scent on the actually victimizer (usually the one who has the money and power).

        Diane Polonsky

        • Diane,
          i have read a number of your other comments. I am sorry, but this one has me extremely confused. Mostly and specifically your last paragraph. Perchance you could explicate for this thread more clearly, your point re Weinberger being a victim by …….. fill in the blanks, to me, at least, what you wrote is unintelligible. And certainly not consistent with other writings of yours. Perhaps the fault is mine. But, could you humor me, and spell it out in details, Your kavanah in your last paragraph @3:25PM. Thank you and Shanah Tovah and may this year improve on past years of suffering..
          It is possible that I have some mental block re this last paragraph….if that is the case, I would hope that this comment of mine would fall into the abyss.
          Kol Tuv.

          • Rabbi Dovid Weinberger response to reader comment regarding final comment:

            Here is my response explaining to the reader what my position is regarding Rabbi Dovid Weinberger.

            Rabbi Dovid Weinberger is a victim just like I am. ​Let me explain, here is what we know. #1. Rabbi Dovid Weinberger went into hiding for six months. #2. Rabbi Weinberger moved to Israel. #3. Rabbi Dovid Weinberger was not facing arrest or prosecution .

            Therefore, a Rabbi with a solid home and not facing arrest has no reason to run! True?

            Being a domestic violence victim in Los Angeles, has been my experience that the following is now a common problem [poison] in our community.

            The problem is you got the victims, and you got the victimizers, and the victimizers are the ones with the money [a.k.a. power].

            People like Rabbi Baruch Gradon and Rabbi Epstein are a BIG common problem. Now, Rabbi Epstein of the beit din has already been busted by the F.B.I., and I expect Rabbi Gradon to be busted too.

            I have been informed that a recent Los Angeles beit din case of a staff member versus a school going before the Los Angeles beit din was almost fixed by the corrupt Rabbi Baruch Gradon. I must tell you that the well known writer and Rav, Rabbi Yissocher Frand, is well aware of Rabbi Baruch Gradon and considers him problematic, and a threat on our community.

            It is my assertion that Rabbi Dovid Weinberger was “threatened”, by a Rav. or two or three.

            Let me tell you, I would have been dead, like Rita Parizer to whom Rabbi’s called her names and dismissed her. Just like Rabbi Baruch Gradon of Kollel Los Angeles and in the family commissions department of the Rabbinical council and Rabbi Moshe Cohen of Aish Los Angeles dismissed/ignored me.

            It is partially because of Rabbi Dovid Weinberger that I am alive and I have the support of Rabbi Summers and his wife Rebbitzen Debbie Summers.

            Life and death is a big deal, Rabbi Weinberger was accurate in his foresight and clarity of my dire situation, and I thank him for it.

            Rabbi Dovid Weinberger stands behind the victim and goes against the strongest of adversaries. But as some point, he was threatened. And that is obvious, and is the truth as I see it from both my experience, my experience with him, and my knowledge and research dealing with corrupt men like Rabbi Baruch Gradon living in Los Angeles who threatens both Rav’s and yids.

            Thank you.
            Diane Newman Polonsky

            • It is possible that Weinberger did some good things for some people and yet and I have heard from numerous people in private, he was indeed sexually exploiting women. Not everyone who fights some bad guys is a good guy.

            • Yerchmiel,
              You are correct in not giving carte blanc to him. However, I must always return to looking at prior assistance he has done for others as noted, timelines, history of assistance in the community, and again, raise the issue of evidence vs lashon hara. Only Hashem knows everything. Shana Tova to you and yours, and may we see justice always prevail in a joyous and revealed way.
              Diane Polonsky

        • Unfortunately, there are many individuals who work with vulnerable women and put on a false persona of being one of the good decent people. They do so because this is how they get access to women they exploit and/or abuse. This is a well know phenomenon.

          Unfortunately, people are willing to throw away the women they abuse for the “greater good” of the movement, which of course is obscene. And they do this despite multiple credible allegations from unrelated parties

          • It is true, it is hard to know the good guys from the bad guys. However, again, I must stress, that one must look at the evidence versus lashon hara.
            Diane Newman Polonsky

            • In posting the story I was not just reporting the open statement of many rabbis in the 5 Towns. I was also basing it on contacts with victims and local mental health professionals who had spoken to other victims.

        • Diane,
          i am pleased, that, b’sofo shel davar, you feel freed and vindicated and protected by your rabbi hero. whatever. but i can only agree with yerachmiel. i am still a huge huge skeptic re your knight in shining armor, your gibor.. and re others. Would i put my money where my mouth is, fact of the matter is, that I would, Indeed, so certain am I. I am a financial advocate. and any other advocacies, where i can be helpful.
          Advocates such as YL, and others, i think, know where to find me.
          Gmar chatimah tova, Diane, may your life continue be kind to you, and settled, and all previous vicious circumstances be purged from your memory, for ever. KOL Tuv.

  19. the chidush in this whole parsha is that rabbi pesach krohn is not backing Weinberger who he is very close from the alter heim in queens furthermore rabbi olshin from BMG who know Weinberger from the alter heim is also not backing him makes you wonder.

    • Paysach Krohn, when not tinkering with his bad comb-over or butchering bris milah boys with his Gomco clamp which Satmar came after him about, has molester support fatigue after taking a pounding over his brother in law Ephraim Bryks and being disciplined by Artscroll for defending his child rapist mechutan Lipa Brenner.

      Rabbi Olshin is a Brooklyn boy, not a Queens boy. Besides that the rabbonim in Lakewood banned Weinberger from publicly speaking there over a year ago.

      The two should not be mentioned in the same breath. Krohn is a charlatan while Rabbi Olshin is a tzaddik.

  20. when Weinberger came over a year ago to talk he was warned not to come but he came and he had police protection then supposedly it was done by Meir Lichtenstein the deputy mayor at the time cause he also has sexual issues.
    you should ask yodel shain about Weinberger he has lot of shmootz on him.

  21. Im getting conflicting reports if the Torah Vadaas Roshei Yeshiva are coming to the 5 towns/far rockaway for Shabbos,,in the local papers there ads ran,that they are coming .,but im hearing now its cancelled due to the controversy.Does anyone have info on this?
    The other point I have is it seems that Rav belsky is saying in his letter that the Rabbis didn’t give oso ish aka weinberger a right to defend himself,and they should have looked more into the case.The problem is the only one that doesn’t have the facts straight,and didn’t properly look into the case was kvodo bimkomo omedes Rav Belsky

    • The ad for the YTV Shabbos was pulled from the 5 Towns paper & replaced with a scaled down shmooz tonite in a private residence. Rabbis Reisman & Savitsky seem to always back Belsky so it was made clear none of the Touro Vodaas roshei yeshiva are welcome. But the yeshiva’s Mashgiach who doesn’t have a political bone in his body is coming. This is the best that Belsky can salvage and the private host is Yanky Safier, brother in law of indicted felon Gimpel Wolmark who is the bosom buddy of Belsky & Mendel Epstein.

    • The ad for the YTV Shabbos was pulled from the 5 Towns paper & replaced with a scaled down shmooz tonite in a private residence. Rabbis Yisroel Reisman & Yosef Savitsky seem to always back Belsky so it was made clear none of the Touro Vodaas roshei yeshiva are welcome. But the yeshiva’s Mashgiach who doesn’t have a political bone in his body is coming. This is the best that Belsky can salvage and the private host is Yanky Safier, brother in law of indicted felon Gimpel Wolmark who is the bosom buddy of Belsky & Mendel Epstein.

  22. The thing I love about this website is that it’s a forum for every shmuck in the world to spew their gobbledygook nonsense, and say them as fact. Every rumor becomes reportable and every fantasia becomes reality. The fact that Rabbi Belsky is a Torah giant who has EARNED every right to defend whoever the hell he wants is lost on the nitwits who spend their days occupying this chat. The fact that he doesn’t shy away from taking the politically in-correct side of a fight should be heralded but it is mocked by the likes of you idiots. And to the comments about how 5-towns/FR community should now shun their support for YTV, those people should please go play in traffic. Yeshiva Torah Vdaas is an anchor Jewish institution in this country that has withstood the test of time, and will surely continue to thrive without the support of your minimum wage salaries. May god have mercy on your carpal tunnel laden fingers and decaying brains.

    • I love the way you criticize critical language by going foul and vulgar.

      There is no such thing as “earning the right to defend anyone you want.” You defend someone if his case is just. Again, thank you for showing how a Belsky talmid thinks.

      Torah Vodaath was a great institution but it has been degraded and financially weakend during the years Belsky became ONE of its roshei yeshiva. His colleagues at YTV despise him. It is no secret that in his last years, Rav Pam could not even bear to look at Belsky. On the street he would change his route to avoid passing him.

      I readily concede that Belsky is a great lamdan, but you need erlichkeit and ethics to be respected as a talmid chochom and as a worthy posek. Avoiding ham sandwiches is not all that it takes to be frum.

      My, my! You don’t even know me and you are making assumptions about my fingers, my brains, and my salary.

    • Oh arrogant one of Lawrence-Cedarhurst, exactly what has Belsky EARNED besides condemnation from:

      Click to access DINTORA_BELSKY_YSH-E.pdf

      Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashev, regarding illegitimate bitul kiddushin, illegitimate gittin & bogus kashrus standards
      Rav Ovadya Yosef, regarding illegitimate bitul kiddushin
      Rav Shalom Messas, ditto
      Rav Aharon Schechter, ditto
      Rav Shlomo Miller, ditto
      3 dayanim of the Badatz, ditto
      Rav Feivel Cohen, ditto
      Rav Dovid Feinstein, for making up stories in the name of the father Rav Moshe re “allowing” parasites in fish
      Rav Elya Rominek, for anything Belsky touches including all his bogus psakim in kashrus
      Rav Moshe Sternbuch, for forced gittin with Mendel Epstein
      The roshei yeshiva of Lakewood, ditto

      Even the national Agudah stopped inviting Belsky to their gatherings for a few years until they realized they were missing out on money from his supporters.

      Oh arrogant one of Lawrence-Cedarhurst, exactly who is on your side with Belsky, two little screwballs Larry Gordon & David “woof woof” Seidemann?

      Between Weinberger’s adultery which you are trying to cover up and your depraved commentary about people’s lack of income, a MIDAS SDOM to make poor people feel unwelcome, we can pronounce on you:

      Zaakas Sdom veLawrence ki Rabba

  23. Dear Rabbi Perr, shlit”a
    As an alumnus of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, I am deeply hurt about your recent attack on our yeshiva.
    This was not simply an attack on Rav Belsky personally, but an assault on a fundraising weekend for the yeshiva .
    This fundraiser, which was projected to bring in $200,000, was lost to a Makom Torah.
    This is an assault on a Rabim and a Tzibur, for a yeshiva your Rebbe, Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l, called the mother of all yeshivos.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How do you explain such an attack? Are you no better than Bennet and Lapid, doing your utmost to uproot Toirah?
    Your Rebbe Rav Aharon zt”l came to build, while you are destroying. How will you answer up for this injustice?
    History has shown and taught us that those who start up with the Torah never achieve a happy ending.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Would you suggest to not eat OU products this weekend because of Rav Belsky?
    In addition, we, the Talmidim of Rav Belsky, must object to this degradation of our Rebbe. Rav Belsky is recognized worldwide for his greatness in Torah, and his Psak and advice are sought by the entire spectrum of the Frum world. No less than Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky zt”l lauded him as having no equal in his knowledge, and that was more than a quarter of a century ago. How much more so today!!!!
    we an are waiting for apology. The harm of this injustice must be rectified.

    • Rabbi Belsky brought it on himself. There’s a reason that people have had enough of a man who is mevazeh gedolim vetovim mimenu (such as R. Fishel Hershkowitz). There’s a reason that his support for every molester out there has most come back to haunt him. There’s a reason that his redifa of Rabbi S. from Lakewood is not being forgotten. There’s a reason that his so-called hafkaas kiddushin (along with his friend who is now awaiting sentencing) has turned him into the only American posek to have Kol Koreis decrying him hanging up in Yerushalayim.

    • Someone much bigger than Rav Perr, R’ Elya Romnek, has been raving against Belsky for years but the 5 Towns rabbis were making too much money at the Vaad by following Belsky’s shitos to listen.

      Belsky also made a lot of enemies when he inserted himself into the dispute surrounding Agudah of Long Island’s R’ Yankel Reisman, not to be confused with R’ Yisroel Reisman who is no relation.

    • I heard from credible sources that Harav Perr Shlita, was not the source of the disinvite but other Rabbis in the area,
      Maybe be sure of your facts next time before you shoot from the hip.

  24. Making the rounds is the letter below:
    Does anyone know what Rav Perr said or did to attack TvD as referenced in the letter? And who sent it and how did I get it from two different people with huge cc lists?

    “Dear Rabbi Perr, shlit”a
    As an alumnus of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, I am deeply hurt about your recent attack on our yeshiva.
    This was not simply an attack on Rav Belsky personally, but an assault on a fundraising weekend for the yeshiva .
    This fundraiser, which was projected to bring in $200,000, was lost to a Makom Torah.
    This is an assault on a Rabim and a Tzibur, for a yeshiva your Rebbe, Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l, called the mother of all yeshivos.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How do you explain such an attack? Are you no better than Bennet and Lapid, doing your utmost to uproot Toirah?
    Your Rebbe Rav Aharon zt”l came to build, while you are destroying. How will you answer up for this injustice?
    History has shown and taught us that those who start up with the Torah never achieve a happy ending.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Would you suggest to not eat OU products this weekend because of Rav Belsky?
    In addition, we, the Talmidim of Rav Belsky, must object to this degradation of our Rebbe. Rav Belsky is recognized worldwide for his greatness in Torah, and his Psak and advice are sought by the entire spectrum of the Frum world. No less than Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky zt”l lauded him as having no equal in his knowledge, and that was more than a quarter of a century ago. How much more so today!!!!
    I and other alumni are waiting for apology. The harm of this injustice must be rectified.”

  25. So Weinberger messed up Torah Vodaas fundraising and you have complaint but that he messed up tons of marriage’s and people lives you don’t give hoot!! Belsey bmkomo munach is a hot tamale who’s spun out of control. Lately with the major issues facing klaal yisroel he was on the wrong side of the fence. BTW, in the chasideher world nobody looks at him and in the bney torah yeshivasher world they mostly don’t ask him their shaillos.

  26. torah vdas was once a great yeshiva today all that left is zechar lcurban.
    and that belskey is a world godal which planet are you on? and nobody owes belsky anything just like belskey himself couldn’t care about anybody.what comes around go around.( and btw that belskey went to court in Lakewood and testify against rabbi eliyahu Levin who rav eliyshiv appointed him after 911 to be matir the agunos whats up with that?)

  27. I understand that 5T Rabbis are upset at R’ Belsky. Why is that a reason to destroy the YTV fundraiser? As Yerachmiel pointed out, he is only ONE of the Roshei Yeshiva. It still is a prominent Torah institution.
    Without commenting on what R’ Belsky did, YTV should not be punished.

    • A Yeshiva is represented by its roshei yeshiva. If Torah Vodaath considers Belsky honorable they are miseducating their students. Those who are witholding funds will return if and when Torah Vodaath replaces Belsky with a more honorable rosh yeshiva.

  28. The truth is I live in the Five towns area and was really looking forward to hear Rav Reisman ,he is amazing.In truth It would have been a complete disgrace to the other Roshei Yeshiva had they come.Rav Belsky should have Wrote the letter for Dave a week after they came.
    Talk about bad timing.

    • I can’t disagree with that. But I guess R’ Belsky felt passionately enough about it that he couldn’t hold back.

      • He at least have been honest enough to admit what he knew, that R. Matisyahu Solomon had heard Weinberger’s version and supported the 5T/FR rabbis following inquiry. Moreover, that R. Shmuel Kaminetzky was also involved in the decision and also encouraged the public denunciation of Dovid Weinberger. Belsky was just shilling for the network of the Scheinberg family. He has collaborated with them in defending other molesters such as Yudi Kolko. So naturally he would now rise to the defense of a family member, Dovid Weinberger, who is married to a granddaughter of R. Pinchos Scheinberger.

        Don’t fool yourself. Belsky was not acting out of principal. He was acting out of political considerations.

        • If he was rally acting out of political consideration, do you really think he would do it at a time when it can ruin his reputation in YTV?

  29. What really saddens me is the more Rav Belsky does things like this,no less people will listen to his psak,on other matters

  30. I meant to say,
    What really saddens me is the more Rav Belsky does things like this, less people will listen to his psak,on other matters

  31. confused in Lakewood all the roshey yeshivas sign together they almost never sign themselves on any proclamation why doesn’t torah vodas have that same policy?

  32. POSTPONEMENT – Yeshiva Torah Vodaath Five Town Shabbos with the Roshei Yeshiva

    Unfortunately circumstances dictate that we postpone the
    Torah Vodaath Lawrence – Far Rockaway Shabbos with the Roshei Hayeshiva, originally scheduled for this Shabbos, Parshas Tazria-HaChodesh.

    Hopefully, b’ezras Hashem, the event will be rescheduled in the near future.

    Best wishes for a Good Shabbos and hatzlacha,

    Rabbi Yitzchok Gottdiener
    Executive Director
    718-941-8000 /
    Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Vodaath

    • From what I am hearing, since the beginning of this whole horrible story, the rabbis, especially Perr and Jaeger have been trying to protect the community and trying to get Weinberger out of town while trying to keep it as quiet as possible. What had caused all the trouble is Yaakov Bender, Aryeh Zev Ginzberg, and two baalei batim who have been fighting for Weinberger. They forced the rabbis to make it public and then they ran to Lakewood to try and dupe Rav Mattisyahu who was smart enough to keep his nose clean this time. Then they continued shopping for support and misfed belsky information, and he bit the bullet. He didn’t bother checking in with his (former?) friends in Far Rockaway first. The real issue here is Bender. He is powerful. But he is NOT daas Torah. A world class mechanech who craves power, he shouldn’t stick his head between real gedolim. Why is he defending someone who took advantage of women in our community for over 20 years? Bender is hiding something. At least we should publicize that he is the one rabble rousing. He cares about his image. That’ll make him stop.

  33. Leman hachai you are sadly a very bitter person who clearly has a vendetta against rabbi bender. Anyone who knows rabbi bender knows tvat he is one of a kind special person-that’s not to say that he should have gotten involved here. Bad move. However all he did was try to have this handled in a more bekovidik fashion and all you are trying to do to make it seem like rabbi bender now defended a sexual predator.

    • He didn’t “get involved”. He had been the one pushing this defense of Weinberger. If he’s not defending a predator, then how would you classify his actions. This whole story keeps coming up because bender won’t let it go away. The REAL talmidei chachamim in the community such as rabbis Brown kalish jaeger and others called Torah vodaas on their own to tell them they wouldn’t be welcome, before any actions were taken as a group. Nobody else sides with bender on the issue. He clearly has an agenda or is hiding something. He purposefully misled belsky. How do you excuse his actions?!?

  34. Pingback: Rabbis and their female followers – how close is too close? | Kol B'Isha Erva

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