Jewish Publishers Drop Some of Rabbi Dovid Weinberger Books Because of Scandal

ArtScroll/Mesorah, the most important ultra-orthodox Jewish publisher, has stopped selling a number of titles by Rabbi Dovid Weinberger in the aftermath of a scandal involving alleged misconduct with women. They continue to sell his Women’s Siddur and Rabbi Nissan Alpert on the Sidrah. However they no longer list for sale these other titles which are still available elsewhere (and thus, probably still in-print):

  • Step By Step: A Weekly Program for Self-improvement (ArtScroll, November 2012, ISBN: 978-1422613207)
  • Dovid Weinberger The Traveler's Halachic Handbook coverThe Traveler’s Halachic Handbook (ArtScroll, May 2013, ISBN: 978-1422613801)
  • ArtScroll continues to list his Guide For Jewish Hospital Patient (1996, ISBN: 9781879016231) which is published by OU/NCSY though the listing on ArtScroll excludes his name as the author and the OU/NCSY no longer lists the book on their site. Amazon also lists it.

Feldheim publishers does not seem to have been affected by the scandal.

  • MadrichL’ChevraHatzalah: A Digest ofHalachos Pertaining toPikuachNefesh byMechel Handler and Dovid Weinberger & Foreword by AvrohomSchorr (Feldheim Publishers, Dec 2013, ISBN: 978-1598269871)Feldheim was carrying it as of 3/26/14.It is a safe bet that Weinberger is no longer the halachic adviser of Hatzalah of Rockaways and Nassau County.

ArtScroll probably continues the carry the siddur because there are communities and groups that have bought them in volume and will continue to need additional copies as they grow or copies wear out. Rav Nisson Alpert O”H is a highly respected talmid chacham and they may see the book as merely edited by Weinberger, his son-in-law.

I suspect some haredi heavyweights persuaded ArtScroll to drop otherwise profitable items (in spite of the fact that Rabbi Yisroel Belsky backs Weinberger). It is true that most books are not very profitable after you factor in the initial production costs. But once they are printed, each sale is profitable. Even if you need to reprint, costs for reprinting are a small fraction of the initial costs.

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All Dovid Weinberger titles still being sold by ArtScroll as of 3-26-14

All Dovid Weinberger titles still being sold by ArtScroll as of 3-26-14


11 thoughts on “Jewish Publishers Drop Some of Rabbi Dovid Weinberger Books Because of Scandal

  1. step by step weekly program for self improvement from which step did the rabbi fall from and was the womans siddur the one he davened with the women he counseled

  2. he is no longer one of the seminary rabbonim of mchon bayse Rachel in the 5towns.
    He has also been dropped at the halachic advisor of the Shalom Task Force which focuses on protecting abused women and dealing with sholom bayis issues.

    • Does Neuhoff still work for Shalom Task Force? Known as the “Bungalow Putz”, Neuhoff is the former Torah Temimah employee who Belsky directed to set up a blog to smear anti-child molester dignitary Rabbi Mendlowitz, known online as UOJ.

  3. if Weinberger worked for shalom task force and they got government funding and he is now caught with his pants down is there any legal issues with that?

  4. Artscroll will sanitize, euphemize and revise this incident as they have done in their other publications. (kinda reminds me of Josephus)

    • if one looks at step by step book. one can notice the good rabbis choices for each midah. he picked such undeserving ppl to discuss the very qualities he wanted to emphasize. the bal gava tslked against gaava. the philanderer who was well known spoke about fearing gd and the moralist spoke about being kind to others. this was the beginning for us to see his poor judgement of character. also none of his publishings showed anything of intelligence or chidushim that would be published by a bright talnud chochim. this was voiced by many learned ppl in five towns prior to this scandal.

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