Someone Called Me Korach for Publicizing a Sex Abuser

Back in 2010 I posted a plea to my readers to attend the sentencing of a convicted child molester.

A certain “fine” commented:

Korach donutWe are not the puppets of Yerachmilel Lopin.  We are not here to create a chilul hashem in the streets or in the courtroom. Das torah does not agree with the way Yerachmiel Lopin promotes his way of logic. We do not have to add to the publicity that this matter has already received. Korach and his cohorts were swallowed up into the earth after the aveyrah they committed. Yerachmiel Lopin and his responders of Loshon Horahniks will one day SOON get punished for all the evil they have brought onto Klal Yisroel.

I replied:

I trust in the correctness of my conduct. Alas the chillul hashem was created first with the vile acts of molestation, and then again with the coverup which allowed the acts to multiply and then in the attempt to block the use of the courts to stop this rodef.

Unlike Korach I am not trying to claim any privileges belonging to Moshe Rabeinu. Your logic resembles those who said, if none of our leaders are opposing the golden calf, it must be all right.

It can not be that there is such a thing as daas torah which says it is OK to allow serial molesters to continue on their ways. After the Akedah never again was a Jew tested with the demand that he sacrifice a child. Child sacrifice is the way of one who worships Molech. The torah and the neviim gave us plenty warnings about this exactly because alas this practice persisted in spite of the commands of the torah.

EEH EFSHAR, it is not possible, that those who tolerate child molestation embody daas torah.

I have no puppets nor any need for puppets. My arguments and facts are clear and I trust my readers to evaluate my claims and decide where they stand. Sadly, many in your camp rely on authority claims because you can not make your case through seychel.


3 thoughts on “Someone Called Me Korach for Publicizing a Sex Abuser

  1. This person is an example of why I’m ni more charedi. The real daas torah, if such thing exists, will never let a child suffering. Like you said the only chillul Hashem comed from the perpetrator and those who cover-up it.

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