Belsky Damaged Torah Vodaath by Getting Into Fight with Rabbis Solomon and Kaminetzky

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky

I have updated my previous post, Five Towns Angry at Belsky Over His Defense of Disgraced Rabbi Weinberger with the following:

The decision to denounce Weinberger was backed by the mashgiach of Beth Medrash Gavohah of Lakewood, Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon, and by the Rosh Yeshiva of Philadelphia and member of the Agudath Israel Moetzes, Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky. Furthermore, Rabbi Solomon had extensive meetings with Rabbi Weinberger for over a half a year. While he was initially willing to keep Rabbi Weinberger’s misdeeds private he eventually concluded they had to be publicized to the 5T/FR community for the protection of residents. Thus, in writing his letter, Belsky was being misleading when he claimed Rabbi Weinberger did not have a fair chance to present his side. In fact, Rabbi Belsky was coming in as an interloper to wreck a process of great deliberation and collective decision making.

It is no wonder that the leadership and laity of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway are furious. Some groups are refusing to host previously planned fundraising events. In other cases the events will happen but individual donors will withhold or downsize their donations. Supporters of Torah Vodaath speak of a $200,000 shortfall. They are complaining bitterly instead of reflecting on the misconduct of their cowboy rosh yeshiva, Yisroel Belsky.


8 thoughts on “Belsky Damaged Torah Vodaath by Getting Into Fight with Rabbis Solomon and Kaminetzky

  1. so the person who went to belsky about Weinberger with held information or belsky knew and couldn’t care less? or maybe Weinberger himself approach belsky?

    • The letter went to Rabbi Ginzberg who has the Chofetz Chaim Shul. Even he was too embarassed and requested his name not be on the letter but he circulated it. This issue has been bubbling for over a half a year so anyone plugged into the networks knew the score. Belsky wrote that he has friends on both sides of the issue. For a man who writes about listening to both sides, how damn hard would it have been for him to make a few phone calls? My guess is he knew the score and lied when he claimed Weinberger did not get a hearing. Alternatively, he suspected as much but gave himself plausible deniability by not asking. However, for a man who talks about listening to both sides, how could he write the letter without asking?

      No matter how you cut it he is defender of a sex offender, dishonest and disrespectful of the local community.

  2. Wow. Your venom is really dripping. I guess you feel the need to jump up and down for attention. Too bad you have no idea what the heck you’re talking about. What a joke!

  3. I’ve commented previously on items related the KCDA but I can tell you that this Belsky character may not be relevant much longer to this religious dispute. A credible source tells me that Federal agents armed with a search warrant turned his house upside down & carted off boxes of documents. Before long Belsky could very well be sitting in an orange jumper & leg irons in front of a judge as part of the divorce gang Prodfather conspiracy.

    • He may well end up in the docket together with ProdFather Mendel Epstein for conspiracy to extort, kidnap and torture men to secure their signatures on religious divorces. He sat at battei din with Epstein and Wolmark and authorized kidnapping beatings.

      The question for the orthodox community is whether they can self-police rabbinic misconduct or need to rely on the Feds. If he gets indicted it will be a major scandal for the orthodox community already reeling from many other embarrassing arrests. On the other hand, if the OU and Yeshiva Torah Vodaath dumps him first, the damage will be limited.

  4. He isn’t the only Rosh Yeshiva, there are a few others including: Rabbi Yosef Savitsky and Rabbi Yisroel Reisman. Belsky is brilliant. He has an absolutely first rate rabbinical mind. He would merit the description talmid chacham if he had comparable ethics, but alas he does not.

    He is a political creature, unafraid to take on others and play ruthlessly. He has also accrued a lot of patronage chits by being the posek for OU kosher. In the frum world he is seen as making it better. That is hooey. They have always been a professional honest hashgachah. But the heimish world has a hard time crediting Modern Orthodox Jews so they get assured by having a Hareidi name. In reality, the OU runs independently of him and he is co-posek with Rabbi Hershel Schachter. Shachter is equally rabbinically brilliant. But the world of Harediim needs a non-Zionist to buy-in. So Belsky’s role on the the OU both helps the OU in the Haredi world and helps Belsky sustain his reputation. It is no accident that Belsky is not the Moetzes of the Agudath Israel. Many rabbonim loathe him for his thuggishness and his dubious rulings in cases where he had a financial self interest. They have a hard time fighting him publicly. But privately there are plenty of Haredi rabbish shepping nachas from his problems in the Five Towns. There are a few who are anticipating with glee the possibility that he will be indicted along with Mendel Epstein the prodfather for kidnapping and torturing recalcitrant husbands.

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