Matchmaking Fail — Hitler and a Jewish Woman

The Forward reports that DNA tests of Eva Braun show Ashkenazi genes. Braun, Hitler’s girlfriend, married him in the last last days of the Nazi Third Reich, just before both of them committed suicide in their Berlin bunker.

I hope no one rushes in to debate her status under Jewish law. Hitler didn’t care about halachic criteria.

It’s hysterical that this idolizer of the Aryan race had a lousy nose for Jewish ancestry.

If Eva Braun really had Jewish ancestry, someone will prove it. Genealogists and historians will be working the hustings for the evidence. Naturally this will also be manna for comedians and for clergy of all faiths looking for a sermon hook. This is the ultimate cosmic screw you to Hitler.

Yeah, we want his name wiped out. But we wouldn’t mind a few more digs before that happens. And then, yemach shemo.



One thought on “Matchmaking Fail — Hitler and a Jewish Woman

  1. The vaunted Aryan racial purity was no doubt more of a fiction than anything else so somehow this doesn’t surprise me terribly much. Races and ethnic groups mix. Sometimes the resulting child is obviously a mix, as in: to the untrained eye – sometimes not. How sad it would be to learn, though, that some of the true Nazi mega-monsters carried Jewish blood. Perhaps some of them knew they did and their actions were in reaction to that knowledge. All speculative but certainly not impossible.

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