Antisemitism, Real and False

We Jews have very good and terrifying reasons to be sensitive to antisemitism. Which is why we save our ammunition for the real thing like the horrible shootings in Kansas City. The hateful bastard who murdered three people is despised by most Americans and the American public has rallied to our side in sympathy.

The day before Passover, a prominent Hasidic rabbi, Shmuel Dovid Halberstam, Sanz-Klausenburger Rebbe in Boro Park did the opposite as an excuse for stupid dangerous behavior. He and his hasidim were burning chometz when a fireman was doing his job and got punched. So much for Hakol kol Yaakov vihayidayim yidei Eisav. The fireman tried to get the Rebbe’s attention to protest being punched. The idiot Rebbe retorted, they also did this to us in Nazi Germany. It is pathetic that the son of a concentration camp survivor can’t tell the difference between a crematorium in Nazi Europe and law enforcement in Brooklyn. Like antibiotics that are over-used and become ineffective, the cry of antisemitism is in danger of being cheapened by scofflaws who play the religion card recklessly.

Klausenberger Rebbe BP Shmuel Dovid Halberstam

Surely, a way can be worked out to burn chometz with the cooperation of the fire department instead of instigating a cat and mouse game that endangers the public, wears out the fire department, and weakens our protection from real antisemitism.


15 thoughts on “Antisemitism, Real and False

  1. It’s very simple. You take your individual little bag of chometz, put it in a steel pail and light it on fire and flush the resulting ash. Done. We don’t live in the middle of nowhere any more, in the near-desert where a raging bonfire poses no risk. A few sparks from someone’s welding equipment recently set off a fire here in Boston that destroyed a building next door and killed two firemen. An errant gust of wind blowing sparks and burning fragments could cause untold damage in a warren like Boro Park. Anyone but a Hasid would understand that but no – these characters believe they have the right to do anything they please and anyone who gainsays them is a Nazi. They are what too many of the public see as being representative of the Jewish people when they are no more representative of my outlook than a member of Boko Haram would be of that of the average Muslim immigrant taxi driver in NY.

    • This group burned the road with their chometz. The smell stunk things up for blocks. I have a hard time breathing anyway. This stink made my Air Purifier useless.

      Why couldn’t you use a steel pail and go burn it at the fire station?

      YOU MISERABLE BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The same Rebbe, a few years back, at his erev Pesach chometz burning, had an important sefer (Jewish religious work) burned because he didn’t like it. I am referring to the sefer Hagaon, a great three volume work by the Israeli scholar Rav Dov Eliach shlita, which has a section in which the author explains why the Vilna Gaon opposed Hasidism so strongly (which some other works on the Vilna Gaon omit or do not adequately address). Evidently this Rebbe felt threatened by it.

    Such ‘leadership’ is an embarrassment to the Jewish community (of course, he is only the leader of a relatively small sect, and not of the overwhelming majority of Orthodox Jews, or even Hasidim, but not everyone knows that).

  3. Theese misfits are brain damaged the rebbe with his followers,they have it too good they think they are above the law sick people.

  4. Very sad- why do certain Jewish groups- often chassidsh ones, at that- take mundane practices like burning chometz and elevate them to heilige public events? The morons in Square drive the rebbe to the local 7-11 for a Slurpee and it becomes a parade with escorts and a limousine for his Eminence (will he order diet or regular??). Watch a video of a tisch and see how all hell breaks loose when the Rebbe tosses an apple or piece of challah into the crowd. It goes on and on and on- these jerks love to drum up publicitiy for themselves by making every Rabbinic appearance a publicity opportunity. Now this – why does the Klausenberger rebbe even allow burning chometz to become an EVENT??? We had hundreds of people burining chomtez in Passaic every single year, and the majority went out of the way to thank to firemen who were supervising the process. In this case, it’s too bad the fireman didnt level the little prick who hit him, but we all know what that would have done to his career…and those other little vermin singing and chanting like idiots while a grave Chilul Hashem has been caught on video. Shmucks….

    • May I suggest that you not use the word “vermin” to characterize any human being… such tactics were used in the not-too-distant past.. argue on the merits

  5. Oy vey! His own chasidim must be very embarrassed of it! His brother and his chasidim have now proof they’re the normal ones.

    • They are not ( as shocking as it sounds) they are programed to somejhow twist and justify any and every move these monsters do and find it as a “Good” idea.

      I truly believe that these chassidim are on their last leg as every day thousands of youngsters leave the brainwashing cults and before you know it, the Jewish people will prevail as one since the chassidim wont be around to mess things up as they always do!

      • Don’t be so global. Some Hasidim are like this. In fact, too many. But that is not the same as equating this conduct with all chasidim. I know plenty of chasidim that would never behave this way.

  6. Fred: It’s because they have an outsized notion of their place in the world. What’s important to them should obviously important to all. They’re delusional and divorced from the reality which governs the behavior of mainstream society whether here or in the UK or in Israel.

  7. Regarding chametz burning:
    For many years in Chicago, there has been organized chametz burning conducted with the knowledge and advice of the relevant authorities. This year, as it was the day after the Kansas City shootings, there were police present.

  8. Another contact sends me this about supervised chometz burning in Teaneck.

    Note that a very large-scale bi’ur hametz is not only supervised by the local fire department, but they also use it as an educational experience to teach kids about fire safety. Wouldn’t it be great if other frum communities did the same? (maybe they do, but I only know it from my own community.)

  9. Yesterday the Klausenburg Rebbe gave an apology in Stolin Shull which is a non apology with more hatred and isolation to his followers among his wisdom: 1) if you don’t have in mind the american gentile by Shloy Usani Goy you made a Bracha LeVatlah… 2) and that the Fireman didnt want him to burn the Chamets bc he knew we Hasidim burn them!…

    • Feivish Brief,after listening to this insane rantings by this idiot,i am more than ever convinced this guy belongs in a mental asylum for the criminally insane,what a chillul hashem,and then we wonder why they hate us

  10. The video above shows just a short clip and doesn’t give the full picture of what happened. There is another clip online, over two minutes longer, where one can see graphically what led up to the short clip above. Showing the Hasidim scuffling with NYFD personnel in the closed off street. Really outrageous.

    I wonder why there were no arrests. Such activity, obstructing and assaulting NY’s bravest, are serious offenses.

    The clip can be seen at

    Credit should be given to another group of Hasidim, who in response to the sickening incident discussed above, put together an online petition taking issue with the shameful conduct of Klausenberger Hasids of Boro Park. It can be seen at

    All in all, disgraceful conduct. The so called ‘Grand Rabbi’, should publicly apologize, repent, and discipline his guilty followers, who caused such a terrible chillul Hashem. If he does not adequately address the issue, he should be ostracized. He should not be honored by organizations like Agudath Israel, who let him lead some of the prayers at the recent prayer rally in Manhattan they coordinated.

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