Waks Sues Yeshivah Centre of Melbourne for Allowing Predators to Roam

Manny Waks

Manny Waks

Manny Waks, head of the Australian, anti-abuse Tzedek, sued Yeshivah Centre in Melbourne for failing to act on information they had that David Cyprys sexually preyed on children. Waks is alleging that Yeshivah Centre should have taken action to prevent further episodes, especially after they learned of criminal convictions. Consequently, Waks asserts, he was sexually assaulted due to their negligence. See the full story here.


6 thoughts on “Waks Sues Yeshivah Centre of Melbourne for Allowing Predators to Roam

    • full list of the defendants are as follows:
      1) Velvel Serebranski
      2) David Cyprys
      3) Chabad Properties INC
      4) Yeshiva & Beth Rifkah Properties INC
      5) Chabad Institutions of Australia INC
      6) Yeshiva & Beth Rifkah Colleges INC
      7) Rabbi Avrohom Glick
      8) Harry Cooper
      9) Don Wolf
      10) Michael Goldhirsh
      11) Max New
      12) Shmuel Gurewicz
      13) Shlomo Werdiger

  1. The Age has 2 versions of this story online. It appears that one paragraph of the original story was removed and has the notation: Taken out for legal reasons.

    1) Original – http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/alleged-sex-abuse-victim-manny-waks-sues-yeshivah-centre-for-negligence-20140502-37mpf.html

    2) Altered – http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/alleged-sex-abuse-victim-manny-waks-sues-yeshivah-centre-for-negligence-20140502-zr3aw.html

    Missing paragraph:
    Rabbi Glick, the principal of the Yeshivah College at the time of most offences, told Melbourne Magistrates Court in 2012 that he knew of rumours of Cyprys’ offending in the early 2000s. (Taken out for legal reasons.)

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