Breaking- Brauner Did NOT Get a Plea Deal This Morning

Jerry (Yechiel) Brauner

Jerry (Yechiel) Brauner

Yesterday I posted, DA to Give Serial Groper Jerry Brauner No-Jail Deal over Objections of Victim. I have updated that post this morning with the following:

UPDATE 5/6/14 11 a.m. – No plea deal was made this morning, though one was slated yesterday, before I posted. The case was adjourned (to Wednesday, May 22nd). Since I do not believe Brauner nixed such a good deal, I have to assume
the DA made that decision, probably in response to the outcry raised here. Kudos to the growing strength of the anti-abuse movement and because the DA erred seriously but is not corrupt.
I have left the rest of the article as written yesterday when a plea deal was anticipated. Its points are still valid. Hopefully, this last minute reversal signals a change of direction by the Office of the DA. As I get more information I expect to post again about this reversal.
I do not have the time to rehash the previous post. Please read it if you have not already.

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