Williamsburg Celebrates Again at Thompson’s Expense Over Fried Dismissal

Joseph Fried

Joseph Fried

Satmar was feeling cocky on Thursday (5/8/14) after the Brooklyn DA dropped contempt of court charges against Williamsburg Vaad Hatznius (modesty committee) operative, Joseph Fried. According to DA spokesperson Sheila Stainback’s reply to my inquiry, the DA dropped charges because of “insufficient evidence to prosecute.”

The charges date back to the trial of Nechemya Weberman in late 2012 when courtroom pictures of the testifying victim were circulated on Twitter. At the instruction of the judge, cell phones were collected and four young men were arrested. The unusually-named Lemon Juice was arrested because the Twitter account was in his name. I was sure he was innocent because he was a well-known supporter of the victim. As suspected, Lemon Juice was impersonated on Twitter from the IP address of Moses Klein, a driver to the Satmar Grand Rabbi of Williamsburg, Zalmen Leib Teitelbaum (aka Zaali). (Weberman, like Fried, started his rise to power as a driver to the Satmar Rebbe, Zaali’s father, Moshe Teitelbaum.)

Yonah Weissman

Yonah Weissman

This decision follows last week’s no-jail plea bargain for Meilech Schnitzler even though he was charged with throwing bleach into the eyes of anti-abuse activist Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg. It also follows an aborted effort by the DA to give a no-jail plea to notorious Boro Park pedohile, Jerry (Yechiel) Brauner.

The DA’s office insists it is going ahead with charges against Yonah Weissman. But everyone familiar with the pecking order of Satmar believes the courtroom ringleader was Joseph Fried and Yonah Weissman is a nobody.

L to R: David Niederman of UJO, Jacob (Yanki) Itzkowitz Shomrim Coordinator, Sholom Deutsch, Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams Passover food distribution Brooklyn Navy Yard 4/7/14

L to R: David Niederman of UJO, Jacob (Yanki) Itzkowitz Shomrim Coordinator, Sholom Deutsch, Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams
Passover food distribution Brooklyn Navy Yard 4/7/14

His attorney, Susan Necheles said, “Mr. Fried is gratified that his innocence was finally established.”

But, in truth Fried shared his real feelings when he was secretly recording speaking to the husband of Weberman’s victim. As reported by the Daily News, he said, “Even if it [Weberman abuse indictment] is true, he shouldn’t go to jail… A Jew doesn’t belong in jail.”

Fried again expressed his real views is his Yiddish message widely broadcast by email and WhatsApp. In it, he thanks God, his family, his community, and the political activist/fixer, Sholom Deutsch, who managed the case from beginning to end. In his Yiddish message he did not insist he was innocent.

Why should he? In Hasidic Williamsburg’s culture, it is considered a mitzvah (a good deed) to discourage testimony against any Hasid.

Because of the same mentality, parties were thrown for Abraham Rubin, who pled guilty to trying to bribe witnesses against Nechemya Weberman. At one of those parties, the son of the Satmar Rebbe (Aaron Teitelbaum) praised Rubin and said he would be happy to exchange places with Rubin in the world to come.

Satmar has contempt for civil authority and law. Some people say that Thompson got Williamsburg scared when he finally arrested Joseph Fried and four other Williamsburg Hasidim for their brutal attack on Taj Patterson that blinded him in one eye. But Satmar figures it will be years before it goes to trial. During those years, they figure they can use their usual mixture of intimidation and bribery to make the case go away. And if that fails, they figure they also have years in which to “persuade” the Brooklyn DA to give them a sweetheart deal.

Boorey Deutsch, whose wife testified against Weberman, is furious. He wrote on his FaceBook page:

There was a photo on Fried’s phone. The ADA saw it, the cop saw it. Now what happened? Someone in the DAs office was paid off by Satmar to delete the phone and say we lost it? What is going on here?……

Shulom Deutsch called your office 2 weeks ago and told you to drop the charges on Fried, so you deleted his phone info and dropped the charges just like that? (I know for a fact that he called your office).

The DA is losing his credibility with abuse survivors and their supporters, case by case.

Joseph Fried Thanks Sholom (or Shulem) Deutsch

Joseph Fried Thanks Sholom (or Shulem) Deutsch

9 thoughts on “Williamsburg Celebrates Again at Thompson’s Expense Over Fried Dismissal

  1. Are federal charges possible given that the materials were sent, presumably, across state lines?

    The Feds really need to investigate the DA’s office. How do photos get deleted? The fixers and those working with them need to be outed, prosecuted and imprisoned.

    • Many ways to recover, if you only want to do so. From the senders chip, the DNR server, the receiver on the twitter DB, the website itself, NSA etc. The actual evidence has been witnessed on the phone by Judge, court officers… All you need to do, take deposition from them. All the sweet deals tend to boomerang, and at the end of the day do more harm then prolonging stay in service.

  2. I said it before and I’ll say it again: the fix is in. They have him in their back pocket. As long as it’s “Jew-on-Jew ” crime, there will be no justice

    • It is interesting that for all of Shomrim’s misconduct, amply documented on the site, Boro Park Shomrim Exposed (http://stopbssp.blogspot.com), that Thompson’s first foray against them was the Taj Patterson case.

      To be fair, it is still early in his term, and for all we know, he may have other ongoing investigations. I believe he took this case seriously, and even so, it took him four months to land the indictments.

      It would be very sad, and discriminatory, if he was more concerned about about BlackHat-on-Black crime than with BlackHat-on-BlackHat crime. TBD!

  3. Jewish perp + Jewish victim = do nothing
    Jewish perp + AA victim = do everything

    Follow the above and you get $ from AAs + $ from Satmar = $ for re-election campaign

  4. YL, and during those years, another hope or expectation of the Satmars, to add to your list, would be a mistrial due to an error by Miss Gregory. Is she still employed there? if not, her surrogate, successor. Satmar has no worries. and then there are the dooshbags.
    Perhaps a phobia of dumpsters, but that appears to have been a one-off occurrence.

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