12 thoughts on “Breaking- Baruch Lebovits Cut Plea Deal of 1 Additional Year in Jail for Child Sex Abuse

      • OMG, he’s only going to get 3 more months in a city jail??? that’s it? not even the “only” outrageous one year? This sentence is tantamount to a license to molest.

        Can the plaintiff appeal???? is there such a thing??????. (legally naive, I know).
        Outside of dumpsters, a really really disgusting jest before Shabbos, is there any other way to get justice for Leibovits, YSZ. I pray for the soul of M. Stark, I do, and his entire family.

  1. What????? Can’t believe it. It’s time to go out and protest front of the DA office I am ready , anyone interested to join??

  2. Apparently, from what I understand, the case “fell apart”. See what happens now that they have to play by the rules? If Hynes was still in office, Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi wouldn’t have had any trouble rebuilding a case. I’d expect this to continue- it’s hard teaching old dogs new tricks. It’s a damn shame, but make no mistake this is still fall out from the Hynes era.

    • No, the Hynes era shenanigans were usually only effectively deployed against people who could not afford an excellent legal defense. There are estimates that Lebovits spent $2,000,000 in his legal maneuvering and illegal maneuvering.

      The difficulty of prosecuting the case arose from the Hynes era. The scandal is that no action has ever been taken by Thompson against any of those culpable in his office, in the bar, and the paid Lebovits operatives, Berrel and Zalmen Ashkenazi. Thompson should have appointed a new indepndent prosecutor to handle this case and produce a complete review of all the misteps on the way.

      • You know what my stance is: $2 or $2,000,000 shouldn’t help a crook escape justice.

        Maybe we need a public forum to establish just what it is that Kings County expects from their District Attorney.

      • Sorry, it can’t be “Zalman” Ashkenazi [z”l/(o.b.m.)], because he was already niftar (passed away) like quite a nice few years ago….. (u might be confusing him with a different Ashkenazi….)

        • You are wrong. He paid for a victim of Lebovits not to testify and the DA has reciepts proving he paid for his travel to and from Israel. He is very alive and he is a shliach of Lebovits in obstructing justice.

        • The Zalman Ashkenazi referred to here is a nephew of the one who was niftar recently (founder of mesamche lev)

  3. Hey Frumster, guess what? Meet the new boss who is worse then the old boss about corrupt hiring practices. You ridiculed and chastised employees spouse and family members who gave Joe Hynes money. Check out Kenneth Thompson’s new special counsel hire whose husband Derek Sells may have been empty suit KT’s biggest single contributor. I know she got the job on merit! His non legal staff is loaded with high paid employees who belong to his church. He walks around with a plethora of body guards and his advance team. Morale in the office is far worse then it has ever been, Check it out, genius.

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