How the OU Is Slowly Downgrading Belsky

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky

Once upon a time, Rabbi Yisroel Belsky was the featured speaker at OU events. These days he is like the crazy uncle you try to hide in the attic.

The OU held its annual in-house conference for rabbinic coordinators and rabbinic field representatives. Below is their description of the speakers roster:

The opening remarks were delivered by Harvey Blitz, chair of the OU Kashrus Commission. The shiur was given by Rabbi Hershel Schachter, posek for OU Kosher, on Modern Technology Use for Kosher Supervision. A question and answer session was conducted by Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kosher, and Rabbi Moshe Elefant, COO of OU Kosher.

Rabbi Avrohom Juravel, OU Kosher’s director of technical services, delivered a lecture on kashrus concerns for mixed (dairy and pareve) factories. Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, posek for OU Kosher, gave a talk imparting words of inspiration. Edmundo Gabaldon, director of operations at Cargil Foods Mexico, was honored for his dedication and excellence in support of the OU’s programs serving the community worldwide. Rabbi Moshe Zywica, executive rabbinic coordinator for OU Kosher, gave an OU Direct session on Technology and Modern Tools for rabbinic field representatives.

New executive vice president of the Orthodox Union, Allen Fagin, gave words of thanks and encouragement to all of the attendees.

Gone is his old title, senior posek, he has no specific topic. He is sandwiched between eight other people. All the other rabbis had halachic content. Words or inspiration are nice but not high prestige in a meeting of kashruth experts. As they say in the kosher business, he was battel beshishim because his taam was not the ikkur and in fact, is undesirable.

At this point, no one can stomach him, but Genack does not have the guts or moral character to fire him. So in the words of John Erlichman, Richard Nixon’s Counsel, Belsky is being left “twisting, slowly, slowly in the wind.”

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10 thoughts on “How the OU Is Slowly Downgrading Belsky

  1. We are observing a wrestling match between freedom of speech and the depiction of a kashrus certifying-agency as a moral/ethical position. Freedom of speech does not necessarily include freedom of action, however, a kashrus agency must exemplify moral/ethical thinking and behavior. If I see moral/ethical failure in a kashrus agency I will not accept their certification.
    They failed once before (a conviction & prison term proved that) and they are again challenged to show us where they stand.

  2. You weren’t there and you have no idea what the bleep you’re talking about!

    I am not m’kaneh your g’henim after 120. You are full of loshon hora, rechilis, and of course LIES.

    You’re gonna burn baby burn!

    • Excuse me! I was quoting the OU’s own website. Are you also accusing the OU of lying? Are you saying that I misunderstand and actually the intent of the those running the program was to give great honor to Belsky and everyone attending thought his “words of inspiration” were the most inspiring part of the program?

      You clearly side with Belsky. If so, don’t attack me, attack the OU for not thinking he is the greatest thing since the placement of the OU on Heinz vegetarian beans around a hundred years ago.

    • Shomer Torah umitsvos,
      Excuse me, but your content which perhaps is defensible (I am not responding to that) is given the lie by your felicitation “YOU”RE GONNA BURN BABY BURN”. Shxx. I have difficulty believing that any Torah observant Jew, even a pedophile, even one who cheated on his s’micha exams, could/would write such a statement. you are a fraud and a fake.. Or just plain evil or schiz, in fact, yeah, I’ll go with the plain evil. baba metziah or whatever tf it is puts you squarely in the wrong altitude in your next life.
      With all of the controversy here, it is rare to read such RAW HATRED.

  3. Yerachmiel, you must know that Rabbi Belsky’s son in law just donated a million bucks to Tora Vodaas, yet in your ignorance you still think they “benefit” by him leaving.I made you aware at the time that the son in law was one of the biggest benefactors of yeshivas, yet you continued your nonsense about them “losing” from a small parlor meeting being cancelled.
    Why not man up and admit to being an sensationalist, trying to convince people that “you are in the know”
    You know nothing! and im not taking even any side whether rabbi belsky has been right or wrong

    • When I wrote the post, the $1,000,000 gift by Rechnitz was not yet public knowledge. It was announced at a dinner on May 25th, 2013. it is not clear whether it is already paid or a pledge over, let’s say, five years. If the latter, the gift merely replaces the money lost in the Five Towns.

      It is quite possible that the gift was intended to counteract the threats to Belsky’s continued status at YTV. If so, it is a wash for YTV. If so, it is a pathetic illustration that Belsky is liability for which YTV had to be bribed to keep him on.

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